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Nutrition and Performance Final


A well balanced diet can influence how we appear and experience and develop better performance.

Why is it beneficial?

Nutrition is taking of food and drinks by the human being and the consequent chemical and bodily processes that take place inside the body. When the food is absorbed, the nutrients are required to sustain the body and retain good functioning in the body. The food and the nutrient got from the food are important to maintain the body fit and energetic. These nutrients are needed in order to make and repair body tissue and cells, maintain the bones and organs in the maximum functioning state and to supply energy, warmth and fuel.

Healthy nutrition is necessary for good wellbeing and eating nourishing food can assists to prevent some common sickness, as well as more life frightening ailments and sickness. Healthily nutrition achieved through taking different varieties of food to supply the body with various nutrients. It is impossible to acquire all the essential nutrients required for good fitness and development is only from one source of food. Consequently, nourishing nutrition and good physical condition is attained by taking a well-balanced, healthy and assorted diet.

Eating habits are essential and important to human wellbeing. Therefore, the individuals are required to take balanced diet i.e. having all the components .carbohydrates, proteins, supplements, mineral, fats and water in order to live a healthy life free from ailments. (Position of the American Dietetic Association 2009)

Why I find it beneficial?

Our body requires dozens of nutrients each day and the energy to use them for functioning. When our body obtains what it requires and needs our good health controls this development and acknowledges every day challenges. When one has deficiency our intricate metabolism fails, to produce symptoms from composed fatigue and muscle aches to life-frightening organ malfunction. Care for our health is necessary to avoid the complexity of repairing it or to avoid affliction and early death.

For us to meet these healthy needs in our bodies we require to maintain the brain function, absorption and all the metabolic processes require a balance of carbohydrates, fatty acids, protein, minerals,, protein, minerals, and vitamins in our diet. If we happen lack any of these nutrients such as the iron which is essential to make hemoglobin in red blood cells this will affect our health and we will suffer from ailments. For example, low abundance of iron, can lead to anemic situation and it lowers blood level, and the body cells may have abundanceoxygen.                                                               It is also important and paramount to take health diet, to safely sustain weight, good quality nutrition and exercise together to assist us in achieving a healthy and fit weight without irregular dieting. This is because many break down diets consequences to weight increments as our body desires better nutrition after it has the deficiency of it. Taking healthy food consequent from all the food components i.e., vegetable, fruit, dairy, protein and grain offers us a balanced nutrient and calorie ingestion, allowing us  to stay away from the cycle of deficiency and surplus. Also, everyday exercise helps us to reduce off some of the calories that we eat making us having unsuitable weight for our bodies.

 However, it is beneficial to our bodies when we   are fit because it prevents us from sickness. Hence, we require adequate but not too much body weight because this reduces our risk for many sicknesses, and also we deserve nutritious diet to reinforce our immune system and to fight off the diseases and other risks to which we are vulnerable too. For example, People who retain healthy weight have less chance to get, heart disease and cancer compared to those who are overweight. According to the study of done by Nationwide Institutes for Health, it states that, “healthy individuals rarely get cold and flu’s less frequently and also they are less likely to be asthmatic and have allergies”. This means that healthy eating is of great importance to our maintenance and functioning of our bodies in our daily life.

The essential components of  healthy diet includes; Proteins  which are comprised of amino acids, and we understand that  amino acid equilibrium and protein value are just as essential as the whole some amount of the protein taken. This denotes that it’s not only necessary to have the amount of protein we consume, but also the value of it. The protein helps us in recovering the strength and energy during performance

 Carbohydrate is equally important in the body. They are preferred to be the most proficient source of energy. This is because they have high-intensity activities (i.e., weight lifting and sprinting), carbohydrate is the only energy source of the strength that muscle will use. In many times carbohydrates is considered to have low and moderate-intensity exercises (like cycling or long distance running), the accumulated fat is used in conjunction with carbohydrate, but when carbohydrate accumulates (e.g. muscle glycogen and liver ) the athlete can not perform any longer , regardless of fat accumulation. For that reason, to maximize performance and sugar levels, the biggest portion of an athlete’s meal  should contain of rich quality carbohydrates from foods such as, fruits, whole grains, vegetables beans, and yogurt and ,low-fat milk. Prior exercise, eat a quality carbohydrate meal or snack that can supply energy as well.  While performing strenuous exercises that last for more than one hour, one should drink as lot fluids especially sports drink which contains of 7-8% carbohydrate to retain the supply of energy levels. Instantaneously after exercise, one should take a food rich in carbohydrate-rich or drinks to refill glycogen accumulation. (Bonci 2003)

Vitamins are components which are important to our metabolism. The body can not manufacture vitamins therefore; we must eat them as part of our food in the balanced diet. Athletes’ basically requires having higher compound of vitamins because of their faster metabolism in the body during the performance, (most likely vitamins B groups). The decree of thumb for taking vitamins is intake of   least the processed vitamins which is better for the bodies. Some athletes will require adding up their vitamin ingestion through vitamin complement although vitamins do have greater limit restriction which can be achieved through maltreatment of supplements.

