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European Americans


Civilization of the world is a process that has received contribution from various groups, Europeans, Asians, European Americans, and even African. European American contribution to this process remains unexplored. Instead, much credit goes to the Europeans from Europe. The spread of democracy, technological innovations, human rights, Christianity, trade, industrialization, decolonization, religious tolerance, peaceful resolution of conflicts, and ending of the slave trade are some of the factors that have contributed to civilization. The input of European-Americans to modernization is significant, and cannot be irrelevant.

European Americans’ Contribution to Civilization

Technological Inventions

European America has contributed to civilization by the invention of new technologies. Eli Whitney and Benjamin Franklin are some of the figures whose discoveries have impacted on the modernization of the world. In 1829, the American, W.A. Burt invented the typewriter, which transformed typing and making of records. The invention of cotton gin, the sewing machine, metal the plough, and lighting rod are some of the innovations that were done by European Americans in the 19th century. As a result, the world adopted these new technologies to improve life and move from medieval lifestyle.Moreover, Samuel Morse invented the telegraph in 1837, which contributed to the improvement of communication systems. The Europeans Americans innovations helped a lot in creating and sustaining industrial revolution and urbanization in America and beyond.


European Americans were immensely contributed to industrialization of America, they colonized the natives and set up industries and transport infrastructures that opened up the United States to the outside world. The trickle down effects of this move was modernization and creation of a civilized community. European-Americans were responsible for the industrial revolution that hit America in the 19th century. Increased industrial production accelerated industrialization and international trade.

Ending Slavery and Slave Trade

Slavery is one of the historical injustice that was created by lack of civilization. European Americans led the war against this vice, which led to enhancement of human rights across the world. Americans lead the world to reject slavery, resulting in the ending of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade that had contributed to social-economic injustice against African. The European Americans such as Abraham Lincoln affirmed to need to have each human being accorded equal rights by virtue of being a human. Servitude and oppression against a section of the society through slavery came to an end.

Human rights

The European Americans contribution to the promotion of human rights is immense. According to Eliot, they started it by drawing a constitution that adopted and emphasized respect for inalienable rights that each person is entitled to through his or her lifetime. Respect for humanity is one of the most important aspects of civilization; each person is treated in a more dignified manner. The United States, after gaining independence become the greatest support of self-determination and government.

Moreover, European Americans nurtured the doctrine of the right to disobey, in which the public had the latitude to rise against any form of dictatorship. In the modern world, this principle has helped the masses to fight bad leadership and expand their rights and freedom. In a civilized society, the masses have the right to rise and defend what is right by rebelling against any system that advances brutal treatment of the people. The declaration of independence chart provided for the right of Americans to revolt, which is a milestone development in advancing civilization, especially about governance.

Peaceful Resolution of Disputes

The European-American devised the doctrine of peaceful settlement of disputes among warring factions. Unlike in the uncivilized world where the use of force was a norm, the European Americans saw the importance of amicable dispute resolution. Moreover, European-Americans have immensely contributed to civilization by nurturing and practicing religious tolerance. The United States has advocated for this principle inside and outside its borders. Religious intolerance in the medieval era gave rise to brutish wars and violation of salient human rights and freedoms. However, with the emphasis on the need for religious groups to accommodate each other, religious-based wars seldom happen.


The European Americans rejected the colonial rule in the United States, leading to the affirmation of the principle of self-determination and sovereignty. The aftermath of this development was the United States government support for the end to colonization across the world. In a civilized world, freedom is given ultimate importance, hence the critical aspect or decolonization of the colonies. Colonial regimes had put many people under servitude and enslavement, political and civil freedoms had been trampled on to advance the interests of a few at the expense of the majority. By supporting the crusade to end colonialism, European-Americans laid the foundation to establish a free society that enjoys self-governance.

The end to colonialism opened up colonies to self-governance and respect for human rights. The United States, under the leadership of the European-Americans, did support the establishment of new government in former colonies. Democracy and good governance thrive under independent states and not colonies, the European-Americans contribution to decolonization in Africa and Asia can, therefore, be termed as support for the civilization of the world. The post-independent United States has supported the democratization of the world to a large extent. The forces behind this are largely European-Americans.


European-Americans contributed to the growth of international trade, in particular between America, Europe, and Africa. The establishment of plantation farming and industrial in America during 19th century accelerated inter-continental commerce. Goods were ferried from the United States to Europe, from the latter to Africa and vice versa. Intensification of international trade has contributed to the spread of modern ideas across the world. Persons who did not have clothes and other commodities learned to put on clothing as a result of trade ties with the producing nations.

Although slave trade had many adverse effects, it contributed to the civilization of African communities that were moved to America. Slaves and their descendants acquired new culture after reaching their destination across the Atlantic Ocean. Once in America, the slaves had to adopt the language, religion, and other social-cultural aspects of their masters. The African communities that settled in America moved away from savagery earlier before most of their counterparts in Africa. The effect of this can be seen in the founders of pan-Africanism, who were largely black-Americans and the lifestyles of the two.

The Doctrine Consent of the Governed

The Americans, under the leadership of the European-Americans, fashioned the doctrine of the consent of the government, which requires that the government ask for permission or approval of the electorates before making major decisions that affect their welfare. The practice of participative public government is a product of this doctrine. Democracy, an ideal system of government that was born in ancient Greek, has been supported and spread to the rest of the world by the European Americans. First, they managed to do this by importing it to the United States and later by exporting it to other countries.

Spread of Christianity

European-American supported the spread of Christianity in America and Africa. Missionary work and construction of bible colleges are some of the key factors that stand out in their contribution to religious civilization of the world. Native Americans worshiped pagan gods and had not developed a formalized system of religion. The European-Americans pushed them to change their religious culture and adopt the modern way of worship. The right to self-determination was not only emphasized in the independent United States, but also across the globe. The European-Americans support for free worship is a virtue that gained respect across the world, thus contributing to spread modern religious denominations to areas that did not practice civilized worship.


The European Americans contribution to good governance can be traced in the introduction of the federal system of government in the United States. The need to decentralize power over vast areas of administration is correctly captured by the US system of government that came into effect after the civil war. Self-determination is more enhanced through the devolved system of government that centralization. Therefore, the European Americans creation of a strong federal system is a contribution towards civilization of the world, other states have copied the same administrative system.


European-Americans contributed to civilization throve the spread of Christianity in America and the rest of the world; industrialization; technological innovations, international trade; decolonization; the crusade for human rights; religious tolerance; and ending of slavery. European-Americans civilized America and exported the ideas of modernity to other continents. Industrialization of America, opened up America to civilization, which was driven primarily by European-Americans capitalist.

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