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Fedex Corporation


Global competition is one of the terms in business environment, which circulates within any process applied by the company in production of goods and services. It is an element, which becomes a trigger for further considerations in the segment of the company’s development and improvement. There is no company, which would not take into account the performance of its competitors in the decision-making process. It is impossible to claim that companies pay no attention to the external environment focusing only on internal processes running within their territory. Moreover, companies take into account their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats as they compare every element with competitors’ performance. In addition, they take into account their mission and vision statements, management principles and ethics in order to evaluate their competitive benefits. It is essential to consider every aspect of performance in order to evaluate a company’s efficiency over competitors. It should be the company’s primary function to have a regular consideration of its position within a market and regulate its further steps towards improvement. Fedex is one of the companies, which formulates the market of delivering companies and obtains a significant market share within a selected area of activity. It is a fact that it should be appropriate for the company’s growth and development to take every aspect of its performance. A regular analysis of the company’s both internal and external environments should become options to generate new ideas towards implementation of innovational ideas and techniques into the decision-making process. The following points describe Fedex with its advantages and disadvantages in the performance within a selected market. 


Among strengths of Fedex it is possible to evaluate three peculiarities, which contribute to its success and development (Jasper, n.a.). First, the company managed to create a strong brand, which equals to high-quality and speedy deliveries of almost anything in any part of the world. The company offers its customers the diversity of options, which reflect the company’s intention to be a leader in the segment of deliveries. In addition, Fedex obtains a stable revenue growth, which is a reflection of its intention to expand its performance within a market. Customers tend to turn to Fedex services whenever they need it as they are sure that this company can provide them with an outstanding service. Fedex excellence is a pure reflection of its desire to be a primary leader. Large-scale operations formulate another strength of Fedex, which have a significant influence on its position and benefits over competitors. In addition, the company effectively uses technology as an element of regulating its processes aimed to enhance productivity. Finally, Fedex has a significant experience n logistics, which help the company to perform with the same intensity. 

The company obtains the diversity of weaknesses, which circulate within the company’s performance, which slow down the process of the company’s improvement. First, the company has a relatively small size. It prevents it from distribution of the diversity of regulative bodies throughout the country of its residence. However, it does not even provide the company with enough support in the selected area during delays. In addition to this point, the company has a lower margin (Fedex Corporation, 2010). The company tends to increase profits with a margin unequal to the margin of rising costs on fuel. Moreover, the cost of investments is higher than the cost of capital. These indicators can be a signal to encourage a company taking action towards balancing its development. Finally, Fedex is less competitive in grounds shipping. Its competitive advantage is air, while UPS, its leading competitors, takes over ground shipping (Sharf, 2014). If the company does not take action to turn ground shipping into its advantages, it it most likely to lose a significant market share. 

Despite the fact that Fedex has already obtained a significant place within the sector of deliveries, it still has numerous opportunities for further development. It can increase its revenues through the lens of mergers and acquisitions, container storage, and online shopping. These three categories can become the leading aspects of the company’s performance and bring it to the new level of providing customers with high-quality services. Mergers and acquisitions should become an option to acquire small businesses and extend the company’s performance within a selected segment. Online shopping can become an opportunity for Fedex to take action within any segment. It is possible to conduct cooperation with online shops within payment methods. Fedex should become a primary option to deliver goods.  

Threats become the final segment of the company’s analysis and include several aspects. One of the main threats faced by Fedex is that there is an economic downturn in USA, which leads to the decrease in customers’ turning to the company’s services. It means that the company can lose a significant part of its profits as long as customers have no option to pay for its services. In addition, rising fuel prices can create numerous problems for Fedex. It means that the company can lose balance between its profits and costs spent on the distribution of its services. Moreover, the rising tendency of costs can lead to the prevalence of costs over profits. The company should be careful enough not to reach the point of bankruptcy. 


