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Analysis of Inglot Marketing Mix


Inglot cosmetics is a  business enterprise whose inception was by one man. It starting point as a small business enterprise has tremedously grown into an international franchise. The cosmetics industry is a competitive industry and requires elaborate and effective business strategies to succeed. Inglot cosmetics being a business enterprise has a profit maximization objective. Therefore, an analysis of its market mix is relevant to determine whether it is profitable or not. The significance of this paper is to objectively analyse the business strategies employed by inglot. This is in an effort to determine the optimization of the current market mix and its profitability.

In this analysis it is my intention to explore the market opportunities available to inglot cosmetics. Marketing as a business stratety is critical. Marketing enables a business to market its products to existing customers as well as expands to new markets and consumers. A sound marketing strategy has the effect of growing a companys profitability. Inglots strategies to market its products has seen it commanding a bigger market share and expanding to other countries. This strategy has significantly seen them increasing the sales volumes. Therefore, there is an increase in profit margins.


  • This analsis will be a basis of the findings through;
  • Observation and taking notes on operations and procedures
  • Reviewing the procedures and protocols in place for ensuring profit maximization
  • Comparing and contrasting the products of inglot and competitors.
  • Doing a comparative and qualitative analysis on inglots provided information.


Market Growth

The founder of inglot cosmetics, Mr Wojciech Inglot begun the company by producing cosmetics for other companies. Though he was the sole proprietor, expansion of the business was evident from the growth it was achieving. This was in evidence when in 1999, Inglot made placements of his own cosmetic products in various chemist shops in the shopping centers. His progress was significant when in the year of 2001; the small islands were opeming with his cosmetics in the shopping centers. The year 2002 saw him position himself in the market by opening his first shop in Cracow shopping center. In 2006 inglot made its presence in montreal by opeing a branch. The global positioning of inglot cosmetic since this period has significantly grown across the world and continues to significantly grow. Since inglot cosmetics has its own shops it does not need to list its products in chemist with competitors products. The locations of these shops arestrategically put in urban areas where the population densities are significantly high and therefore, higher sales.


Product Development and Growth

In poland development is significantly by use of organic growth. Essentially Inglot uses its internally generated resources to achieve growth. For instance in Poland the cosmetic prices are low in an effort to avoid the extra costs of paying chemists to sell their products. The uniqueness of inglots cosmetics products creats a high demand for its products in foreign markets. This is because there are few competitors offering substitutes in these markets hence giving Inglot a competitive advantage of a high elasticity for demand. Internal generation of growth by selling a wide range of products to different locations. External growth is achieved by selling licences to trade in inglots name and products in foreign markets. This strategy has significantly led to the increase in international growth and profitability.

Product Portfolio Analysis

Ansoff Matrix

This portfolio requires selling existing products in new and establisinhing markets. Inglot as acompany requires to find new markets for its existing products. Its local market may not be enough to meets its objectives as a company. Therefore, it is essential that inglot seek other new markets to sell its existing product range. This is an ideal market deveolpment strategy as it seeks to develop new markets which are yet to be harvested for their profitability potential. Significantly the ansoff matrix translates to a market growth strategy. Inglot cosmetics sells the same products to a variety of markets like Australia, Dublin, london, USA and the Middle East among others. This strategy may not be optimal since different regions may have preferences due cultural and social diversities. These norms cannot be accurately predicted. In most cases the results are unfoavourable.

Boston Matrix

Inglot cosmetics has a bigger market command than in previous years. During its initial stages, inglot had command of a small market share. As time progresses it is achieving a higher market share. This has made it a rising star. This is because it’s trend is indicative of an increasing market share(Ngfl wales business studies a level Resources).

SWOT Analysis



– Unique selling point
– wide range of colors
– having his own shops
– no external sources of finance
– corporate image
– geographical locations
– high value for money
– avoiding the confrontation with competitors
– the speed of production and distribution
– a national or international presence

– Slow organic growth
– limited sources of finance
– poor marketing
– corporate social responsibility should be more enhanced
– risk involved in the usage of franchising
– slow development



– Economic theory- lipstick effect
– technological developments
– new markets and locations

– Cultural differences
– higher exchange rates (especially euro)
– new companies in the market

Product Differentiation

Inglot has a wide range of products. This enablesinglot to command a bigger market share. Several types of cosmetics are available in inglot cosmetic shops. This allows a customer to purchase several items serving different purposes under one one roof. Product differentiation is significantly the same product but has different appearances. In inglot shops product differentiation is by offering different colours and scents of cosmetics which are of the same purpose. Different people prefer different appearances. Product differential allows for unique preferences in products(Marketing voice Inc). In inglot cosmetic shops this is evident by the different colours of brush, nail enamels, facial products, products for lips, eyes and other accessories. All these products are available in a wide range of colours which a customer is free to choose their preference.

