Jan 22, 2018 in Nursing
Why I Want to Be a Nurse

Nursing is among the most intriguing, high pressure professional environments as nurses are to work with high technology instrumentation and gadgetry. However, it is actually among the most rewarding and respected professions that involves regular decision making while taking care of patients. I have learned all these from my own mother, who has been an actively serving nurse from as young as I can remember. However, my mother is not the main reason that I intend to become a nurse—I have had personal convictions that nursing is what I want to do, not only as a profession, but as a hobby as well. I want to become a nurse for the fact that nurses makes a positive difference and have the opportunity to help patients daily.

Definitely, I am not among some of the students who would like to be nurses because of financial gains and maybe because nursing is a good job opportunity; I choose this path because I am driven by the aspiration to make a difference in a profession that involves caring, giving and compassion. I also want to pursue work that is profoundly revolutionizing and is greatly responsible for helping people in society. It is also important to note that I would love to work with individuals with the same objective of giving hope to others by caring and preventing and treating diseases. I have learned from my nurse mother that these kinds of people are common in the nursing field. Therefore, I have an extra reason to be more motivated to becoming a nurse.

Another thing I like about the nursing profession is that it has a flexible and satisfying experience in the industry of health care. As such, I have the opportunity to choose from various specialties within the nursing career, including neonatal nursing, pediatric medicine, critical care and nursing for the elderly. This feature is very important for me since I have not yet known everything about nursing. With this kind of freedom, I am sure I will make a good choice to work in the specialty that I cherish the most. Nevertheless, I want to be a nurse because I want to help people have good health.

Why I Choose St. Paul’s School of Nursing

St. Paul’s School of Nursing looks at nursing as an art as well as a science that provides a human service. I am also excited by the fact that St. Paul’s School of Nursing is dedicated to offering a fantabulous education representing the best standards for nursing practice. I do not think I would be opposed to an institution that has its faculty believing that humans are gifted with personal self-esteem and worth. With this, I believe I will be considered as an individual with clear-cut capacities and potentialities. This in itself is a good reason to study at St. Paul’s School of Nursing—I will have the opportunity to stand out as a student preparing to become a successful nurse.

One can cherish an opportunity to become what he or she needs to become professional, but unless he or she trains in a competent institution, his or her dream is jeopardized. From what I have learned from friends, and especially my mother who is a nurse, St. Paul’s School of Nursing is the ideal institution for me. When I undertook my own research about the School, I learned that its faculty believes in relating the trends in nursing with the ever-changing economic, technological and multicultural environment. Therefore, St. Paul’s School of Nursing is the kind of institution I would like to train as a nurse.

Further Plans and Aspirations

After this training, I intend to be working part time as a nurse as I undertake to continue with a Master’s. I aspire to gain as much knowledge and experience as possible to become a competent nurse. Ultimately, I would like to give back to my community as a full- or part time nurse. I hope St. Paul’s School of Nursing will give me a chance to meet these expectations.


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