It is not possible to identify a single method of making an application essay bright and memorable. If you have already had several cases of successful applications, you have probably noticed that it is almost unreal to trace any similarities in the approach that could have brought you to the scholarship. There is a distinctive style and an individual approach in every good essay and it is probably the insight into the events from the past or reflections about the future that make the essay winning.

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One of the possible answers to the question on how to write a scholarship essay is that it should be unique. It should be an exclusive paper about you and the targeted audience should feel that you have written your text sincerely and passionately. Do not forget to take effort and personalize the paper, emphasizing your drive and enthusiasm. It should be an individual response to the asked questions and your readers should be interested in reading a story, not a set of boring phrases they have already read hundreds of times. It is possible to catch the judge’s eye only with the truth about your individuality.

How to Make a Scholarship Essay Brilliant 

  1. First of all, read the statement for your essay attentively and gain an insight into the man themes to be covered. 

For example, in the following strong essay statement: ‘cases, in which you have managed to demonstrate an innovative approach or responsible leadership to make a difference in your community’ there are two main themes are ‘impact on the community’ and ‘leadership’.

  1. Make sure that you understand what the main themes imply.

Having identified the main themes in your scholarship essay, you should be certain the implication of each of them. For example, if the statement implies presenting the cases of demonstrated leadership, your task is to tell about the actions you have taken and the achievements you have had, demonstrating your leadership qualities. It is wrong merely to tell about the responsibilities in a certain position. Your task is to bring the maximum depth into representation of every theme with as many examples as possible to explain what qualities you have.  

  1. Add the synonyms to the statement keywords into your scholarship essay.

You should show that you are a committed person; therefore if you use the statement keywords in the text of your essay, it will be a demonstration of the special effort taken by you to be an effective innovator or a responsible leader. Your examples should also refer to the impact you have made on the community. 

  1. Make the first part of your essay engaging.

If you feel that the process of writing is not as smooth as you wanted it to be, you can try including some bright quote or a statement you like into the beginning of your essay and then refer to it in the body of the text. The judges of the application will definitely value your broader knowledge and your understanding of the main requirements to the subject, and that is what you need to convince them that you are the best among the candidates. 

  1. Get to know all the evaluation criteria applied by the scholarship committee.

In case of the scholarship essay, devoted to leadership and impact on the community, the main criteria of the committee will be related to how explicitly and fully you have managed to address the key themes. 

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What are the obligatory elements of the essays on leadership?

  • The accomplishments and leadership experience. What are the outputs of your actions? What have you managed to achieve? Refer to specific results.
  • The reasons why you have decided to get involved in the experience related to leadership. What inspired you? How did you feel after the experience? You can show to the committee that you are passionate and sincere if you answer these questions in an effective manner. 
  • What were the obstacles on your way? How did you manage to overcome the problems you encountered? If you sound inspiring and tell your story about patience, diligence, and perseverance, the judges will most probably feel that you require their support. Your story should demonstrate the qualities of a leader, your willingness to be strong and never give up, as well as your adaptability and flexibility.  
  • What are the lessons you have learned? Which life lesson shaped you as a leader? It is understandable that every new situation, made decision, and challenging experience brings new opportunities of personal growth, and actual leaders never miss them. You should tell about the learnt lessons sincerely to show that your understanding of what actual leadership is has sharpened. 
  • What is the impact of the experience on your future? To be good at writing means that you not only know how to format a scholarship essay or structure its parts, but you can bring the best content and show that the scholarship you will get will be in investment, not a gift. Let the committee know if you intend to proceed with the described leadership activities. 

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What are the obligatory elements of the essays on the community impact?

  • Was it a long-term or short-term involvement in the activity? The committee will probably be more appealed to the applicants who have had a long-term experience of community activities. 
  • What made you start? Was it boredom? Eagerness to be helpful? Desire to learn new things? Intention to make new friends? You will sound convincing in your essay if you tell the truth.
  • Why is your activity crucial for the community? What would change if you made no impact on it? Demonstrate that you know about actual community needs that you want to address effectively.
  • What are your gains from your help to the community? What has sharing taught you? Will you go on or this was the end of the activity? 

Check the requirements to know the answer to the question, ‘how long should a scholarship essay be?’ and then try to tell who you are in this quantity of words. Tell about the experience you had as a fact relevant to your best abilities. Lay special emphasis on your ambitions, passion, enthusiasm, energy, and eagerness to be helpful. Sound positive and show that you believe in good things and are willing to do them.

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