22.01.2018 in Analysis
War in Libya

The current war in Libya has lately hit the headlines where the rebels are fighting Muammar Qaddafi’s government. This civil war started because of the citizens protesting against the bad governance by Qaddafi. The obvious reaction of Qaddafi was to use brutal force against the rebels soon enough before it could grow out of hand to be handled. Due to this, the international community and countries like USA, Britain and France intervened so that to put to a stop the Qaddafi’s dictatorship (Zenko, 2011).

There are quite a number of mistakes made during this intervention due to the assumptions made especially by the USA. The president of USA authorized to go to war without consulting the Congress with the assumption that, he had powers to authorize war without consultation. Weeks later in this war, the President has decided to withdraw the US military from Libya and the Congress does not support this idea.

The major reason why the USA decided to intervene was based on the assumption that other countries like Britain and France that were not very far away from Libya would take lead in this operation. USA assumed they could take lead within a few days but they were wrong.

Regarding to this situation, the president should have sought permission from the Congress before going to war in Libya because by not doing so, it reduced the relevance of going to that war (Juan, 2011). According to me this war needs to end soon enough because the civilians are the ones in danger. The international community should give Qaddafi a room for exile and give him an assurance that he will not get extradited. This is because when he leaves his position of power the war will be over soon.  In future, the international community should try to use all means possible to solve conflicts before resulting to use of force.

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