• Will my paper have a works cited page (bibliography/list of references)?

    For sure, we include the sources if you mention this requirement in the order description. Let us know how many references you need and we will include them. You will also get some free extras, in particular an abstract, a cover page, a table of contents, and bibliography. Do not forget to mention the citation style you need for your referencing (APA, Chicago, MLA, Harvard. Turabian, etc.)

  • Which topics can the writers of Bestwritingservice.co.uk cover?

    If you are a high school, college, or university student, you can order the paper on any academic paper from us. We hire new writers every month to make sure that we have professionals in every possible area of knowledge as the demands of our clients are growing. So far, there has not been any subject or topic requested by our customers which we could not cover.

  • Does an option of Supreme writing level cover getting a preferred writer assigned?

    There are a number of additional features included in the option of the Supreme level of writing. For instance, your order will be assigned to the best writer in the area of your studies. One more option is a detailed plagiarism report with editor’s comments included into the package, which nevertheless does not cover choosing a preferred writer for a particular order. In case you want a specific writer to do your assignment, you have to pay extra for a corresponding service. If you do, the writing department contacts the writer you have chosen and provides all details for him or her to assign the task. If you decide to pay for the Premium writing level, we will assign your task to one of the writers from top-30 and provide you a detailed plagiarism report as well.

  • Is Sunday a day off?

    We have several teams working in shifts. So, we are always available and you can ask for help any time, notwithstanding your time zone.

  • I need to do an IT assignment. Can I order an assignment on app development?

    Although we do not do coding, we can write about the web development and coding from a theoretical point of view. Thus, we can write a paper on programming features, but we do not have any technology-oriented specialists.

  • How can I resolve my problem with payment?

    It may happen that you get a message “payment/authorization failed.” We suggest trying to start the procedure again with another payment card, device, or web browser. Change the payment processing company or clarify the payment issue with the bank directly.

  • How can I add some extra files to the order?

    We would like to remind you that you can choose a preferred writer to your new order, while placing it on the website. You can email all the necessary materials to the customer support team, send them in live chat, or upload them from your account. Please note that the writer needs to see the files the moment he or she takes the order; so, we would appreciate if you could make all the materials available at once.

  • Please tell about the advantages of your service

    We focus on continuous development and we truly believe that it is the foundation of responsible work and satisfying all customers’ needs. We ensure monitoring of needs that our target group of customers has and set a priority of satisfying them immediately. Our commitment and willingness to set the highest level of customers’ satisfaction and quality of writing serve as guarantees of great papers. Our loyal customers know that we are gradually extending the scope of our services as we want every customer find the option he or she is looking for. You will like the option of communication with the writers, tracking the order status, doing verification of billing, attaching the files, giving clarifications in messages or asking questions to the writer. Downloading the paper is not a problem when the deadline expires. We have a flawless system of assigning the most appropriate writer to the orders. The customer demands are growing consistently and we take effective measures to prevent all kinds of issues and have an expert always available for writing. So, we hire ten new writers every month and we will be happy to help you as well. You may sent a message to us in live chat or call us 24/7!

  • Can I contact you somehow?

    You can freely call us 24/7. We are available any day of the week any time you find convenient for your questions or comments. If you have anything to clarify, you may send us a message, email us, or use a live chat option. We ensure resolution of all challenging situations without any delay as our team provides customer support eagerly no matter when you send your request.

  • Can I ask you to do my online test?

    No problem at all. We have included a service of helping students with their online exams and tests. Thus, you check on the list of the suggested options and choose placing an order, you have to click on the type “Online Exam.” When we assign an expert to the order, we have to ensure that he or she can access to every detail about the exam. Preparation is a must in case of online tests; so, we always ask for all possible materials, books, readings, and lecture notes for our writers. Checking on the files in advance, he or she will be able to do his or her best when the due time is. Let us know the date, time zone, and specific time of your test. You will specify all instructions and our writer will answer all the questions diligently and take the test strictly on time.

  • Can I place an urgent order with you?

    Yes, we may complete your paper in several hours. When you want to place an urgent order, please, contact our support team, and they will ensure that your paper is assigned immediately and the writer starts working ASAP.

  • How can I get a draft?

    We have a 1-page draft option. In this case, a draft will be delivered within 50% of your initial deadline. This is a paid option. Choose a draft option on the stage of order placement.

