Nowadays, friendly letters are widely substituted by e-mails and messages. Nevertheless, those people, who want to communicate with each other in an old-fashioned way should know how to follow a traditional friendly letter format. Being written properly, a friendly letter is a very nice personal touch. A recipient will definitely enjoy reading a friendly message instead of an e-mail or an SMS. What is more, a real letter is usually taken more seriously than an e-mail or message as a sender puts much more effort into its writing. For a sender, it is a great chance to demonstrate their care and attention. 

To write a good-looking friendly letter, one should possess a high level of creativity and good writing skills. Also, they should be able to express their thoughts and ideas in a clear and engaging manner. If you need to send a friendly message but you don’t have sufficient writing experience, you should find a trustworthy writing service and make a purchase there. We strongly recommend that you choose as your writing partner as our service is known as the leading provider of custom letter writing help of different kinds. Our writing company always provides the customers with affordable papers that meet the latest standards of quality. No matter what kind of task you want us to handle, we will cope with it successfully. If you want to learn more about the benefits offered by our service, just keep reading!

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Writing a letter, whether personal or professional, is always a challenging task. Spelling and punctuation mistakes, inappropriate tone, and sloppy grammar will significantly compromise the quality of your work. Luckily, you don’t need to struggle with this task on your own as you can always delegate it to We are dedicated to writing first-class papers as we highly value the loyalty and trust of our customers. Regardless of the purpose of your task, we will create a customized piece that will match your goals. Also, if you have a rough draft of your letter and want to make it look better, we can proofread and edit it, polishing it for you to perfection. 

Just let us know what you expect to see in your paper, and our expert writers and editors will ensure the best outcome. Having advanced writing experience, our professional specialists can deal with any friendly letter format. Our writing service is available to you 24/7, which means that you can get our help anytime. In case you have any questions, inquiries, or concerns, you can always contact our support team managers and they will assist you with everything. If you experience any difficulties with understanding the basic principles of friendly letter format, you should have a closer look at some tips and suggestions collected by our professional, highly educated writers. 

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Familiarize Yourself with the Components of a Friendly Letter

Before you understand how to format a friendly letter, you need to understand what makes it different from other types. Typically, it is an informal document that doesn’t require following certain rules. As long as you want to share some information with a loved one, you are free to write a message the way you want. Nevertheless, some points should be taken into consideration when writing a friendly message. For example, you need to include the addresses of both the sender and recipient, as well as an appropriate salutation. Also, when determining the length of your text, you need to consider your reader’s schedule. According to the traditional friendly letter format, the text should have five parts:

  1. Address block. Being justified right, this block includes the return address of a sender, as well as the date of writing;
  2. Salutation. This is a typical greeting. For example, you may write “Dear Luke.” If you want to begin your message with “Hey Luke,” it is acceptable as well. You need to make this block left-justified;
  3. Body block. This block includes the actual content of your message. Its length may vary from one paragraph to several pages. There are no specific requirements for the length of a friendly letter. You are free to make it as long as you want. Just keep in mind that your friend might not want to read a lengthy text. All the body paragraphs should be justified left;
  4. Closing salutation. This is the part that aims to say goodbye. In friendly letter writing the closing salutation phrases are as follows: “All the best,” “Your friend,” “Yours truly,” “Take care,” etc. Also, it is acceptable to say “Don’t be a stranger” or “See you soon.” This part should also be left-justified;
  5. Signature. Since you are writing a friendly message, you just need to sign your first name. Make sure this block is left-justified. 

Now you know what are the 5 parts of a friendly letter. We strongly recommend that you make your text hand-written and send it by regular snail mail as it will give it a personal touch. Nowadays, with technology development, friendly messages are often typed and sent via e-mail or other media platforms as an attachment. This is also acceptable as it is still more personal than a dry e-mail.

If you are willing to create a good-looking friendly message, you need to make it as clear and concise as possible. Even though this paper represents informal writing, you need to include only relevant and accurate information. Please note that a friendly message is rather short, thus it should not include unnecessary information. You will be able to do a good job by paying attention to detail and making your writing style engaging. However, if you want your letter to be written by a professional writer, you should just make an order at The experts working at our service know all the peculiarities of the proper friendly letter format, thus they are capable of creating exceptional pieces. If you are looking for professional assistance with writing a letter, then cooperation with our writing team is the best choice.

What Does Our Company Offer to Its Customers?

There are many different types of letters that serve different purposes. Some people prefer to send personal letters while others use them in business communication. No matter what kind of task you want us to handle, you need to make it customized to your goals. Here, at, we provide our customers with different writing services. For instance, you are free to order a job application letter for your preferred job position or a Thank you letter for a comfortable staying in a hotel. Just let us know what you expect to see in your paper and you will get it done. We are certain that providing our customers with high-quality writing assistance will be impossible without having competent and skilled experts in our team. Therefore, we have hired the most qualified, knowledgeable, and result-oriented experts ready to cope with the most urgent or difficult tasks. Each member of our team knows how to start a friendly letter and how to end a friendly letter professionally. Even if you need pretty urgent assistance, you can rely on us as our writers have excellent time-management skills. Every time you ask us “I need you to help me to write a letter,” we take it seriously as we want you to be completely satisfied with your choice of writing provider.

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We Can Assist You with Different Letter Types

  • Friendly letters;
  • Thank you letters;
  • Cover letters;
  • Recommendation letters;
  • Business letters;
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No matter if you want us to handle a letter writing assignment or you want us to write a letter for your personal purposes, you can rely on our professionalism. We will assign a suitable writer having vast experience in dealing with the necessary letter type. Even though we have the best writing representatives in our team, we keep our pricing rates affordable. 

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At, we strive for excellence in everything we do. This means that we are capable of providing well-crafted letters of all sorts to our customers. To fulfil our quality guarantees, we have gathered a great team of writers, who are constantly improving their proficiency. If you become our customer, you will not only get the anticipated outcome but you will also learn how to write a friendly letter of premium quality.

We are ready to cope with any tasks, even the most difficult or urgent ones. No matter what deadline you choose when placing an order, a couple of days or only several hours, we will provide you with a well-crafted paper without any delays. We do understand that you want to learn more about our guarantees before ordering our online help with writing a friendly letter. The advantages mentioned below will turn our cooperation into an enjoyable experience for you:

  • Original writing. Regardless of the letter type you want to order, it will be written from scratch in accordance with your guidelines. Furthermore, the content will be checked through the best plagiarism-detection software. We understand that you want to buy papers that are completely unique;
  • Customized approach. No matter whether you need an application letter for a college or a personal letter to your loved one, we will apply an individual approach, which will ensure your 100% satisfaction. You can be sure that none of your requirements will remain unaddressed;
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  • We know that college and university students are usually living on a tight budget and cannot purchase expensive writing assistance. Therefore, we have established a pocket-friendly price and quality balance;
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If you are having any difficulties with writing a friendly letter but you want to make a good impression on your recipient, you should just delegate this task to our writing team. Being well-educated, skilled, and experienced, our writers can work with different assignments. Once you receive the work crafted by one of our experts, you will be impressed by its quality. It will be full of interesting ideas and fresh insights. Besides, it will be structured and formatted properly. 

All in all, when it comes to letter writing, you won’t find a more reliable writing company than We have been providing our customers with all sorts of papers for many years. Due to our integrity and professionalism, our customers reward us with their loyalty and appreciation. So, no matter what format of a friendly letter you want us to follow, just outsource it to our team and we won’t disappoint you!

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