15.06.2022 in Argumentative
National Honor Society

The National Honor Society is the nation’s organization, uniting the outstanding high school students (NASSP). Some may suppose that high grades are enough to become the member of it. Nevertheless, it is not so. Although academic excellence is one of the essential requirements, the National Honor Society looks not only for grades but also for leadership skills, scientific projects, and social contributions.

I am dreaming about the National Honor Society membership. Firstly, it will help me to advance my knowledge of scientific researching. The organization does not only provide the students with theoretical data about the main stages of researching but also tools, resources, and guidance to achieve the goal. I have already defined my sphere of interest for the future studying. It is digital and traditional illustration. I want to research the differences between them from the perspective of impact on the human perception.

Secondly, I would like to join the National Honor Society not only because of academic purposes. Membership is also a chance to find new friends, which share my interests and hobbies. As my passion is music, I hope to make acquaintance with many talented students and organize the music band. I know that the National Honor Society supports students’ art and even organize the concerts on the national level. That is why it will be an opportunity for me to gain the public recognition. Moreover, popular music band will serve as an efficient promoting campaign for the organization itself.

Finally, the National Honor Society appeals to me due to its contribution to the improvement of communities and personal altruistic traits. I would like to participate in its volunteering project under the name Animal Shelter. It is dedicated to taking care of homeless animals. In my neighborhood, there are some stray dogs and cats. Therefore, with the help of Animal Shelter, it is possible to change this situation for better and provide the neighbors as well as the animals with comfortable living conditions. Moreover, I understand that animals in shelters also need love, attention, and such basic things as food medicine, etc. That is why I am ready to spend my free time on walking and playing with them as well as organizing the fundraising campaigns.

To sum up, the National Honor Society is an opportunity for students to become scientists, leaders, artists, and public figures. Personally, I would like to join it to conduct the profound scientific researches in the sphere of digital vs. traditional illustration, bring my hobby of music to new heights, and change the life of my community for better.

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