Jan 22, 2018 in Political Science
Conservative vs. Liberals

Abortion is considered differently between the liberals and the conservatives. It is clear that from the view of the liberals, abortion is not considered as a criminal offense because the fetus is not regarded as having human life and that it is the right of a woman to do whatever she wishes to do with her body. Instead of avoiding abortion, the government should give support to those women who cannot afford abortion (Fleming, 2004). With the views of the conservative, the unborn baby is a living human being and therefore, abortion is the same as murdering a human being which is a crime. According to conservatives the government should not assist women to have abortions (Fleming, 2004).  

It is the wish of human beings in any given society to have freedom, get a chance to prosper, reduce suffering of any kind, bring up children in a healthy way, to have streets that are crime-free. There are different views according to liberals and conservatives regarding whose responsibility it is to ensure that there is enough security in human society (Hill, 2009). According to the liberals, it is the government’s responsibility to ensure that there is an equal opportunity as well as equality for every individual. The government is responsible in the alleviation of any social ill and to give maximum protection to civil liberties and human and individual rights.

The liberals believe the government should ensure that everybody is satisfied as far as human needs are concerned. According to conservatives, it is the responsibility of every individual to ensure that there is safety and comfortable life. The responsibility of the government should be limited (Hill, 2009). Conservatives believe that there should be individual liberty, free markets, observation of the traditional values of the Americans, and there should be un-attackable national defense. Therefore, the liberal policies are generally concerned with emphasizing the responsibility of the government to ensure that all problems are solved within the society, while the conservative policies are generally concerned with emphasizing the responsibility of individuals to ensure that all problems are solved in the human society (Scaros, 2011).   

The processes of dealing with various crimes are perceived differently between the liberals and conservatives. The conservatives and liberals differ significantly on the event of criminal offences and punishment because they have contrasting perceptions of nature of moral values, human nature, and the cause of the criminal activities (Christensen, 2006). It is a common belief to liberals that man is good naturally and that any crime is enhanced by deprivation and poverty because human beings are taught any standard of morality. According to social conservatives, human beings are born having a natural capacity for evil or good and that, they should be taught moral values in schools, families and church to ensure that individuals are brought up with good moral values and character (Christensen, 2006).


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