Whenever you attend European studies, you have to be aware of the key events and aspects of the European policies. The following list of European studies essay topics will help you focus on the key aspects and events in the European Union that are worth attention. You may learn these topics one by one in order to increase your proficiency or you can just pick up the one and write a well-structured essay that will satisfy the most demanding professor. By selecting the topic from our list of European studies essay topics, you will have to research it carefully. Keep in mind that when it comes to European studies, you need to rely only on the credible and relevant sources that are not older than ten years.

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  1. Discuss the economic development in Cyprus and Malta after they became EU members.
  2. Discuss the effect of migration on small countries within the European Union. Focus on the cases of Cyprus, Malta, and Luxembourg in detail.
  3. Critically analyze the EU Policy coherence for development focusing on small island countries of Africa.
  4. Discuss the current situation with cyber warfare in the European Union.
  5. Analyze the gains and losses of the European Union from its trade policy towards developing states.
  6. European energy targets. Analyze the 2020 solar photovoltaic energy use in Malta.
  7. Discuss the key peculiarities of the EU-North Africa trade since 2000.
  8. What is the role of the internal coherence of different party groups in the European Parliament? Prepare a comparison and contrast essay on the European People's Party and Progressive Alliance of European Socialists.
  9. What is the significance of the European roots of Italian Euroscepticism? Discuss in detail.
  10. SME Policy of the European Union and the promotion of female entrepreneurship. A case study of Cyprus.
  11. Evaluate the effectiveness of the Northern Periphery Program on the European Union, as well as the Non-EU Region.
  12. Discuss the implications of the EU Youth Strategy on the Greek National Youth Policies.
  13. Analyze the small state EU Presidencies: The case of Iceland.
  14. Discuss the influence of the EU membership on the integration of national and ethnic minorities in Romania.
  15. Observe the dynamics of the EU foreign and security Policy focusing on the challenges from Africa.
  16. State your position on the EU response to the Eurozone crisis. Provide solid arguments.
  17. Write a literature review on the influence of the EU anti-human trafficking legislation and policy in France.
  18. Make a well-structured stakeholders' analysis of sustainability issues in Ireland.
  19. Focus on the key successes and failures of the democracy promotion in the Mediterranean states.
  20. Discuss the evolving China-EU trade relationship after the Chinese WTO accession.
  21. Discuss the most effective ways for solving the challenges with the migration in Europe. Compare the migration policies in the United Kingdom and Malta.
  22. Discuss the gains and losses of the European Union from its trade policy toward developing states.
  23. Discuss the effect of the Euro banknote measures on the money-users in Cyprus.
  24. Evaluate the adequacy of the Schengen migration rules on external border control for the purpose of combating human trafficking.
  25. Discuss the relationship of immigration and the rise of radical Parties in the European Union.
  26. Briefly describe Turkey's struggle for EU access focusing on the main political obstacles to the membership.
  27. Make a well-structured analysis of the EU educational mobility programs and youth employability rates. Provide examples.
  28. Prepare a comparative study of gender equality and political empowerment in Sweden.
  29. Discuss the EU Parliament's Influence on the CFSP. An analysis of the European policies towards Syrian questions in 2014-2018.
  30. Analyze the implementation of the JEREMIE initiative introduced in Malta.
  31. The effectiveness of the fourth directive of the European Union on the online gaming industry and anti-money laundering.