Product and Market Strategy

Given the wide variety of products available in Inglot cosmetic shops, consumers tend to be selective of paricular products. Inglot has a strategy where a consumer chooses different colours of products like eye shadows and face brush using unique round refills. This facilitates a customer to make a creation of his or her indentifiable visage. This is by making a selection of the ideal match of inglot products. This makes it easy and cost effective to purchase a palette of various colours. This costs between five dollars to twenty dollars, which is cheaper than selecting each item individually e.g. A palette of two eye shadows cost ten dollars per eye shadow, which equals to twenty dollars and two individual products for twenty-four dollars. Inglot uses the Freedom System making it stand out from other companies in the same trade.

Inglot’s market strategy of product differential makes it widely recognized. Its varieties attract a significant number of customers. Product differentiation is not limited to colors but also to product packing. Packaging promotes the products appearance and sends essential information about the product.

The manufacturing of Inglot products bears in mind quality and uniqueness of the product. The raw materials are subject to careful scrutiny and selection making the end product unique and attractive to the customer.


Inglots pricing is comparatively lower in comparison to its competitors. The cosmetics market is significantly competitive and therefore, Inglot is establishing itself as a price taker and as a price setter. As a price taker, Inglot offers its products at low and reasonable prices in the market. This allows its products to attract more customers. This results from the high quality of its products and affordable prices to different classes of people. In regions where Inglot is establishing itselfs and has a low market share, the prices are relatively low. This method of pricing facilitates for the market penetration of the products (Internet Center for Management and Business Administration).

In regions where Inglot cosmetic products significantly command the market, Inglot becomes a price setter. Inglots heavy presence in the market makes its set higher prices for this markets. Where it has command of the market inglot charges higher for its products than regions where it has low command of the market. For example in Poland where inglot commands a significant percentage of the market the prices are higher than the USA where inglot’s competitors command the market. In economic terms inglot is a middle level product company since its products do not focus on the high income groups like the products of Lancôme or Dior. Inglot however, does not fall to the low class level like the products of Avon. Therefore, Inglot is a middle class cosmetic producer.


The incentives that Inglot offers in its pricing are a considerable method of promoting its products. The issuing of prices given the various product range and the discount inclusion when buying given products interprets to promotion. Inglot promotes its products by giving affordable prices to individuals who choose to buy given sets. When penetrating new markets Inglot offers trade discounts to its customers to promote product sales. Inglot has also established accounts in social networking sites where it promotes its products by inviting comments on the products. Advertising in the internet and media broadcasts. I.e. print media and electronic media.

Channel of Distribution

Inglot significantly uses direct distribution methods. This eliminates middlemen who in most cases contribute to increase in costs. The elimination of distribution intermediaries leads to lower pricing. This translates as optimization of profits since the intermediary does not share in the profits. In situations where customers are unable to reach the retail outlets, Inglot engages direct sales. Though direct sales reduce distribution costs in some cases, it is feasible to engage distributors and retailers since they may have better access to consumers (Tutor2U).

Packaging And Design

Inglot cosmetics packs its products in a differential system. This is to encourage people to have a variety to choose from even though the product may be the same. Packing is relevant in increasing sales dince a well packaged product attracts more customers. Inglot cosmetics packaging is in attaractive and appealing boxes. This packages are unique and can be easily identifiable to inglot cosmetics. The design of the package is such that when a consumer sees the product, they are attracted to it. Design promotes sales and product marketing.


Franchinsing allows businesses to grow and expand their boudaries and capacities. Inglot as a franchise has grown to other countries where it is achieving significant success. Franchising enables a company like inglot to to grow in assets and in profits (Advantages And Disadvantages Of Franchising). This allowsa a company to have its operations nationally and in other countries of the world. Expanding beyond the country of incorporation gives the company economies of scale e.g. if the company expands to a country where there is readily available labour at low costs or the availability of raw materials.

Although franchises have significant benefits, there are some disadvantages as well. Franchises are difficult to control and requre significant levels of management. The risks in franchising are considerably high in comparison to other business ventures since they require high capital outlays.


The product mix of inglot cosmetics is significantly contributing to profits. The product differential and market strategies in effect are essential in contributing to profit maximazation objective of the company. The growth achieved by inglot is significantly as a result of targeting the middle level income groups who have significant disposable income in their possesion. Inglots operation in given markets and pricing has made it possible for inglot to penetrate markets and achieve growth at the same time optimizing profits.

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