22.01.2018 in Marketing
Alternative Marketing Options

Advertising is the most effective mass marketing communication concept that enhances mass communication to convince customers to buy products. New brands require high capital input to achieve minimum market exposure to the new product so a purchasing habit is created in the customer out of a need. The main strengths of advertising are to gain advantage over competitions since advertising can change negative attitude such that a brand gains a new brand attitude.  Besides advertising ability to pre-sell and introduce new products in the market, it is important for a seller to gaining a brand positive outlook that enhances a product to rise in ranks. The main weakness of advertising is that diminished results set in if other channels of marketing are not explored leading to diminished results due to high expenses incurred in advertising fields.  Competition is the main market force that creates high actual cost of advertising such that the highest advertising bidder sells better than the poorly advertised product. Consequently, advertising gives every individual company the ability to cut a niche in the market.

Personal selling is the most rewarding method in the process of marketing communication process since the seller and the customer get to build a lasting direct relationship that is cheaper to maintain royal customers. However, the main weakness of the method is that it is taxing in human resources and time since an agent must always be there to promote brands to customers directly. Competition is minimal since marketing takes place at a one-on-one basis that can initiate high sales turnover if the local personal sales agents create a local gossip team that can initiate more customers to try a new product. However, personal selling is expensive and time consuming for sales due to low coverage area for personal sellers as opposed to mass advertising. 

Promotion is a channel of communicating to customers.  The main strengths of promotion are to create a marketing communication process that provides a customer with purchase incentives for a specific brand in order to increase sales. Promotion can be done by giving free services, coupons, discounts and gifts. Today promotion can be dome through a charitable cause in order to create an appeal for the brand in promotion. Promotion adds-value to the product the customer is buying. Nevertheless, high cost of promotion and more so in use of the product and discounts can lead to diminished profits. Competition is very high in the promotion industry and therefore direct injection of appealing ideas is the tact that helps a seller get ahead in return sales.

In the present Dynamic market, consumers have become more skeptical of advertisements. As a result, public relation plays a vital role in organizations by giving useful information to the willing public which is the end user of the company products. Public relation becomes an effective marketing tool when it puts little emphasis on advertisement while educating the public in identifying their needs. Public relations marketing become productive if high credibility standards are maintained. To achieve public credibility, public relation marketing can reach the public through partnership with other credible parties (McPheat, 2009)  To ensure success in public relation marketing campaign, it is vital to conduct frequent evaluations to establish strategies attracting customers to seek your fir’s products besides the repelling strategies. Detrimental aspects of public relation must be done away with ii order to maintain corporate image to the public.

In conclusion, advertising is the main force of marketing process that maintains a high standing among masses of customers since it is easily available while personal selling is the least force of marketing because it consumes more time and human resources. Thus public relations can bridge the gap created by lack of agents and personal sellers who create a lasting relationship with customers. Nevertheless, brand developers must satisfy customer needs before sales profit.

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