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Apple Hill Nursing Home

Executive Summary

Time comes when you need constant care and daily assistance. The question is what is your choice for a place to spend your needful days? Anyone would choose to always be at home, where they can talk to their grandchildren, walk their dog, eat their favorite food, and sleep in that familiar bed. Apple Hill Nursing home, upon its full completion, will endeavor to provide a home with as much comfort, if not more, for a lucky 20 full-time assisted residents. The staff that will be employed will provide medically skilled care, in a manner that is respectful, and given in the context of a self-sustaining community.

All short term residents will be provided with prompt and highly skilled nursing care. Apple Hill Nursing home will be situated at a prime 8 acre property that was previously the Mansfield Bed and Breakfast. With six highly experienced partners, Apple High Nursing Home will redefine the art of care for the elderly members of our families as well as meeting their health concerns. We acknowledge that the elderly are fully realized people, and they have ideas, thoughts, as well as experience that is invaluable, and for this reason we will expand to accommodate them in an elder care model (Kellman, 2003).

Welcome to the new way of taking care for those who most need it.


  • Considering that this is our first year, we have formulated four financial objectives:
  • To raise adequate financial resources for start-up
  • To work on filling all the rooms found in the main house over the course of the nest year
  • To bring to operation the Skilled Nursing Facility, and to ensure a constant occupancy of 10 to 12 rooms
  • That we shall start on the development implementation for the continued funding of the second and the subsequent three years to ensure five years of financial safety.      

Our objectives also fit the non-financial as well, and are hereby listed;

  • That we shall be assured providers of a comfortable, warm, safe as well as engaging home for up to twenty permanent residents of Apple Hill Nursing Home.
  • We are also to ensure feedback through the resident House Councils which shall be given to us on a weekly basis and shall entail an update on our progress.
  • To be the providers of skilled medical care in a manner that is respectful and an atmosphere that is conducive to all temporary medical residents.
  • That we shall also be the providers of trainings, mentorship, as well as recompense to our caregiving staff in a manner that is job satisfying (bplans, 2010).


All the residents of Apple Hill Nursing home shall be assured of the promotion of their dignity as well as all aspects of self-worth. Providing them with an excellent quality of life shall be our primary goal, as is defined by the residents themselves individually and all of them as a group. We at Apple Hill shall therefore encourage resident group-making by means of the house councils, as well as access to all areas of their homes. To ensure their maximum feeling of freedom, we shall have self-determination in activities, all aspects of socialization, as well as food preferences. As their home, Apple Hill shall be their source of care as well the feeling of being in a community (Seniorliving, 2008).

Apple Hill believes in the value of time, expertise, as well as skills of each member of the staff. We shall commit ourselves to the provision of fair and living wages, as well reasonable, structured work schedules. We shall also have clear duties and spheres of rights and responsibilities for member of our team. The doing of work for which the staff is not trained shall be out of the question; and shall expect that they share their suggestions for the continual improving of all the aspects of Apple Hill Nursing Home’s working operations or caregiving. The remunerations provided shall not only be enough to provide their sustenance, but also for their families,  as well as allowing them a space to make a difference in the world that surround them by the provision of care for expert assistance to the most vulnerable members of the society (Medlineplus, 2010).

Keys to Success

There are four keys of success upon which Apple Hill shall be firmly established:

  • To be the best, we shall be more resident-oriented, small-scale, and home-model care offered in a unique sense of excellence;
  • Embracing the idea of using Elder Assistants is a fine way in which we shall lower the cost of providing this care;
  • The provision of competitive wages and team structure shall lower any dissatisfaction, hence turnover rates among our workers;
  • With the idea of on-site Skilled Nursing Facility, we shall ensure the continuity of care when our residents needs in a more intensive assistance (bplans, 2010).

Organization Summary

Apple Hill Nursing home is a chartered as a nonprofit 501(C)(3) corporation in Mableton, Atlanta Georgia. It has been setup with the primary goal of providing holistic and respectful assisted living. We shall also be the providers of skilled nursing home care to a small group of elderly residents. We are primarily located at the old Mansfield Bed and Breakfast, on Couriers Road, which has been converted into a three building nursing home over the past seven months. In doing so we followed the Eden Alternatives ‘Greenhouse’ model for enlightened elder living.  

Start-up Summary

Start-up Expenses

A computerized medical records system is primarily the largest item in our Start-up budget. DigInfoMedTel were commissioned to, and have already done the preliminary designs of this system. The main advantage here is that care-team members shall be allowed the easy exchange of information when it comes to the change of shifts. This way, all the residents of Apple Hill as well the staff shall keep track of chronic conditions, monitoring of gradual though serious changes in condition which might easily be overlooked in day-to-day interactions. In the skilled nursing facility, there shall also be the corroboration of quantifiable medical data (bplans, 2010).

Start-up Assets

Bedding, cleaning and disposal of medical supplies, which shall be our immediate short term assets shall include $8000 of start-up inventory. There shall also be non-expensed, if much smaller medical equipment that shall depreciate quickly, hence will need to be replaced in just a few years.

Our estimate of long term assets lie in the range of $ 600,000 which include renovations and the subsequent purchase of the former Mansfield Bed and Breakfast.

Medical equipment and furnishings shall also provide the bulk of all inclusive start-up expenses.


Apple Hill has secured a low-interest loan of $300, 000 and has collected donations and pledges totaling to about $405,400. Therefore we shall include the value of the Mansfield property totaling to $135,000 to the Apple Hill property in the ‘donations collected’ category for the accurate reflection of our assets.  We must raise an additional $9,500 by March 1st if we are to begin operations.


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