Jan 22, 2018 in Religion
A Day with Buddha

In all my  life I have always had a dream to spend time with the someone unique,  someone who would have a  positive  impact on my life and make  me feel as if I had been reborn  again, some one spiritual enough to liberate a wicked soul.

When I was little I had dream that one day I would spend time Buddha so that he could share his teaching and well chose wise words. This was fostered by my uncle who always said that Buddha was the best teacher I still recall his words “the awakened one” “a person who cannot be destructed in his mind” by anything some who does not have any “faults” even after his death.  At that time little did I know who my uncle always referred to but I still had my dreams which I keep with me until know.  At one time our dear neighbor told me that Buddha is dead.  These filled my soul with sorrow, but are his teachings dead?  Didn’t he start something that he left behind that will make him be remembered for centuries? This gives motivation to work hard and attain my goals.  

When I grew to be off age, actually when I was at the age of thirteen my mother asked me what could please most at my birth day, but she shocked to realize the answer that gave her she brushed me away telling my father she did not give birth to a son who was such foolish. At sometime I did loose hope on my attaining my dream but something inside me kept my hopes alive that one day my dream would come true. I know u can shrug away my dream saying that I am stupid, but I know am not. It is only that we view things differently, value things different and believe in different things like me and my mother.

Once my dear farther told me told me that it is good to dream big but be realistic, but I answered him realistic is subjective.  Why a dream to spent just one day with Buddha?  Christian considers Buddhism one worshiping   carved stones in the image of Buddha Shakyamuni, which do not have life which can’t communicate to you. Why not anyone else in my life? I have good friends, why not the most powerful person in the world? Why not the president of United States? Why not spend that day with Bill gates? Why not with a famous musician for example Joe? 

Buddhism was commemorated by one Buddha Shakyamuni and teachings of Buddha or rather Buddhism is what keeps more attached to my dream. In his teaching “wheel of dharma” he explained that any human being can be able to attain freedom from suffering if he changes or transformed himself to follow the right way.

Buddhism believes that that all the wrongs that people do is propagated by their mind. If their minds people were actually transformed, therefore people would not do wrong things. In this teaching he clearly explains that ones minds is what directs one to do evil therefore one should be cautions in feeding the mind with right information and teachings.  

Further Buddha teaches us that all our sufferings that we experiences comes form ignorance and we can only shun away ignorance  by practicing “Dharma”. This name is used to refer to “protection” and practicing this we will be able to improve the quality of life that we live. Of course everyone would like quality life where one would have inner peace of mind through following the spiritual paths that Buddha directs us to follow.

In conclusion I would like to quote one teaching of Buddha “Hatred does not cease by hatred, but only by love; this is the eternal life” it is true lets fill the world with love and by peace. As up today will my dream come true? Oh! Yes but only if I leave by the teaching of Buddha only then my dream will come true.


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