What Is a Master Thesis Proposal?

To get a Master`s degree, you will need to write a thesis paper demonstrating the knowledge and skills obtained in the study process. But prior to writing a thesis, you will need to write a thesis proposal that will introduce the topic of your research, main methods of work, as well as potential results of your research. A Master thesis proposal is written in order to get the topic approval, as well as convince your supervisor that you are on the right track. Being inexperienced in writing research proposals, you may feel stressed and frustrated because of this task. However, we assure you that following the helpful guidelines and suggestions provided in our guide, you will be able to succeed with this assignment.

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How to Write a Thesis Proposal?

When working on your thesis proposal, you should keep in mind its goal. Such a paper is written in order to present the topic of your thesis, justify your research hypothesis, as well as inform your supervisor about the main methods you are going to use in your work. Every teacher has their own requirements for writing a thesis proposal. However, no matter what guidelines you will need to follow, your thesis proposal should include the following parts:

  • Abstract

An abstract is a brief summary of your proposal that should state the research question, outline research methodology, as well as emphasize the theoretical and practical value of your work. An abstract usually precedes the introduction, though it is often written when the rest of the proposal is ready.

  • Project Statement

In this section of your thesis proposal, you need to indicate your research hypothesis. For this purpose, you need to overview the problem existing within the particular discipline and explain how you are going to address this problem. 

  • Literature Review

A literature review part in a thesis proposal is, perhaps, the most effort-consuming. To contextualize your topic, you need to work with credible academic sources to figure out what findings other researchers have managed to obtain. Please, note that you should not only summarize the works of other scholars but you need to evaluate them in an objective way emphasizing their strengths and weaknesses and finding similarities and differences in their approaches. 

  • Methodology

Well-chosen research methods will enable you to collect the appropriate information for your research. As such, we highly recommend you be as specific as possible when selecting your methods.

  • Limitations

When it comes to writing thesis proposals, it is also very important to define the boundaries that will not be crossed by your project. Thus, you need to indicate what areas you are not going to cover in your paper.

  • Contribution

In this part, you should clearly explain how you are going to benefit your field of study. When writing this part, you should be maximally reasonable and objective. This is a great opportunity to convince your professor that your project has great value.

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