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Ultimate Reality: Christianity

Christianity as a basis for the ultimate reality

There is no doubt that the spiritual sphere of life of every single person in the world was always as important as political, economic, and social spheres. People always had their religious faiths, no matter how similar and simple they were as well as no matter how different and complicated they are now. As a result, almost every religion now claims to be an ideological basis for the ultimate reality.

One way or another, every religion appears to be a framed faith, which has its rules of living and its main purpose. Usually, the purpose of most of the religions in the world is to establish an ultimate reality, where people could live in peace, abiding the general rules of the only one God. The example of one of such kind of religions is Christianity, which belongs to the group of Abrahamic religions and has all the above-mentioned characteristics.

The first thing, which is worth mentioning about Christianity, is that this is one of the worlds religions, which is based on the teaching of the Christ. It is believed that Jesus Christ is the son of the God and the preserver of all mankind. The above-mentioned postulates actually show that Christianity claims the status of a global religion in such a way. Moreover, the number of its followers shows that this is the biggest religion in the world. Suffice it to say that there are three main branches of Christianity: Orthodox Christianity, Catholicism and Protestantism, which show that the religion has different perceptions on the same things.

To understand the situation with the ultimate reality better, it is necessary to find the answers to the question: how would the ultimate reality look like, if Christianity was the only one religion? The answer to this question will show the mistakes, made by the humankind during the process of global change. Moreover, it will show whether the people all over the world are still trying to create the ultimate reality.

Examples from history and  reality

As one can see from the reality, there is no general religion, which became the basis for the contemporary world order. Thus, the reality itself is a great evidence that the only one right explanation of how people should live and what people should do does not exist. Nevertheless, there were also the external reasons why the ultimate reality was not created.

The fact of the matter is that there were many factors, which had effected on the formation of different religions. The main reason here, which did not let any religion to become ultimate, is that they have appeared in different regions and times. The religion itself is the special reflection of how did people percept the world. The example of the Ancient Greeks, the Ancient Egyptians, the Ancient Chinese and many other prominent nations clearly shows that there was no general conceptualization of the world and the world order. Thus, in the ancient world, every nation had its own religion.

One more fact that is important is that the people of the ancient times did not even think of the possibility that their religion could have become the basis for the ultimate reality. Eventually, it happened because the ancient nations had very constrained visions about the world. On one side, the people of those times could not even imagine how big and different the world is, so that is the main reason why there was no global religion in those times. On the other side, every ancient religion reflected the perceptions of the specific nation, which means the religion was only a part of the original culture of the specific nation. Moreover, the religions of those times served as the origin for the culture of the nation, social structure and many other spheres of life. Thus, there were no universal rules for all the people in the world for there were as many religions, as nations.

The appearance of Christianity has totally changed the reality by claiming that the world should be ordered as the God said. The main proof of the Gods truth was the book, which represented the religion itself the Holy Bible. Suffice it to say that Christianity was not the first and the only one religion with the values, which considered to be general for all people in the world. These were also Judaism and Islam, which claimed the right to be the only one right religion in the world. Nevertheless, the most interesting thing is that their origins, main purpose and rules of living are common, but they do not admit it, causing the conflict.

Exactly Christianity appeared as a new, completely different widespread religion with new characteristics and new purposes. It served as a uniting factor for many different nations, which made a big difference between Christianity and the ancient religions. Unfortunately, there was no general perception of the world among the religious establishment, which could help them form the ultimate reality, thus Christianity subdivided into different branches as well. This is neither positive, nor negative, but this is the main evidence that people were not ready to form the ultimate reality with the only one religion.

From the perspective of the global change, the variety of different religions and their branches has significantly influenced the historical process. The fact is that there was the only one way to prove other nations that there is the only one God they should believe. This way was simple the war. In this context, the religious contest made nations develop their economies, strengthen their diplomatic ties and improve their weapons. That is why it is possible to say here, that there would be no progress without the other religions.

There is the precedent in the history, which proves that the world based Christianity did not make much progress. The example is the Europe in the medieval period, when the scientific progress actually stopped due to the impact of the Catholic Church. This situation continued for centuries until the Reformation has changed the order in Europe. The fact is that people under the rule of the Catholic Church remained deprived and were not able to improve the standards of living. Moreover, the religious establishment of the Catholic Church had overestimated their rights and transformed the spiritual life of the people into the business. The fact is that such actions contradicted the Holy Tradition and met the reaction of people, who started the Reformation. This statement proves that it was not possible to create the ultimate reality under the control of the Church. However, the main postulates and the transformation of Christianity shows that it could have become the ultimate reality for all the people in the world, for it has the required characteristics.

Christianity has a great potential to be the ultimate reality, despite the fact that this is impossible now. The first great evidence is that this is the biggest world religion now. The second evidence is that Christianity itself is a general teaching, which suits to any nation in the world. Unfortunately, Christianity is not that strong to spread quickly enough, so it will not become the only one religion in the world in the foreseeable future.

Contemporary Christianity as consequence of transformation

As a response to a challenge the ultimate reality might meet, it is important to remember that the ultimate reality has nothing in common with the concept of the medieval church. Thus, the main secret of the success is to confess and abide the main principles of the Christianity. If there were no other religion, there would be no conflict, which means that all the people in the world would live according to the teaching of Jesus in peace and harmony. In this case, the uniting factor of Christianity would work to the full extent of its power.

In the context of the global change, it is necessary to say that it would not have any negative effect on the process of development today. Suffice it to say that there is no tendency to the economic downfall for the countries, which confess Christianity, because the confession does not actually define the speed of the economic development.

However, Christianity as the teaching could form the ultimate reality through the common values. These common values are actually the key to the heaven on earth, but there is no agreement between the people in the world, for they already belong to the other religions. Christianity is a great platform, which could unite all the people in the world, as well as the other religions, which main purpose is to create the ultimate reality. The modern Europe with its strong spiritual ties is a great example of how Christianity has transformed over the time. It has already found its right place in the spiritual life of the European nations, being the main reason of stagnation during the medieval times. This evidence shows how different the impact of Christianity was over time, and proves that it could have become the basis for the ultimate reality.


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