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Cause and Effects of Botox


The use of Botox injection has become rampant in the world today. In essence, it is a drug injection that many people use as a form of cosmetic. Nevertheless, it is not the primary purpose. Botox is a type of neurological injection that is primarily made from the bacteria that cause botulism. It functions on the principle of blockage of nervous activity. For example, when the when the botulinum toxin penetrates into the nerve system, it brings into a temporary halt the function of the muscles. Consequently, the drug has been used to treat diverse kinds of disease. For example, it can be used to treat cervical dystonia. It is a neurological problem that results to the contractions of the neck and the shoulder. Botox is also a form of treatment for severe underarm sweating. Chronic migraine is also part of some conditions that its aids. The use of Botox in the cosmetic world continues to draw numerous reactions from different people. In facts, research indicates that its demand in Dubai has been on the rise. The following paper explores the causes and effects of Botox.


The major cause for the use of Botox is the need for most people to remain young. In essence, Botox injection has become very effective in the reduction of wrinkles and improving one’s appearance. Moreover, it rejuvenates the ageing faces. The doctors inject small doses into certain nerves. The drug penetrates the skin and temporarily weakens some of the muscles. It thus lessens the facial wrinkles. Evidently, one experiences a facial uplift. It is important to note that weakening of the muscles emanates from the nerve blockage. The fact that Botox can be used temporarily has encouraged many women and men to consider it as a solution to ageing. Moreover, they have shown preference to it compared to other cosmetic procedures. It is because the other procedures are life-threatening and involve surgical means that requires extensive expertise. On the contrary, the administration of Botox injection is less involving. Moreover, it requires a short time. However, there is an emphasis that the drug should be administered by a physician owing to the nerve precision that is required. Botox injections are evidently more convenient and less painful that another cosmetic procedure. Botox does not require extensive recovery time



Despite the positive use of Botox, the injection has massive effects that require a detailed analysis. First, the spread of the toxin to other areas away from the injection site can cause serious symptoms of unusual functional body part coordination. For example, it can lead to atypical or severe muscle weakness. This can occur in the secondary area where the medication was not administered. Consequently, one will develop difficulties in breathing, swallowing and talking. Parikh says “These symptoms are as a result of the weakness in muscles activity.” One can also develop a hoarse voice and drooping eyelids. It is common especially when the Botox injection has been carried with the purpose of eliminating wrinkles.

Botox injection that spreads to other body parts can cause impairment of the vision. It is evident when an individual seeks Botox injection to enhance the appearance. In most instances, the injection is administered between the eyelids. While it is less painful, the toxins have the ability to spread beyond the primary site of injection. They may move to the optic nerve that is responsible for transmitting information between various eye muscles. The implication is blurred or lack of vision. In fact, it is advisable that when one has had a Botox injection, he ceases from activities that require vision such as driving. It is because the blurred vision could lead to road accidents. Moreover, such people are advised to keep away from other tasks that may require acute vision until they recover successfully.

Botox injection can lead to the lack of control on the urinary bladder. Primarily, Botox can be used in the treatment of an overactive bladder. However, in some cases, the treatment has resulted into further complications. It is evident when one uses Botox and its spreads to urinary bladder muscles. It blocks the nerve system. As a result, one is not able to have control in urine passage. In fact, such an individual wets his clothes anytime without the ability to regulate the flow of the urine. It is quite tasking for an adult to pass out urine even in public places without control. Such people face the inevitable need to use diapers like children. In fact, it kills their public life and make most of them resort to staying back home for their activities.

Finally, Botox has the detrimental effect of leading to death. In essence, the use of the injection is known to cause chest pains and irregular heartbeats. These are predisposing factors to a heart attack. The problem occurs when one undergoes a Botox injection. The drug component spread to other sites such as the nervous system of the heart. Consequently, an individual starts feeling the heart pain. The weakening of the heart muscles also causes the heartbeats frequency to be irregular. The ultimate result is death. In fact, while the effect is rare, it has occurred to countable people worldwide. An individual may go to see an expert with primary purpose of enhancing his looks. Nevertheless, the unpredictable spread of the toxin can cost him his life. It is important to note that this is the most threatening effect of the use of Botox. However, despite the impact, most people still consider Botox injection a fundamental source of treatment for wrinkles.


The discussion points to the cause and the effects of Botox injection. In essence, it uses has been on the rise because of the need to reduce aging. However, it has detrimental effects. For example, it can lead to the impairment of vision. Botox also leads to uncontrollable bladder. Moreover, it is life threatening and can lead to death. However, despite the detrimental issues, it is advisable that every person be well-informed of the destructive impact of Botox before using them. It will give them a valuable opportunity to decide whether or not use the drug for treatments such as overactive bladders and removal of wrinkles. Botox is thus a controversial drug worth further research.

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