  • I need to get the highest grade. Can you guarantee I will get it?

    We do not guarantee any grades as professors have various criteria for grading papers. However, we guarantee that your paper will be written in accordance with the highest standards of English writing and will fit your instructions.

  • How do I know what type of assignment to choose?

    If you are not sure what type of assignment to choose, please, contact our support team and they will help you to choose an appropriate assignment type.

  • I want to ensure that my identity is not disclosed, and I do not want to provide valid email and phone numbers.

    We do not make you share your contact details with us. However, if you send us a valid email and phone number, it will make our communication more convenient.

  • I need to revise my paper. How can I put an order on revision?

    You may request a free revision within 48 hours from the day of order submission. The paper is revised for free following your revision comments. Just ensure that you do not request anything new as in this case a compensation order is required. Go to My orders and click Completed orders, then find the order ID you want to revise and choose the Request revision option.

  • Can I expect to receive a plagiarism-free paper?

    Each paper we write for you is plagiarism-free because we never use already written papers. Each new order is written from scratch. Our writers check your instructions and complete the paper following your guidelines and conducting original research each time. We check each paper for plagiarism. Therefore, you may ask for a plagiarism report to ensure that your paper is free from plagiarism.

  • How can I follow the order status?

    When placing an order, you may follow an order status on your account. “Payment Verification” status means that we do not see your payment yet. If you have not paid for the order, click the Pay now button. If you have already provided payment, send us a received, and we will verify your order manually. “Processing” status means that the order has already been assigned to the writer, and the work has already started. “Sent/Completed” means that the paper was uploaded to your account; go and check a ready paper.

  • I want to choose the same writer who worked on my previous order for my next order. How can I do it?

    This is a Preferred Writer option. To assign the same writer to your next order, you need to choose the Preferred Writer option when you place an order and insert an ID of your previous writer in the emerged field. The paper will be assigned to the selected writer only. Mind that you need to pay 10% of the order additionally. This money is delivered to the writer, reminding them about the highest priority of your order.

  • I face an order placement issue. The order form is not submitted. What should I do?

    Check if you try to upload several files or if the only file you upload is too big. The system does not accept big files and several files. You may send all additional files to our email support@bestwritingservice.co.uk separately. Our agents will attach your files to the order.

  • I cannot pay for the order. What should I do?

    First, we recommend you change a web browser or use another device. If an error still occurs, contact our bank to check why the issue has occurred.

  • Can I expect to receive the paper by the time I indicated?

    Yes, of course. All papers are delivered within the deadline you have indicated in the order form. We ask you to set the most reasonable deadline to allow the writer as much time as needed to complete the paper.

  • Do you have a pricing policy?

    Yes, we have a strict pricing policy. Many factors affect the order price. When placing an order you indicate the number of words (paged), the academic level, and the deadline. These are the major factors that form the order price. However, you may also add other options to the order, such as a summary, a draft, or an extended revision, which will also affect the price.

  • Can I discuss the price with your support agents?

    All prices on the site are set and are calculated automatically. However, we have many different discounts, and you may check with our support agents whether you can get a discount from us. Contact us via LiveChat and enjoy a reduced price.

  • Can I get my paper earlier?

    Each paper is delivered to the customer according to the deadline. However, if you need to receive your paper earlier, you may discuss this option with our Support team. They will agree on a new deadline with the writer and ask you to compensate for the shortened time as the order price depends much on the time you give for a writer to complete it.

  • I have just placed an order but I confused the deadline. May I change it?

    You cannot change the deadline yourself after the order form was submitted. However, you may turn to our support agents and they will do it for you. Mind that if you need a short deadline you may be asked to pay additionally.

  • Where will you deliver my final paper?

    The ready papers are uploaded to your account as soon as the deadline approaches. You should go to My orders, Completed orders, and click an Order ID you want to download. If you still experience any issues, please, contact our Support team.

  • What makes your writing service uk unique and better than others?

    BestWritingService.co.uk has been in business for years and has stood the “test of time.” Lots of other writing services are in business to make fast profit, by providing plagiarized or other badly written works for cheap prices, closing down their site once their poor quality becomes known, and then opening up with a different name. When students order from our writing service uk, they know they have the guarantees of original writing, authentic research, and the best writers that can be found. We charge reasonable and fair prices, given the quality of writers we employ. And we do not promise what we cannot deliver!

