15.06.2022 in Argumentative
My Personal Goals

Everyone knows that the correct and clear formulation of personal goals is the first step in achieving success. From my modest experience, I managed to learn the consistent pattern, which is that the sooner I determine the direction of my development, the more I have chances for their realization. I am sure that when setting personal goals it is important to keep balance. On the one hand, the goal should not be too abstract or not feasible, because the goal is not the same what the dream is. The goal should be specific and measurable. On the other hand, the goal should be quite ambitious in order to encourage people to act. This paper will provide some of my medium-term goals.

First, I would graduate with a good GPA from my bachelor degree in computer science. Of course, good performance in the computer science is not the most original, but actual desire among young people and students. Education is the first significant achievement in the lives of young people. This can be considered a starting point, which gives experience, knowledge, and skills for the further implementation of life goals. The computer science is the first step in the direction that I decided to devote my life to. To take this first step successfully means to make sure that I have chosen the right way that I have enough strength and potential to cope with it.

Second, I would like to get one year’s experience in the USA paying attention to my computer science skills. Experience is always one of the main requirements for a candidate for a high position. Indeed, the experience in the computer science is an essential personal competitive advantage. Unfortunately, there is always a gap between theory and practice in the computer science and it is very difficult to fully understand the theory without its practical application. Receiving practice in the same environment in which computer knowledge was obtained significantly increases the cost of this knowledge. And vice versa, having received a powerful theoretical basis, I will gradually lose it if I do not apply it in practice. Among other things, education and work experience in the United States is one of the most authoritative and recognized throughout the world.

However, in the future, I plan to return to Saudi Arabia and get a job as captain in the Saudi General Intelligence Presidency – the main foreign intelligence agency of the Kingdom. This is my next goal. It must be recognized that this is a rather ambitious goal and, probably, the most difficult to achieve. This requires high erudition, discipline, and scrupulousness. However, I am ready to spend several years of preparation, training, and work to achieve this goal. Such a position is considered honorable both in our country and in any other. I believe that I have all the necessary qualities for this work, but I still need to improve myself before I become an ideal candidate.

Fourth, when I get a job I will look for myself and married. I am sure that this is important for the moral and psychological health of every person. I would like to travel, to read some Philosophical literature, and find any hobby that will help me to get moral pleasure in order to be in harmony with my family and myself.

Summing up, it should be noted that my goals are in direct dependence on each other. They form something like a flattery, by which, step by step, I will implement my plans. Achieving each of my goals will bring me one step closer to realizing the next. That is why my main desire is not to stuck on one of the steps to not let all my life goals would fall.

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