An extended essay is a piece of writing that has to be written by those enrolled on the IB program. It is an independent academic work about 4000 words in length. Before beginning preparing an IB extended essay, you will need to do extensive research on the subject. Thus, it is better to start working on your piece of writing as soon as possible. Additionally, ensure you know exactly when your paper has to be submitted since different educational establishments impose their own deadlines. As to the topic, it is worth choosing the one which you are mad about.

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To make the selection process easier, you should write down the themes which you consider interesting, then narrow your list to several subjects which you regard appealing and finally pick the one which you find the best. If you want your paper to be both impressive and credible, you should use not only books and articles when gathering information about the topic but also the scholarly works written by academicians competent in your area. In this way, you will manage to not only describe some chief aspects of your topic but also make its in-depth analysis. The claims you make in your essay have to be supported with powerful evidence and the matter under consideration has to be evaluated objectively. Proper assessment of the subject is what really matters.

How to Write an IB Extended Essay?

The notion of an extended essay has been discussed in a previous paragraph and now it is time to talk about the way such papers are graded. To determine the grade of such an essay, the scale from 0 to 36 is used.

Consider these points:

  1. A – excellent paper
  2. B – good essay
  3. C – main specifications are met
  4. D – mediocre paper
  5. E – rather poor quality
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Unique Tips for Producing an Extended Essay

Definition-Related Topics

  • The core of humanism
  • Home in people’s lives
  • Determining pantomime
  • Highlighting the essence of love
  • Defining romance

IB Extended Essay Subjects

  • Symbolism in poetry
  • Motivations of those participating in the plot of 1944 with the purpose of assassinating Hitler
  • Specifics of aluminum: effectiveness of using it in the industry
  • The key features of Shakespeare’s plays. What makes them the masterpieces of all times?
  • The connection between the quality of grape and soil properties

Topics Relating to Visual Arts

  • Eminent representatives of art of the Renaissance era
  • The works of H. Moore under African impact
  • The use of gold by a famous painter G. Klimt
  • The use of the range of colors by Monet
  • Specifics of Bauhaus style

Subjects Relating to IT Technologies

  • The consequences of relying on the Internet security programs
  • Thorough analysis of cloud-based web systems
  • Windows versus Linux: determining a better system
  • Schemes used for compressing data for the MP3 format
  • Arranging abstract data

Consider the topics presented below to make a final decision. There are certain rues which you should follow when selecting a topic for your IB extended essay. First, it is worth avoiding common topics. It is much better to explore unusual subjects highlighting current issues. Second, give preference to the subject that is totally yours. It means that you have to either be well aware of the matter you are going to investigate or your desire to explore it with the purpose of learning something new has to be very strong. One more point you need to bear in mind when picking a topic for your extended paper is that it has to be appealing. Thus, mind readers’ preferences.

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What is an Extended Paper Concentrated On?

Extended papers may highlight various topics. Nonetheless, the purpose of such essays remains unchanged, i.e. to help students master the whole set of skills such as analytical, writing, critical thinking, etc. and teach them to make statements and formulate ideas.

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