Another component includes; Fats which are surplus calories, whether from, protein, or fat, carbohydrate and are accumulated in the body as fats. Fat accumulation is the main source of power for long, and also little to moderate-intensity processes. At the starting minutes of physical exercise, the body leans only on carbohydrate for liveliness. As exercise progresses, the body starts to use the accumulated fat as well. Fat is the most plentiful form of stored power in the body. Whereas the normal lean competitor only has 1,600 calories of accumulated carbohydrate (as muscle and liver glycogen), he or she has 60 to 100,000 calories of accumulated fat. The food eaten before to exercise should have low in fat because fatty food takes long hours to assimilate (2-4 hours). A well balanced diet should include less than 38% calories of fat. These  saturated fat, are  found in animal products and meats, butter, cheese, and  vegetable oils,  which should be used  not more than 10% of  the sum calories.

Supplement is another essential element to many athletes. The intake of supplements helps to increase their speed, endurance and strength. Also, Supplements can be helpful tools for proficient athletes whose exercise instruction is also their profession. Before beginning intake of any supplements for exercise nutrition, one should seek advice their health care givers on how they should use these supplements and the best way for to handle them.

However, to lose weight, and have lean body one needs to burn more calories than the intake, and this where exercise starts. The individual not only does usual exercise but do exercises that will help in maintaining perfect weight, this also can help the individual  stay fit too. Additionally, muscle can burn more calories compared to how fat does, so maintaining up your muscles will permit the individual to eat more food while trying to retain the weight. Thus, if one fails to do not exercise all the time, the body has accumulated more calories than required hence; it is time to get started in exercising our body to have ideal weight. (Donnelly 2009)

In addition to achieving the performance through eating balanced diet, some people desire to lose weight through missing out some meals within the day and doing aerobic activities. They know that by losing calories and fats they will achieve a high "strength to accumulation ratio" or "lean mass." This denotes more power and less weight, and this is theoretically proven which gives them benefit against other competitors having same weight.

Therefore, healthy weight loss is mostly seen as a positive effect of performance in sports, but lowering body fat too much can also cause health difficulties. By this  we should try to maintain our body fat at the recommended healthy level to attain their better performance.

My neighbor hood teaches me a lot in matters pertaining exercise they make me compete with them while exercising and I learn how I should maintain my body weight ,eat balanced diet .and also socialize with them in order to gain more knowledge about nutrition and performance. They pose a challenge when I see most of them active in athletes and by this I put more efforts to do the exercise and be of the same level with them.

Thus the society and neighborhood are of great important to my plans and also they widen the knowledge on nutrition and performance enhancing my performance in my plans and guide in each and every day.

I have gained a lot in the class of nutrition and I have adjusted my goals in order to t acquire maximum exercise and also I have changed my diets to the best required to achieve the performance and by now my performance especially the body weight has rely changed and also my performance is better and I’m aiming great things.

I feel that the following is necessity for performance. Water and fluids are essential because it prevents thirst which makes one more vulnerable to heat fatigue and heat blow. Signs of temperature sickness include extreme sweating, high heart rate, dizziness, cramps, fatigue, and a turn down in mental routine. Thus, a good objective for drinking water is either 8 liters a day or sufficient water to make the urine of an individual clear.

A simple way to observe hydration condition throughout a tournament is to been conscious of your urine color.  Strong and dark stinking urine is evocative of lack of fluids. Also if spend the entire day without urination, it is most likely you’re not getting enough fluid and drinks.

Also we need   rest, stimulation, rehydration, refueling, stretching muscle, and sleep enough. What strains your body for up to 3 hours following various exercises will really affect your next exercises.  Thus, recoveries are important after exercises. Also, try to eat a normal meal with a 3:1 and inclusive of protein and carbohydrates, within range of 2 hours of completing exercises. This will significantly change how painful and how you will feel in next exercises.

In conclusion, we should remember the food we eat is the fuel of our body and receiving enough nutrients requires putting priorities on eating a well balanced diet.


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