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The Сase of Сancer

Cancer is considered as a complicated lethal disease that is caused mostly by environmental issues. It can easily modify genes and in most cases give rise to extensive number of unhealthy cells. The abnormal cells tend to ruin the normal tissue and while circulating through the crucial organs further lead to disseminated diseases with the inevitable death. A carcinogen, a substance which causes cancer, prevails in food, water, air, chemicals and also in the sunlight to that people are vulnerable. Due to the fact that epithelium protects the skin, lines the digestive and respiratory tracts and assimilates ingested carcinogens, it is not surprising that approximately 90 percent of cancers takes place in epithelia.

The case of cancer is extremely vital nowadays since it became the number one issue of causing death. Since 1950, the complete prevalence of cancer has grown to 44 percent, breast and male colon cancer up to 60 percent and prostate cancer up to 100 percent in particular. Generally, 45 percent of Americans are supposed to face cancer.

There exist different kinds of tumors. Taking into account behavior, tumors can be malignant and benign. The letter tumors usually grow slowly, that is why they are not considered as a big threat. However, if the tumor grows in a limited space such as skull, it needs to be excised. Nevertheless, some of the benign tumors may have a malignant capacity, namely when they occur in the large intestine. In this case, the tumor needs to be removed in order to avoid malignancy development. On the contrary, malignant tumors grow fast, affect surrounding tissue and occupy distant organs.

In the contemporary medical world, the suffixoma usually refers to non-malignant tumors. For instance, tumors of glandular epithelia are named ‘adenomas’, tumors of surface epithelia are named ‘papillomas’. However, sarcoma and carcinoma are the malignant tumors of epithelia. Moreover, there are some exceptions such as leukemia and lymphoma that are malignant tumors of bone marrow.

Cells turn into cancer cells due to DNA destruction. Generally, DNA exists in every cell in the human body and controls its actions. In normal cells, if DNA gets destroyed, the cells can fix the destruction or simply die. On the contrary, in cancer cells, the DNA is not restored and the cell does not die. Alternatively, this cell continues to produce new waste cells. As a result, these new cells will all be comprised of the destroyed DNA.

In most cases cancer cells make tumors. There are some types of cancer like leukemia that do not always form a tumor. On the contrary, those cancer cells penetrate into blood and blood-forming organs and spread within other tissues, therefore, increasing in number. Cancer cells frequently move to other parts of organism, where they start to spread and create new tumors that remove normal tissue. This action is called metastasis. It occurs when cancer cells affect the bloodstream or lymph of the organism.

There are several types of cancer which are named according to the part of the body where it starts.. Lung (pulmonary) cancer is known as the most common type of cancer since 1985 which leads to the lethal results. Lung cancer usually starts in bronchi, bronchioles or alveoli. It is often hard to notice the pre-cancerous cells on the x-ray, hence doctors use a microscope. Moreover, the pre-cancerous cells do not cause symptoms. These factors lead to the progress of acute cancer. Men are more likely to suffer from pulmonary cancer than women because they usually smoke more.

Stomach (gastric) cancer is taking the second place among the most common types of cancer around the world. Gastric cancer tends to develop slowly over the years. Before the true cancer begins, the pre-cancerous changes happen in the inner lining of the stomach. Similarly to the lung cancer, it is hard to detect stomach cancer, since it does not cause symptoms on the early stages. Helicobacter pylorus is recognized as the primary cause of the stomach cancer. This type of cancer can extend differently, for instance, within the wall of the stomach and hit the nearby organs. Besides, it can develop in the lymph vessels and nodes. Asia is on the top list of countries which are under the biggest threat of stomach cancer.

Liver (hepatic) cancer is the third most common cause of death with approximately 600000 victims around the globe. Around 80 percent of cases occur in the low- and middle-income countries. Territories that are under the great influence of high rate cancer death are China, Africa and Japan. Exposures to hepatitis B and C are likely to increase the risk of hepatic cancer. Liver tumors usually grow big enough to cause serious problems; however, they do not develop in the nearby tissue and do not extend to the remote parts of the body. In order to treat liver cancer, patient needs a surgical aggression.

