If you are eager to major in philosophy, you should get ready for the tough competition. In order to become a winner in this competition and become a student at the Faculty of Philosophy, you should complete a well-written and well-formatted, as well as original and creative philosophy personal statement. Consider that in the majority of cases your statement will be the key factor that can influence all your life and career in the future. 

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What Aspects Should Your Philosophy Personal Statement Be Composed of?

Each philosophy personal statement should provide some pieces of information that the admission board members are searching for to take their final decision. Therefore, you should carefully consider what things they are seeking in reference to an ideal student for the course of philosophy. Evidently, they need someone who is going to be capable of benefit as well as contribute from what is taught by the teaching staff. 

They will, definitely, look for students who 

  • Have a vivid passion and desire to study and then major in the field of philosophy; 
  • Show that they have the needed skills, experience and knowledge to learn what they expect;
  • Show that they have clear ideas, sound mind, and unlimited desire in what way how philosophy studies could contribute to their future career or life;
  • Give clear reasons why they are willing to study only as this specific college / university.

How to Write a Philosophy Statement and Achieve the Desired Result

Looking at some personal philosophy statement examples can give you a great number of ideas concerning what topic or things to write about and how to do this in the best way possible. However, the majority of examples that are possible to find online significantly differ from one another, as different writers have composed them. As a result, you may be much more confused or puzzled the more you have a close and precise look at them. The following useful and helpful tips could assist you in composing your outstanding philosophy personal statement that no one will be left indifferent:

  1. Always start with an interesting hook. The first lines should attract your readers’ attention. You can begin with a joke or an unbelievable fact /data / statistics, etc.;
  2. Ensure that your personal statement is well presented and that your readers will not lose the flow of your ideas or considerations; 
  3. Use understandable language so that your readers will be able to clear grasp. Avoid using slangy and colloquial words and terms;  
  4. Avoid applying clichés or making evident statements since the reader can lose his / her interest; 
  5. Be yourself; a personal statement implies that you are to be the focus of your paper.

Professional Assistance in Dealing with Philosophy Personal Statement Writing

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Some people may state that philosophy is a field of science that gives enough freedom for the author to be capable of say whatever he / she wants. Nevertheless, many university or college students experience numerous difficulties and problems when working on their philosophy personal statement papers. There is also a point of view that ambiguity, freedom and obscurity of expression usually harm the ability of students to find something very valuable and significant to say. 

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