  • If I have questions or problems, how do I contact you?

    New customers looking to buy essays online uk will find that contact information is posted on the BestWritingService.co.uk site in several places. If they have questions about the process or completion of the order form, they may contact us via phone, email, or live chat. Existing customers have the additional method of contact through their personal account pages, which they can use to contact either the customer support staff or their current writers for their orders. The customer support department is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and we respond rapidly!

  • What are the benefits of using your custom essays uk service?

    Over many years of business, we have continually improved and refined our process, our customer service, and the quality of our research, writing and editing. We have put systems in place to ensure that all writing is original and that resources used for research are genuine and cited properly. Much of our strength comes from the quality of our writers, and we only employ those with verified credentials and proven academic writing expertise. We have improved our company-customer communication systems as well, adding live chat and messaging capabilities as they became available. We also insist that our customer service staff and writers respond to customers quickly and effectively, so that no client is ever left wondering about the progress of his order. Our policies relative to customer satisfaction are clear – no customer leaves dis-satisfied. As a result, we offer free revisions at no cost, discounts to loyal clients, and free pages, such as title pages and bibliographies. When students buy essays online uk, their biggest fear is plagiarism. We provide free plagiarism scan reports to guarantee originality, and our customers really appreciate this. Having 24-hour customer service is also appreciated. As well, clients can now do all sorts of things on their personal account page – upload additional information and resources to be used, contact their writers directly, and easily download their finished products from their personal page. Education is constantly evolving. New coursework and fields of study mean that we continually search for new writers, so that we can always meet the evolving needs of our clients.

  • Do you offer anything other than custom essays uk?

    BestWritingService.co.uk has academicians with all types and levels of degrees. In addition to typical essays and research papers needed by students from secondary school up, we also have Ph.D. writers in all fields that can provide a variety of services to the unique needs of graduate and professional school students. Research proposals and designs, literature reviews, statistical analysis, and complete theses and dissertations can be created through our service. We can produce charts, graphs, power points, and other unique graphic requirements, as requested. We have access to the highest quality online libraries in any area, such as Lexus Nexus for law students. We provide book reviews, analyses, critiques, resumes, and college and scholarship application essays; we produce case studies, accounting projects, and other works for business school students. Virtually any type of academic assignment can be ordered at BestWritingService.co.uk. Professional writing for individuals already in their careers is also available. Grant proposals, articles for publication, and website design are just a few of the services we offer for organizational professionals. Many students use our proofreading and editing services, especially if they have worked on a long-term project or research piece.

  • Can I be assured that my paper will not show up somewhere on the web?

    Absolutely! Any work we produce for a customer becomes his/her property, and is deleted from our system once delivered to that customer.

  • How do I know I can trust you once I have paid for an essay or paper?

    We have been committed to our customers for years and have always operated under the same name. Because of this, our reputation is secure, and we will never do anything to jeopardize it. Customer satisfaction means repeat business, and repeat business means growth for us. We promise to deliver any work in accordance with the deadline established.

  • What if I am not happy with a delivered work?

    Within 48 hours of your receipt of the ordered work, you may request revision free of charge. You do so via your personal account page, explaining what revision you wish and when you wish the revision to be accomplished. If revision counter to your original directions, or if you request them beyond the 48-hour window, a fee will be charged. You can check the pricing page or talk to a customer service professional for the price.

  • Will my privacy be protected?

    Any professional writing service uk will protect the confidentiality of its customers, and BestWritingService.co.uk is certainly professional. We do not maintain any personal information beyond three days following delivery of an order.

  • What about hidden charges and fees?

    Other services may do this, but BestWritingService.co.uk does not. When you receive a price confirmation, it is all that you will pay!

  • How do you communicate with me?

    We have your email address and your phone number from the order form. If questions or issues arise, we will contact you immediately. As well, there is a messaging system on your account page, and we will generally place all communication in this system, in addition to emailing or calling you.

  • Can I use live communication with my writer?

    No, we do not offer live communication. Our goal is to protect the confidentiality of both our clients and our writers. The messaging system on your account page is fully effective and fast. If a customer or a writer needs to contact one another, the messaging system is great, and we always email the client and the writer as well, so that s/he knows there is a message waiting.

  • What if I have an emergency?

    Existing customers need only access their personal account pages and engage in live chat immediately. New customers can access live chat on our site. Remember, we are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You may certainly call as well.