It happens that it is a matter of crucial importance to clarify what feedback a certain movie, book service, or product has among the viewers or clients. There are a number of evaluation argument essay topics that enable a writer to raise those important issues in the papers. Why is it important? In some cases, it is essential to know whether the quality of a product or service is good to understand if there is any need to look for a different one. In those cases, an evaluation essay is the paper that we require. If you are interested in a particular product, object, or service, it is of great help to opt for such an essay. It is also helpful when you need to share your knowledge about something you like or dislike. Thus, an evaluation essay is an interesting type of writing tasks, but it still requires efforts and creativity. So, you may find some valuable ideas in the following article which will help you be more efficient at this type of writing.

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How to Write an Evaluation Essay? Expert Hints

Starting with selecting a great topic is always a right approach. The most effective method is to use the topic that is of great interest for you. Probably, you have just finished reading a boring book or you have used your laptop for several weeks and now you can judge its drawbacks and strengths. The condition of effective writing is your knowledge on the chosen topic or your ability to do a required research and explore the key aspects to gain sufficient details for further analysis. Then you will be able to evaluate the subject as good or bad and analyze its characteristics.

Let us consider the target audience you have. Some people will not find it interesting to read about laptops, for example, while others will be excited to know your opinion about them from your evaluation essay. Take into account the interests of your potential readers when you think about a topic to choose for the essay. It is wrong to orient your writing at common readers without any specific group selected. It is much more effective to decide on a target group and then start your writing.

The next stage is developing an exciting thesis statement, which will define the key aim of the whole evaluation paper. It will help your readers understand the main direction of the paper and get guidance in getting information about the chosen topic and analyzing your specific position regarding the topic. A proper place for a good thesis statement is in the introductory part and it should be concise enough to be effective. Actually, it is enough to write one-two clear sentences. Try to avoid quotes and vague phrases, as they will only spoil the impression on the readers.

The following stage is selecting the evidence, judgment and criteria for the essay. According to the criteria, you will know the characteristics of a perfect service, product, or place, meaning that they present the expected outcomes and build your evaluation as a solid idea, not simply an emotional opinion. According to the judgment, it is possible to see whether the criteria are met. Judgment is supported with evidence. The idea structure implies having one judgment, criterion, and sufficient evidence in every body paragraph.

Use any of the evaluation argument essay topics to start working on the essay of this type. Your introduction will be effective if it contains an exciting twist that can draw the attention of the readers. Try telling a joke or remember a real-life story concerning the topic. Your general overview of a chosen subject should be accompanied with the explanations about reasons why you expect your readers to be interested. Do not forget to set specific criteria from the very beginning and then include the thesis statement to the essay introduction.

After the introduction, it is time to work on the body. In the same manner, start your work with choosing the criteria and judgments, and only after that look for appropriate evidence to have your judgment substantiated. Think about reliable academic resources, interesting quotes, and vivid examples. Try to make your essay more exciting by adding some opposite views or extra details. Mind that all body paragraphs should have the same structure.

The final part of an evaluation essay is a conclusion. This is your last chance to deliver your ideas to the readers, so do not lose it. Speak to the audience restating all the theses and key ideas, but avoid mere pasting the same pars of text from the body. Besides, it is necessary to give a concise synthesis of the presented evidence to go on to other original methods of making the conclusion exclusive. There are a number of ways to finalize the essay. For instance, it is possible to make a connection between a conclusion and an introduction. Besides, we can recommend sharing some of your personal experience or adding a call for action.

Topics for Evaluation Essays: Guidance for College Students

College instructors give evaluation essay as a student assignment very often, and it is necessary to collect all the information needed to start writing before actually starting to work. Try collecting all the details about the subject, topic, and products you are going to write about. Express your views and personal opinions with the relevant explanations on the chosen topic. Review the subject with presented pros and cons. Study all the instructions given by the teacher first as they will guide you on your way to proper writing. It is the paper that helps you express your point of view and make your writing skills better, and learn more spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Have a look at the list of evaluation essay topics at the college level:

  1. Evaluate the effect of social media on social relationships
  2. Evaluate the movie you saw last month
  3. Evaluate the advancements in the field of technology, medicine, and science
  4. Evaluate the effects of drinking and smoking on human brain and body
  5. Evaluate the ecological advantages of recycling plastic. How does it impact global warming and the general state of ecology?
  6. Evaluate the most frequently used learning resources for your classes.
  7. Evaluate the pros and cons of distant education.
  8. Evaluate the work approach of your favorite professor. Why do most students like his lectures? How efficient is he at his practical classes?
  9. Evaluate your last-year academic performance and your academic improvements.
  10. Evaluate how Internet impacts the process of learning. How frequently do your group-mates apply Internet resources during their classes?

