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Benefits of Meditation and Moving Meditation

Benefits of Qigong and Tai Chi on Health and healing

There are a couple of styles and also schools that deal with Chinese mind and also body practices and apparently they normally entail regulation of the mind, body and even the respiration. They include the Qigong and also the Tai Chi and they are believed to enhance health and also healing. This is believed to take place through the improvement of level and also the circulation of “Qi”, it being a Chinese term that refers to vital energy. Considering that Qi is just an ancient concept lacking brief scientific description, the research will entail an attempt in applying some modern biomedical technologies to enhance the development of some experimental approaches, protocols and even instrumentation and then apply them in quantifying the physiological cum bioenergetic alterations that are connected to the with the practice of Qigong and Tai Chi (Khalsa, 2002).

It is noteworthy that meditation and health, especially with regard to modern age’s disease notably cancer, AIDS or even the psychological conditions that are due to stress and also strain of the day to day life have really lead to total complications especially when trying to figure out the symptoms. This has really posed some challenges in handling the diseases. This has consequently led to invention of strategies by the modern medicine in making an attempt to look for some other varied methods of treatment in order to be in a position to cure such given conditions and at least assist the infected get back their dear lives on an even keel again. This particular research has a defined objective within the particular limit with regard to the medical science. However, at a certain spiritual level, considering say a religion like Buddhism, one is bound to come across a couple of principles and also some practices bound to bring back peace and also contentment to the individual’s mind and the excellent fitness to one’s body. One can conclude that meditation has in particular brought along some other beneficial impacts to so many people, especially those who have learned on how to practice the same (Khalsa, 2002).

It is thus agreed upon by even the modern doctors that ones mind can greatly manage the body’s performance. A person’s mind can be quite an imperative cause of ailment in an individual’s body and it inevitably follows that it still can provide the cure. Trying to learn on how to meditate can positively affect the development of both the mind and the body. This coincidentally brings improvement to ones health. Currently the treatment of some diseases like cancer solely relies on science and technology and application of some procedures such as the radiation and surgery. Though this given procedures tend to constitute the medical science’s procedures, in a country like Thailand currently one of the given methods used to dealing with this deadly diseases and which has called for much attention is holistic. In actual fact a given group has been put in place which tends to practice in accordance with the methods of treatment that are purposed by Dr. Sathit Intharakamhaeng. These given methods tend to put more emphasis on comprehending the working of nature within one’s life, apparently this also entails maintenance of the correct diet. Still, importance is also entailed in one’s mental processes and on being able to learn on how to meditate. Take for example allegations by Dr. Sathtit, “Actually, living a holistic life doesn’t only mean eating a natural diet. It also means changing and correcting your lifestyle by learning how to meditate, learning how to reduce stress in everyday life …” (‘Cheowit’ 1998).

In this particular way, Dr. Sathit has actually adopted the Buddhist principle which has been quite imperative teaching many that rust, originating from iron, can still corrode and lead to total destruction of the same iron. Human mind perform in a similar manner. If one has learnt on how to meditate and at least minds which are able to produce some negative thoughts then, just like the case in rust and iron, this inevitably poses a risk to one. It notable of how both the body and the mind can be of importance and especially in causing illness and the consequent spread of diseases. Apparently the body is in position to deal with these diseases by itself. Doctor O. Carl Simonton, belonging to the Simonton Cancer Care Centre situated in California, U.S.A, is a distinguished expert in the traditional therapy in treatment of cancer. The doctor made a couple of tests regarding cancer treatment and finally came up with a conclusion that the body is capable of treating itself. Efficacious medical handling can be able to build up one’s body in order for it to be in position to handle itself but it is quite important to note something in this particular scenario, the issue is the involved patient must be willing to participate. The commencing of cancer merely just points out to us that ones body requires full adjustment and some improvement. It is for example notable that one needs to effectively release tension in order to get relieved or rather be contended, or at least one needs to transform their bodies (Singh, Empowering Your Soul Through Meditation , 1999).

Meditation and Perception

Wide research has revealed the fact that meditation entails both short-term effects regarding some various effects on some given perceptual faculties. Back in the year 1984, Brown et al. carried out a given study that was able to measure out the entailed threshold of perception regarding the light stimulus duration contained in both the practitioners and the non-practitioners of the mindfulness involved meditation. The outcome was able to clearly reveal that those who meditate tend to have a quite lower detection threshold for the light stimuli within just a short duration. Six years later, Tloczynski et al. was able to carry out studies on the visual illusion’s perception (the Muller-Lyer Illusion and also the Poggendorff Illusion). This was by Zen masters, novice mediators and the non-mediators. Apparently there appeared to have no some statistical significant effects that were within the Muller-Lyer illusion.  It was however discover that the case in Poggendorff was totally opposite the Muller-Lyer’s case. En masters were able to come across a statistically considerable reduction in the original illusion, which is normally calculated as an error in millimeters and a quite lower decrement in illusion for consequent trials.

The existing theory on mechanism that is behind alterations in perception that tend to be tied up to mindfulness meditation is thus given a significant description by Tloczynski: “A person who meditates consequently perceives objects more as directly experienced stimuli and less as concepts… With the removal or minimization of cognitive stimuli and generally increasing awareness, meditation can therefore influence both the quality (accuracy) and quantity (detection) of perception (Mob, 2010).” Brown also explained this as a possible explanation that can be put forward to further explore much on the phenomenon. He alleged that the quite higher rate of recognition of the sole light flashes and that involves some of the notable mental processes tend to obstruct the existing view of slight events. Otherwise the entire practice may temporarily or even permanently vary some the entailed top-down processing in the subtle events that have always deemed noise by the perceptual filters.

