Jan 22, 2018 in Religion

Life in most cases tends to assume what is in our minds. We therefore have great power to determine the kind of life we want to lead. Heaven and hell is just a creation of the mind. Our determinations and dream objectives prepares the avenue upon which we lay our lives. Whenever we purpose to live a great and a prosperous life, we create our heavens. The comfort and the pleasures we undertake in our lives always transpires to the dream aspirations in life. Positive attitudes in life assist humanity to find joy and happiness in life.

On the other hand negative thoughts and perceptions in life always transform to frustrations and discouragements which further makes life unbearable and uncomfortable. In that way a hell on earth is created. Hopelessness and low self-esteem also add up to the intolerable life which is hard to bear as one never sees anything positive in life. We should therefore aspire to make life smooth and comfortable since that is the only way to ease the tension we go through in life. But immediately we assume a negative path in life, we fail and engage in exasperating and discouraging trends in life. Let us hold up to a positive attitude as in that way we will make our bearable.

The May 21, 2011 was a significant day for the many Christian believers all over the world. The announcement of the dooms day yesterday at 6.00 pm by Harold Camping greatly influenced the decisions of the many believers. In Kenya we witnessed suicidal acts as the believers who had spent all their belongings could not hold up to the life frustrations. At 6.00 pm they expected the end of the world to occur an incident which did not happen. The connotation and the false prophesy which originated from Camping swayed the lives of the many whom have led a frustrated and hopeless lives in the past.

They therefore wished that prophesy may come true as in that way they would be relieved their burdensome lives. The misappropriation of little wealth and properties they had was a great misconception of ideologies which ought to be discouraged in future. It is so humiliating to note that people are frustrated to a point of terminating their lives in the name of dooms day. We should seek to take a new path in life which encourages us to solve our current problems and forge focus the future.


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