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Is Animal Testing Ethical?


Animal testing is considered as one of the methods for medical workers to come up with new solutions for treatment of dangerous diseases. This paper shows how unethical is human behavior in relation to animals. It tells about the harm and pain that people experiments make on animals. It states about animal rights and equality. It indicates two different positions of people on this issue. The paper is filled with evidence that proved that the animal testing is unethical and wrong.

Is Animal Testing Ethical?

Testing animals is a procedure that allow for people to come up with new solutions and advances in terms of medicine, cosmetics, studying of behavior and others. People were satisfied with the benefits of such practice because it improved the quality of their life in some way. However, the animal research and use of living forms of life for human needs has been a subject of confrontation between two points of view. The one group of people convinced that animal testing is wrong from any prospective. Especially, they consider it wrong from an ethical point of view. The other group believes that it is one of the essential tools that are needed for effective human development. The interesting side of this issue is that this problem is controversial, and each group states about the importance of its position.

This issue is important because it should be some framework within which people will define their position in relation to animals. We are trying to save endangered species and keep dogs or cats at homes, but, at the same time, we conduct experiments on mice and monkeys like they are not part of the animal world. Some scientists consider the process of testing animals as an integral part of human development. In fact, it is wrong from an ethical point of view. This paper will have two parts in which it will be represented two positions upon this problem. In first part it will be tried to prove that animal testing is unethical. In the second part, it will be represented counter arguments of the opposed position and explained why it is wrong.

Animal like people feel physical and emotional pain

The first and the most significant point that people should clearly understand is that animals like people also express emotional and feel pain. It is widely recognized that dogs, mice, pigs, cows, fish and any kind of animals feel physical and emotional pain. It is unethical to test animals, because people clearly understand that during any experiments they feel pain. However, despite this fact, people continue to kill them and test for their purposes. They cause them harm and observe how those animals get sick, die and live in the constant pain. For animal, the pain is the same feeling that for a human being. “Animal pain is an aversive, sensory experience representing awareness by the animal of damage or threats to the integrity of its tissues. It changes the animal’s physiology and behavior to reduce or avoid the damage”. It will be never something ethical that causes pain. Even, if the suffering is inflicted by animals for the benefit of humanity.


Animal rights

Ethic is something that is familiar with tolerance and is definitely opposite violence. Animal testing could not be ethical such as it is violence of animal rights. People use animals in order to eat, wear their skins and make experiments in advancing medicine and cosmetic products. However, people have to understand that animals are not stones. They have to live and have their own life and experience. All persons would probably agree that treating animals in a violence way is unjustified. It is not morally right to make harm to them. There is a question: should the animals have rights? It is a difficult question such as we use it as our food for many years. However, I think that to eat and test them is two different things. Animal testing is meant by an exposure to various tests, diseases and mutations. People use them as a raw material for different kinds of experiments that can cause pain in animals during their whole life. It is morally and ethically wrong. Because of this reason, we have to stop this practice. “If what we (individually or as a society) are doing with animals is not morally justifiable, we ought to stop doing it, and we ought to seek to keep others form doing it”. If the animals have rights, people as a society with democratic characteristics should do everything possible in order to ensure that these rights be protected.   

Cosmetic testing

Animal testing is a term that already should be defined as unethical. In addition, people make this process even worse. There are many experiments that are conducted by scientists that do not represent a real value for humanity. Many experiments are directed in order to come up with cosmetic solutions. Each year many companies that provide their customers with cosmetic products kill million of innocent animals. They make experiments on animals in order to prove the safety of cosmetic products.  It is also should be noticed that not all medical experiments with animals are directed for finding cures for serious human diseases. Only in the UK, scientists use 3.6 million tests on animals, and more than 20% of those tests are designed for not serious goals.

Inefficient use of animals

It is also important to highlight that more than 90% of tests that are conducted by scientist fail. It is a significant number that should push scientists to stop this practice. There is no solid evidence of the success of animal testing in the beginning of the experiment. Whereas, people use animals and know that they almost enable to achieve the results. It is completely unethical to use animals and know how is rare the possibility of inventing an effective cure. Many scientists claim that this approach should be replaced with promising new technologies as soon as possible.

Importance of animal testing

There are many people, scientists and medical workers that convinced in the necessity of animal experiments. “Mainstream medical and scientific organizations around the world agree that animals are essential in scientific research and medicines development”. The position of medical scientists in relation to this matter is clear. Testing animals is a very effective tool for investigating new medicine technologies, drugs and cures for treating many illnesses and diseases in people. All medicine institutes rely on this approach. It is the main argument of people who see in animal testing the only way of how to accomplish the goals of advancing people with medicine technologies and drugs. However, there is not all well as they say. The statements of medical scientists that they are able to provide people with cures for every human illness are just words without any solid evidence. When scientists sum up their result, it is clear that a decent part of their attempts are failures and a small successful part is not very effective. Nowadays, people live in the 21st century that is characterizes with new abilities and methods in any branch of studying. It is a time to move on and find new solutions to the problem with advanced medical technologies. The method of animal testing was developed in the middle of 20th century, and it has to be replaced right now. Additionally, it is normal to consider this method unethical for the well developed human society.

Cure against serious illnesses

Medical scientists, who develop drugs and medicine through animal testing, convinced that this way will justify itself when they will find the cure against cancer, HIV or other serious disease. If the animal testing will be banned, they would not be able to finish their experiments and find effective cures. However, if it will be taken a closer look to this statement, it will be seen that all experiments that they perform in order to invent drugs are directed to find out that those drugs are effective for animals. Nevertheless, it does not mean that they will be effective for humans. It only indicates that those drugs are ready to be tasted on people. The purpose of animal testing is to eliminate those drugs that will be ineffective or potentially dangerous for human use. If the drug is effective and not dangerous for animals, it could be used on a small group of people. However, it does not mean that this drug is safe for a human being. In the letter to one of the medical journals, William Carey, who is the pharmacologist, declared that he and his group of medical experts came up with four possible drugs to treat HIV. Three drugs have some negative effect on animals. The fourth drug in huge doses did not cause any ill effect in animals. However, he highlighted that this drug should not be given to people because even these drug could cause damage to human. The dose of monoclonal drug was in 500 times higher the standard, but this drug cause the monstrous effect on voluntaries after all. It should be concluded that the success of drugs after the experiment with animals is not a reason to use it on human begins.


Animal testing is unethical method that violates animal rights and is not effective in most of the cases. Any kind of animals and people are similar in something, but it does not mean that they will be equally reacting on cures. It is unethical to use animals in order to be not sure if it is safe for testing a new cure on people. It is also unethical to kill animals for cosmetic purposes.

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