Popular Evaluation Essay Topics on Education

Let us assume that you know how to write an evaluation essay and you have to find an effective topic on education. Why do we choose this area? The reason is simple: you want to give your suggestions and improve the general system of education as it is far from perfection. You also want to raise the most serious problems in colleges and schools. So, it will be right not only to present your own opinion, but also to ask your family and friends about their studies. Support your key points with valuable resources and statistical data.

If you are interested in writing about education, here are some evaluation essay topics for you:

  1. Evaluate the pros and cons of private schools and public schools in terms of education quality.
  2. Evaluate the efficiency of ACT and SAT tests in terms of assessing the students’ knowledge.
  3. Evaluate the impact of global warming on the environment and people’s lives.
  4. Evaluate the programs of fine arts and science at high school in terms of knowledge and skills needed for the future.
  5. Evaluate the efficiency of online materials and textbooks for college students.
  6. Evaluate the effectiveness of software programs used at colleges.
  7. Evaluate the efficiency of programs of tutoring and peer mentoring.
  8. Evaluate the impact of participation in community services on college and high school students.
  9. Evaluate the efficiency of sex education programs on relationships and sex at school.
  10. Evaluate the advantages of year-round schools as compared to average schools.
  11. Evaluate the difference between TOEFL and IELTS in terms of assessing the students’ skills.
  12. Evaluate the programs of physical education at colleges.

List of Evaluation Essay Topics on Technological Progress

Our lives are impossible without technology nowadays. College education, work, and everyday life cannot be imagined without technology. The society has changed dramatically as a result of introducing new technological advancements in our lives and it is essential to do analysis of all the benefits and drawbacks of such progress to be aware of the situation. Writing an essay will help you understand the role technology is playing in your personal life and the life of your community. Share your opinions with other people and use our advice on possible topics about technology, if you need help:

  1. Evaluate the pros and cons of using the smartphone of a particular brand.
  2. Evaluate the reasons for popularity a particular photo app enjoys.
  3. Evaluate the efficiency of a particular digital textbook as compared to a usual textbook.
  4. Evaluate the use of your favorite web browser.
  5. Evaluate the present-day regulations about the use of gadgets and mobile phones while driving.
  6. Evaluate the use of different platforms in terms of playing video games.
  7. Evaluate the influence of innovative technologies and progress on the music industry.
  8. Evaluate the benefits of your laptop brand in terms of satisfying your needs.
  9. Evaluate the danger of video games for children.
  10. Evaluate the difference between going to the cinema and watching films at home.
  11. Evaluate the prospects of technological development.

Evaluation Argument Essay Topics on Arts, Literature, and Films

Not only technologies, but also arts, literature, and films are of great importance for us as the world depends on the spiritual development of all people. If you choose a topic related to literature, you can share your thoughts on certain pieces of art and their effect.

Set clear criteria on writing a music, art, or literature essay to ensure the preciseness of your evaluation essay and its effect as a solid argument, not merely a personal opinion.

Have a look at a list of evaluation essay topics about art, films, and literature:

  1. Evaluate the difference between recorded albums and live performances in terms of sound quality.
  2. Analyze your favorite historical movie in terms of portraying events.
  3. Analyze the effect of a particular art movement.
  4. Analyze a classical book in terms of its characteristics as compared to modern ones.
  5. Review a musical or a theatrical play in terms of conveying the main idea and acting.
  6. Evaluate the differences and similar features of several movies with the same director.
  7. Evaluate the ending of a movie, book, or play in terms of its dramatic nature.
  8. Analyze the difference between an original movie and its recent remake in terms of its original plot and effect on the viewers.
  9. Analyze the book and a film adaptation in terms of appeal to the readers.
  10. Analyze one of the key literary movements in terms if its impact on modern literature and overall state of art.
  11. Evaluate a recently read book and explain why you liked or disliked it so much. What is the reason for your attitude: book structure, author’s style, or any other factors?
  12. Analyze the style of the most recent album of your favorite singer.

The Easiest Topics for Evaluation Essays

It may happen that because of time pressure or any other factors you want to write an essay quickly without spending much time on choosing a topic and collecting the evidence. Have a look at the list of easy topics that will not be too tiresome for you to write on.

  1. Analyze the quality of coffee in one of the popular coffee houses of your city. Why do you like to come there?
  2. Evaluate the service, prices, and quality of food at your favorite restaurant.
  3. Evaluate your favorite makeup product. How often do you buy it? What are its benefits?
  4. Analyze the difference between the traditional and online relationships in people’s lives.
  5. Analyze the efficiency of your favorite sports team during the most recent season. What were their major mistakes and successes?
  6. Evaluate the actors’ play in a recent drama movie.
  7. Evaluate your favorite supermarket in terms of the variety of products, politeness of the staff, and location in your city.