PDF posters are mainly created with a purpose of being presented at such events as symposia, conferences, and other meetings. An effective poster should convey the core idea of your message and present your ideas in a succinct and clear way. Another asset of a successful PDF poster is that it should be easy to navigate, easy to read, and visually appealing to your target audience. If you lack sufficient skills for creating a PDF poster, you can ask BestWritingService.co.uk writing service to “make my PDF poster.” If you are designing a PDF poster with an aim of presenting the core points of your conducted research, it should provide the main findings and also call for a feedback from the target audience.

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Tips for Writing a PDF Poster

There is a set of logical steps that should be used when creating a PowerPoint presentation. The tips provided below will definitely help you design a successful presentation for your speech or research.

Make sure you arrange the slide setup Make sure you arrange the slide setup

Your whole poster will take up only one slide, so make sure you choose the dimensions in a correct way. Before designing the very poster (in terms of text and visuals), make sure you adjust the slide setup to the requirements of your poster assignment. Also make sure you plan how the poster will look like when printed. Leave sufficient margins to prevent cropping while printing.

Come up with a suitable poster template Come up with a suitable poster template

As a rule, the poster template will be provided by the Office of Undergraduate Research.

Adhere to the main tips of slide design Adhere to the main tips of slide design

If it is close to impossible to keep all the slide design strategies in your head, then ask our writing service, “Please make my PDF poster for me.” In this case, you will definitely get premium-quality service without wasting your time and energy. One of the core strategies is that you have to make sure the poster is easily read and comprehended from left to right as if you were reading information on a page. Concerning colors, it is essential to maintain contrast between the background colors and the font color and size. The best option is to use lighter background and dark font. If you need to print out the poster, please consider that the colors will not be represented the same way in print as they look on your computer screen.

Usage of graphics Usage of graphics

If you save images from the net that are of low resolution, keep in mind that they are not suitable for a printed version of a poster. Try to use high-quality resolution pics when you need to convert a PowerPoint poster to PDF version. Make sure that all images are transferred directly into PowerPoint program since if they were linked to some other software it would be impossible to print them out. JPEG is the most preferable format for transferring pictures.

Inserting text Inserting text

It is advisable to be consistent with text size, font, and color throughout your poster. If you have some specific font in PowerPoint that is not available in PDF, you need to make sure it is embedded in the PDF reader before printing it out.

The title of the poster should occupy the entire width on average. If it is longer than that, the text should be broken into a few lines at the same time making sure that it is easily read and understood. If you have some subtitles or you would like to present a plan before presenting the actual poster layout, use some section headings in the columns below.

When it comes to headers, titles, and subtitles, it is advisable to use sans-serif fonts. The most popular of them are Arial and Times New Roman. The others widely used are Book Antiqua, Verdana, Tahoma, Arial Black, Trebuchet, Bookman Old Style, and Franklin Gothic heavy among others.

The size of fonts should be tailored according to the amount of text on the poster. Make sure the sizes are readable (not smaller than 18 pt.). When choosing text fonts and sizes, be consistent throughout the text: use one and the same font for headers, titles, subtitles, and plain text. Do not use different font size and type for different subtitles, for example. The size for the titles may be ranging from 72 to 120 pt., for subtitles – from 48 to 80 pt., for section headers from 36 to 72 pt., and for the body text from 24 to 48 pt. depending on the amount of text and the length of the whole poster. In case you have written the text of your poster in MS Word and will then have to copy & paste the text into one of appropriate boxes, make sure the text perfectly fits there and can be edited.

Ensure that the content you are supposed to insert will be selected prudently since you can place only a limited amount of information on it. Do not choose a too broad scope of information – rather focus on a specific point or issue. At the same time, try to make the text smooth and logical, as the text should be clear and easy to read.

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Bonus List of Mistakes to Avoid from Our PDF Poster Writing Service

  • Do not use whacky color designs and schemes;
  • Do not capitalize much text;
  • Do not mix more than two font types on the same poster;
  • Avoid childish fonts (e.g. Comic Sans).
  • Make sure you diligently work on your title formulation. The title will be the very first thing your audience will look at.
  • Therefore, make sure the font is big enough and legible. Do not use sophisticated font types, when it is impossible to make out what letter it is. Regarding the content, the title should be formulated in an interesting and appealing way.
  • Make sure you add enough visuals for the poster. You need to keep attention drawn to the poster by its title. Now it is the turn of properly chosen visuals. If your poster contains some statistics, make sure you use graphs and tables with figures that should be self-explanatory. Even if a person does not specialize in the topic of the poster, it should be clear to him/ her what you are writing.
  • Next, edit and proofread the text. Make sure it is free from mistakes and obvious flaws. Double-check whether you have bullet points to ensure clear structure of the text.
  • Leave space on the poster and do not cram the whole of it with text. With the help of blank spaces, the poster will be easier to navigate and more people will be attracted to the poster. Preferably, blank spaces must be left after each body paragraph.
  • Make sure to get a feedback on the poster from the people whose professional thought matters to you. It can be a researcher, a scientist, a friend whose professional opinion you can rely on, your family member, etc. Make sure you take each remark into consideration (whether the text is legible, whether specific information can be easily found, etc.).
  • When you are presenting your poster, stand in front of it but communicate with your target audience. A poster is just an asset to your presentation or speech, so do not give it the key role. Do not be focused on reading from the poster. It looks awkward when your eyes are glued on the poster and you do not interact with the audience. Use such opportunities of public speeches or presentations to establish rapport with others and expand your networking.

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