Jan 22, 2018 in Religion
The Basis of Religious Fate

What are the five classical proofs for the existence of God?

The existence of God has been outline by different denominations as per what they believe who God is to them. Nevertheless, there exist five classical proofs for the existence of God. The first proof is the first cause argument, which argues that in everything we see on earth, there must be the first cause of these things. The first cause has been attributed to have the name God.

The second proof is the natural-law argument, which was influenced by Sir Isaac Newton when he studied how planets go around the sun according to the law of gravity and concluded that God gave it this ability to do so. Argument for design is also another proof showing the existence of God. The way the thing in the world are made and put in position for humankind to manage and live on it. The argument for remedy of injustice also is a proof stipulating on the existence of God in order to bring justice in to the world.

The fifth proof is the moral argument for deity. The existence of wrong and right would never exist if God did not exist. Tough God existed according to Russell; he still has some defects in his character. Some of these defects are in connection with his teaching and believe on the existence of hell. Russell puts across the many statement he said about his second coming and in respect to these statements, God is depicted not be as wise as some other people but certainly not superlatively wise.

In her discussion, Russell points out that the Christian religion to be a principal enemy of moral progress in the world. This is so because considering the current generations where we are in, much opposition morally is from the Christian body. The Christians oppose things like change in the constitution for the betterment of the nation.

Is fear the foundation of religion? Many of the Christians are following the religion just because of the fear of what may happen to them after they die. This four aspects of Goddess symbolism are an actual portrayal of who women are and their lifestyle. The aspect of the female body functions and the life cycle expressed in it shows a secret power in women in connection with their nature.


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