  32. Discuss the female labor initiatives in the European Union. 2020 Targets.
  33. Analyze the results of the Arab Spring on the role of the European Union in the global arena.
  34. The role of cooperation. Make an assessment of EU aid delivery to Ethiopia.    
  35. Discuss Malta's compliance with the European standards against discrimination in employment.
  36. Discuss the democratic reforms in Serbia and Macedonia within the scope of the EU enlargement.
  37. Discuss the peculiarities of the NATO-EU relation. The case of Syria,
  38. Critically evaluate the political dialogue between the European Union and China since 2000.
  39. Discuss the influence of EU Membership on the House of Representatives in Malta.
  40. Discuss the youth unemployment rates and policy priorities in the European Union. A case study of France.
  41. Analyze the challenges and problems of cooperation between the EU and the US in fighting terrorism.
  42. Analyze the ways of application of the principle of non-reformation in Malta and Italy.
  43. Evaluate the economic implications of the Mediterranean partnership. Focus on the case of Libya.
  44. Discuss the fiscal consolidation measures introduced during the Euro-Area Crisis. Focus on social perspectives.
  45. Discuss the EU legislation and football's foreign player quotas. Take English Premier League for example.
  46. The appearance of the extreme parties in the European Parliament and their challenges in creating powerful political groups.
  47. Discuss the ways of poverty eradication. Focus on the EU official development assistance to Libya.
  48. Analyze the economic influence of the Eurozone crisis on the Western Balkans.
  49. Discuss the status of the rights of the LGBT community in France and the United Kingdom. A comparative perspective.
  50. Evaluate the role of the European Commission in solving the problem of the gender gap in education in the underdeveloped countries.  
  51. How the Europe 2020 initiatives will address the problem of early school leavers.
  52. Discuss the effectiveness of the EU and the US approaches to the democratization of Iraq. Support your position.
  53. Discuss the role of Germany in the EU. Prepare a well-structured study of a country`s relationship between its European and domestic environments.
  54. How to address the problem of aging population in Malta? Discuss the role of migration.
  55. Analyze the steps towards implementation of the employment and racial equality directives of the European Union against social exclusion in underdeveloped countries.
  56. Make an evaluation of the European army. Analyze the key difficulties in setting and the establishment of the European Army.
  57. Describe voting behavior of the EU citizens.
  58. Critically evaluate the reaction of the European Union to the migratory flows.
  59. Discuss the Small Business Act and its role in the development of Malta's SMEs sector.
  60. Discuss the potential national issues in Italy`s parliamentary election campaigns.
  61. Critically analyze Malta's regional funding with the help of input-output analysis.
  62. What is the role of the withdrawal of the UK on EU Politics?
  63. Film finance in the European Union. French perspectives.
  64. Discuss the tax competition within the European Union and the financial services sector in Germany. Prepare a comparative study of direct taxation.
  65. Discuss the Europeanization of education policies in Slovenia and Romania.
  66. What is the role does the European Parliament play in the agricultural policy after the Lisbon treaty?
  67. Do you agree with the claim that BRICS is an emerging economic challenge for the EU? Support your answer with the sound evidence.
  68. Analyze the main changes in the UK and Swedish labor market after the 2004 EU enlargement.
  69. iscuss the cooperation of the European Union with the post-conflict countries. Focus on the case of South Sudan.
  70. Discuss the ways of addressing the climate change by different European countries. Provide examples.
  71. Adaptation to global warming in small underdeveloped countries. Make a focus on EU overseas development assistance.
  72. Discuss the determinants of foreign direct investment (FDI) in Cyprus.
  73. Do you agree with the claim that climate change is a driver of migration in Sub-Sahara African Countries? Support your position.
  74. Discuss the current trends and challenges in regards to climate migration in the MENA region.
  75. How to reach transparency in development aid allocation of the EU member states?
  76. iscuss the Libyan crisis as a test for the common foreign policy.
  77. The European Union and EFTA. Do you consider it a win-win relationship?
  78. Enlargement of the impact of the European Union and ethnic conflicts. A case of Serbia.
  79. Discuss the key economic implications of India-EU free trade agreements.
  80. Analyze the intergovernmental and supranational aspects of EU leadership in crisis situations?
  81. The concept of lifelong learning as an effective solution to an aging labor force in the European Union.
  82. Discuss the main peculiarities of the implementation of the Birds Directive in European states.
  83. Critically analyze the TTIP, as well as its potential impacts on the European Union. Provide examples.

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