22.01.2018 in Religion
The Bible and Alcohol

A bigger percentage of people in the world do drink today. Some do it for fun while others do it as a way of relieving some stress in their lives. It all depends with what the person does with alcohol. This has been the trend ever since from the early Christianity whereby according to Deuteronomy 14: 26, it indicates that it is healthy to drink wine and strong drink to the Lord and this can be quoted in the bible where it says “And you may spend the money for whatever your heart desires, for oxen, or sheep, or wine, or strong drink, or whatever your heart desires; and there you shall eat in the presence of the LORD your God and rejoice, you and your household. This has real encouraged the habit of drinking which seem not to end any time sooner since then number of people who drink is overwhelmingly very high. Despite the economy at times being at stake and the price of alcohol seeming to be increasing everyday globally, people seem never to give up in drinking (Wallace, par 4).

They rather look for means to get money and buy a drink rather than stay without taking alcohol even if they lacked food in their stomachs. This trend has influenced the young generations which has also joined in, in the drinking spree of the adult’s world. This has increases more crimes and diseases as the young ones engage in stealing money to at least have fun while others are lured by drinking into the morality actions. Surprisingly the only countries that seem to embrace the idea of low age of drinking are Italy, China, Greece since because, this are the only countries with a little percentage of those people who drink and they seem to have fewer alcohol related problems as compeered to those countries which allow a person to start drinking a the age of 21 year (Dick, 89).

This trend has triggered the debate globally of why people love drinking alcohol that much and the benefits they get from it. The most asked question of which we are going to look upon in this essay is about the drinking age. This has been the main debate globally about the right age to legalize people into drinking. Some countries suggest drinking age to be 21 years of age while others recommend it to be 18 years of age (Wallace, par 6).

However, personally, according to my opinion, I think the right age for one to start drinking should be at the age of 18 years. The reason behind my opinion is that, at the age of 18 year old, most young people have been accorded the right to choose or vote for any kind of leader he or she desires. That person has a right to work in anywhere and is capable to make up the mind on what is best for him and the nation especially when it comes to leadership. Since such people have got all the above mentioned reasons, I think they should be given the right to purchase and take alcohol (Dick, 103).

Another reason is that people tend to think that an 18 year old has got less tolerance than a  21 year old person of which it turns out to be somehow true but what people seem to forget is how much or how long they should handle such situations. They seem to forget that tolerance doesn’t come with age, but it come with the realization of some responsibilities in a person and there are those 15 year people who are more responsible than the aged people (Wallace, par 7).

Since an 18 year old is more curious with what normally happens in life, they should be allowed to start drinking at that age so as to stop such curiosity much earlier since a 21 year views drinking to be a forbidden fruit that should be done away with.

Another serious issue is about the college life whereby most 18 year old students are forbidden from drinking by their senior collogue and like a child, it increases their curiosity of wanting to experiment on what they are being denied freedom from hence making them wanting to experiment. This can turn out to be very dangerous when an 18 year old becomes an addict and it can lead to death due to too much drinking (Dick, 108). Furthermore, when drinking is made legal for everyone under the age 21 and over the age of 18, there is no hiding when it comes to drinking for an 18 year old person since the public is made aware and such people can be controlled and be supervised by the police, security guards and health worker as well.

Most of the colleges and the universities do believe that the drinking age should be legalized by the age of 18 since most of the people in colleges and universities are in their active stage where they want to experience life to the fullest. The interesting part is that an 18 year old is considered to be an adult and that person can be tried in a court of law if something happens in their lives or they happen to commit any kind of crimes. That is why such age should be allowed to drink fully at the age of 18. Finally, a person who has reached the age of 18 should be considered to be an adult and they can do anything and most of them know the adult stuff.

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