15.06.2022 in Analysis
Electronic Self Assessment

Self-assessment is basically the process by which an individual learns about him or herself.This can be about anything the individual is interested in, it can be about the individual’s likes and dislikes, or even how an individual may react to certain activities, situations and circumstances. Knowing some of these things can really help an individual determine the type of careers and the kind of work situations they can better fit in and be more productive .Some of the tool that are normally used for this purpose vary. There is quite a number of various assessment tools, which can help an individual to easily measure a particular facet of their personality, their interests, values, and skills. The tools that are normally used in doing self-assessment can either be self directed or at times some tools which require interpretive assistance. There are tools that require some kind of interpretive assistance to analyze the results. In such a case the results have to be discussed and analyzed with an authorized person who is also licensed and trained on the use of the tool for you to understand. Sometimes one of the biggest problems is identifying the right tool that can help you in getting the best results in a particular situation. When it comes to self directed means, the commonly used tool is designed in such a ways that you can use it and at the same time review your own results even in the absence of a trained or a licensed professional to interpret the data. This is the method I used to analyze myself.

When I did a self assessment on my personality type, I did not even seek the intervention of a professional to read and interpret the results; the method I used had clearly stipulated instructions that are used to analyze my results. It is commonly believed that creating electronic portfolios is proposed as an effective way of helping individuals who are interested in knowing their personality types. The whole concept of me knowing my personality type required an assessment which was to later on help me have a clear understanding of the various aspects of my personality. I knew, having an idea about a bout my personality type could help me particularly when it comes to job search. In my study I basically aimed at knowing ways in which I prefer to get information in my memory, how I prefer making decisions, how am normally energized by the external world and the internal world and finally whether I prefer keeping things to my self of or sharing out with others. I felt that the four aspects of my personality would make me know more about myself. I aimed at assessing my personality because it is known that different people have different personalities and also different tastes and preferences. By knowing my tastes and preferences and my personality type would have helped me understand and learn to value the other people who think differently from me. This is normally done, in most cases, to help individuals chose the kind of jobs they would like to do in future. I realized that as much as this is one of the least utilized methods, it is one of the most effective methods to help one know who they are exactly.

My study set out to basically investigate more about my personality .An individuals personality is basically what makes them who they are .It’s that individual’s organized set or groups of unique character traits and ways of behaving that make one different from the other individuals in the world. Not only does an individual’s personality make them special, but different. It is always believed that it is only a trained and practicing professional psychologist who can give an individual a perfect and accurate personality type or profile. However, you can get so many other great online personality tests that can help one at least have a rough idea about their personality types.I had to use this method in order to acquire the best results that reflect the kind of personality that I have. I used self assessment to examine and evaluate the various aspects of my personality by first of all creating an electronic portfolio. I basically collected data about myself by filling an open ended questionnaire. The data that I collected were coded and categorized into three, first I had a general background about myself ,how I prefer getting information in my memeory,how I make decisions ,how my internal and external world influences my behavior and also whether I like opening up to people or am introverted. The findings of my study revealed that I am an extrovert in the sense that I prefer sharing and opening up to people who hang around me; I don’t keep things especially frustrations to my self. It further revealed that I make my decisions quit fast and spontaneous .The report of the study showed that I prefer getting information in my memory by listening and viewing and am also greatly influenced by my external world. It was further revealed that I like having fun and a very jolly good fellow who like expressing himself whenever a chance arises. Am passionate about group activities, and some of the suggested jobs that I can really do best and develop a career out of it could be those that basically involve a lot social interaction and communication is key because that is an area that the study results highlighted as my strong point. I engage a lot in many activities particularly those that require active involvement and participation to basically satisfy my nature of being extroverted.

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