Breast cancer is considered as a malignant tumor that arises in the cells of the breast. It is a type of tumor that usually invades nearby tissues and extends to the remote parts of the body. The group of people that mostly suffer from breast cancer is women; however, men can also get it. The exact causes of breast cancer are still unknown. Nevertheless, the risk of women to have a breast cancer increases with age. The most common age of women who suffer from breast cancer is 50 and more.


Cervical cancer arises in the cervix, the lower part of the uterus. This type of gynecologic cancer is the easiest to predict by means of regular testing. It is also easy to cure the cervical cancer on the early stages. Mostly, women over 30 tend to suffer from cervical cancer. On the early stages there are no visible symptoms of this type of cancer. Nevertheless, advanced cervical cancer usually leads to bleeding and discharge from the vagina.

There are several risk factors for cancer: smoking, alcoholism, diets, obesity, physical inactivity, radiation, chronic infections, and environmental risks. The tobacco use makes 20 percent of all cancer deaths. Cigarette smoke consists of 80 mutagenic carcinogens such as arsenic, ammonia, cadmium. Alcoholic drinks are the cause of mouth, larynx and pharynx cancers. Being overweight, the chances to get colon, breast or rectal cancer increase.

In order to prevent or slow down the cancer development, it is recommended to resort to a psychosocial support, surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy. If the tumor is amenable to surgery, then it is the only effective way to get rid of the disease. Radiotherapy is a combination of anticancer drugs. Chemotherapy is an effective method of cancer cure as well; however, patients are always suffering from various side effects, such as hair loss or even anemia and infections.

Apart from conventional treatment, there exists specified alternative therapy in order to amplify the traditional improvement. It is believed that cancer can be treated by means of non-toxic organic components accompanied by conventional therapy. The first step to fight with cancer is ‘starving’ cancer cells. According to scientists, cancer is considered as sugar-feeder. Therefore, it is important to reduce the sugar intake up to 90 percent in order to form a low-sugar environment. Instead, carbon carbohydrates will be able to substitute the energy losses. Another possible way to combat cancer is to oxygenate the body, since cancer cannot coexist with oxygen. Everyday aerobic exercise is the easiest way to stimulate oxygen. What is more, simple deep breathing can also help if the person is too weak to perform physical exercises. Moreover, ozone and hydrogen therapy can work together with the physical exercises.

According to statistics, 40 percent of cancer patients die from malnutrition. Inexplicably, people often think that starvation helps to contain cancer. Quite the contrary, sufficient nutrition with healthy fats and proteins assists in reaching nitrogen balance and muscle strength without worsening the cancer condition. It is recommended to determine the exact amount of calories needed for the proper nutrition of the organism. In this case, the whole organic food can help together with vegetables, fruits, and legumes. Furthermore, nutritional supplements are one of the key methods of cancer treatment, since they work well with the organic food. Indeed, they help to prevent mutation, increase mitochondrial function, decelerate cancer growth, and intensify immune function.

Not least pivotal element of alternative cancer treatment is a balanced level of toxins. A big amount of toxins such as mercury, arsenic, and cadmium regularly amass in human body for years. Detoxification is a crucial process, which cleans up the ecosystem and helps to revive the lost cells. To maintain the desired effect, one must bear in mind few simple rules of controlling the toxin level. For example, the pure filtered water must be the only source of liquid; milk thistle helps to increase the liver function, as a result of which detoxification occurs; chelating agents join and remove unwanted minerals and metals; vegetable juices intake supply organism with vital antioxidants.

All in all, it is true that there is no treatment, conventional or alternative, which can completely abolish all cancer cells. The reason of that is obvious, because cancer is a systematic disease with a great deal of perilous cells within the whole body. The growth of this process is mostly affected by the biological surrounding. Consequently, it is vital to preserve a healthy lifestyle and look after the health state.</p

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