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Fedex claims that it recognizes its impact on the sustainability of the surrounding world. As long as a company operates within the sector of deliveries, it strives to take care of the world as long as it has a significant input in the emissions percentage (Kay, 2014). Moreover, Fedex is a company, which strives to take care of external environment in several ways. It takes care of reducing harmful emissions and creates workplaces all over the world. The company is a specific regulator of economic potential, which can create an outlining benefit for the community. Customers are confident enough to trust the company’s performance regarding sustainable development of the environment including nature and humanity at the same time. In terms of global competition, it s a significant step towards enhancement of the company’s performance. It is necessary to take into account CSR as means of integration of both the company’s intention to improve its performance and build a positive reputation between both business and customers segment. Global competition encourages Fedex taking action towards improvement of the performance and reduction of negative aspect of performance at all levels. Fedex is a company, which strives to improve performance within both its territory and the territory of the rest of the world. 


Fedex has its set of principles and standards of performance, which penetrate an ethical point. Moreover, the company has a set of ethical principles, which are common and equal to employees’ values and morality. Fedex realizes that it is important to create a link between ethical principles and moral values of all elements belonging to the company. The company has a code of ethics, a specific program, which promotes transparent performance at all levels. Fedex takes care of involving all employees into following the code of ethics and monitors implementation of a code. First, Fedex recognizes the importance of making the company’s performance fair regarding both employees and its competitors. The company also praises respect within its borders as a means of integrating all employees on equal basis. Fedex neglects penetration of the performance on the subject of race, color, ethnicity, and gender. In addition, it takes care of health and safety within and beyond its borders. It is the company’s responsibility to take care of its employees and promote their further integration into improvements processes. Fair competition is also another element of ethics, which promotes the company’s overall success. For example, the company has an appropriate system of motivation, which helps employees to achieve promotion as long as they achieve certain heights of success. Finally, the company’s mandatory element of performance is loyalty, which helps it to bring the development to the appropriate level. Loyalty towards employees and partners is one of the powerful tools of winning another advantage among competitors. 

Fedex Vision

Fedex has an opportunity to produce significant financial returns with the help of shareowners through the option of value-added logistics creating a significant input into the company’s performance. The company envisions its further performance with the help of providing customers with outstanding services appropriate for the selected market. For example, it is common for Fedex to adjust to the environment in order to meet needs of the customer. It explains the company’s ability to transport skin cells, automobile elements, and parts of complex mechanisms, which formulate the segment of fragile objects. 


Fedex has a unique management strategy, which accommodates to the terms of global competition at several points. First, the company has a rule of competing in a collective manner. It penetrates its performance with the same principles regardless of a country of performance. It has a single voice within all parts of the world. In addition, it operates in an independent way in order to meet needs of every customer. It has a fair performance free from discrimination and respects rights of every customer to achieve a high-quality service. As long as a company performs on global terms, it plans to continue its growth with the same set of values, which will enhance success achievement. The final element of the company’s performance circles around collaboration, which is a mandatory element of its improvements and overall development. Fedex strives to meet customer’s requirements through the lens of options offered by means of cooperation and collaboration with other companies. Partnership is the main source of shaping the company’s opportunities and minimizing threats to its profitability in terms of global competition. Fedex is a company, which integrates all opportunities into a single plan, which further obtains implementation In general, collaborative management if the company’s priority, which builds up its further development and improvement within every segment. 


Fedex is a company with the diversity of factors influencing its sustainable performance within both external and internal environments. In order to be a company able to compete within terms of a global market, it is necessary to assess the company’s performance on a regular basis. In addition, it should be the company’s priority to take into account opportunities and minimize threats, which can create problems in the generation of profits. Moreover, the company should work in order to intensify its strengths and minimize its weaknesses. The whole system of management should focus in the company’s overall performance in order to create appropriate environment for its development. In terms of global competition, it is obvious that Fedex obtains a solid platform of functioning, which helps it to move on towards success. However, there are enough reasons, which should help the company take appropriate decisions towards reduction of problems and threats created by competitors. In addition, Fedex should think about threats presented by the economic sector in order to keep balance between its costs and profits, which have a significant influence on the company’s capital. 

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