Physiological Changes Associated with Qigong and Tai Chi Practices

It is apparent that kids normally have the tendency of dropping off inhibitions and especially in a rock concert and still how angst-driven music tends to greatly vary or rather trigger, actually increasing, teen rebellion. One should think and re-think with regard to why folk apply the binaural beats for meditating. It has been alleged that greatly trigger some given thought processes. Imagine taking this particular possibility to enhance reduction of the negative energies involved in the entire concept. Apparently the beta state happens to be one of the problem solving, some good and high level with regard to the awareness and apparently can infrequently be a strain and hence concerned. It is worth noting that only in this given ranges can the particular mind that is in an unconscious state can be entered and some other ensuing obligatory positive changes achieved. The best definition concept regarding meditation normally spells out that meditation is only well referred to as a brilliant technique with regard to getting some brainwaves into the mandatory meditative ranges entailed in alpha and theta. At a given point in life, each of the existing adults passed through that era, being part of those folks. When one is in those lower ranges, they can commence making the mandatory changes to the subconscious.

Meditation is a practically essential key with regard to satisfaction, being only second to entailing some sort of positive reception and appreciation into ones day-to-day life. It is quite interesting that one at first never finds it quite tricky to spend even one day without some kind of meditation. It has been said that one way, which is a bit faster when it is a question of gaining these given brainwave alterations is only through use of the binaural beats. It is however unfortunate that many of the people have different myths regarding meditation and this has hindered them from giving it a trial. Meditation applying the binaural beats is the shorter way to achieving the given changed state, and is quite a great meditation technique regarding amateurs. This third tone allows the brainwaves to rapidly communicate to this occurrence, therefore realization of the requisite condition in just a matter of a couple of minutes, actually 1 or 2 minutes. The tones vary in regularity, and the mainly distinguished distinctions connecting the second produces a third tone in the brain of the one listening. The given light glasses tend to appear like opaque sun shades with at least two or even more LED lights that have been positioned over the eyelids. The headphones tend to provide the sound that ensures one’s prime excellent console. Inputting the jack, adding some more music or the hypnosis recordings to the session’s programmability-custom one ought to just come up with their own sessions.

Many have heard about the benefits of meditation. A number of the advantages may include relaxation, inner peace and emotional release among others. It is apparent that others have been witnessed to trying meditation with an audio CD or even DVDs. Most of them think that meditation entails sitting at a half lotus posture, following some breathing and mantra and trying to cool the mind. On the other side, majority believe that upon closing their eyes, some unknown random thoughts start commence kicking in: “What to do next?” “I forgot to pick up the laundry!” “Where did I put my purse?” In a couple of minutes, some body parts begin aching, either the hips or the legs. This precedes some question form the mind, “Are going to finish soon?” In actual fact, the action of sitting still in meditation has been proved the higher and appropriate level of meditation. The mind is just like a wild horse, it appears quite challenging for a beginner to be capable of taming a wild horse while they are not in a position to ride a docile yet!

Myself I normally recommend some kind of learning and even mastering moving meditation some time before progressing to the sitting meditation. About the moving meditation, it normally entails some movement, breathing and most importantly trying to ensure that one controls the mind all together. Apparently if one has to achieve that in a simple way, then focusing on a body part is the thing to major on. One ought to move that particular body part while breathing and at a relaxed position. Take for example how most of the people are used to rotating their shoulders as a warm up exercise for their body muscles. In most cases one just rotates their shoulders without even paying some attention to what they are doing. One may try what has been named by many as rotation meditation. In this case, one should their eyes, try to fully focus on their shoulders and then achieve a gentle breath while rotating the shoulders, imagining that all the tension is melting away to the surrounding. At this juncture, it is quite imperative to let one’s mind stay still for about one to two minutes. Consequently one feels relaxed, refreshed and then the shoulders tends to feel good too. This process may also continue to some other body parts: hips, neck, waist, ankles, wrist, elbow and the knees. After mastering the process, one may then progress in learning meditation such as Tai Chi, Qigong/Chikung, Dahn Mu among some others (Singh, 1999).

Highlighting more on meditation, it makes one gain a totally calm and quite peaceful state of mind. It actually it totally intervenes one’s mode of speech, body actions and generally one’s behaviors. Experts have revealed that one completely changes and becomes calm, quiet, kind and much gentler. Still meditation helps in reduction of the many mental afflictions and also the negative thoughts. In a somehow natural way, the body’s actions, one’s speech and mind tend to become wholesome, healthier and even constructive. This happens to be of much help to oneself as well as to the others. Meditation ensures provision of special alertness, some body freshness and the mind becomes somehow sharp. Meditation provides, or brings us, special alertness, freshness, and sharpness in one’s mind. This allows us to see the things beyond the understanding of ordinary human mind or consciousness. It allows us to see the things as they are, not as they appear to our ordinary mind. This is the final, or ultimate advantage, or benefit of meditation.

The Relaxation f the Mind associated with Quigong and Tai Chi

Most of the people have developed untold passion towards meditation; this is especially common in the west, as it is well known that meditation assists one to relieve mental stress, anxiety and most of all depression. Sitting in meditation assists one in gaining some degrees of inner relaxation and this has been of much help in recharging our bodies. Remaining in deep meditation say twenty to thirty minutes is equal to one taking some rest in their bed in a form of may be sleeping or even just lying down, though taking rest while lying down tends to offer a lesser chance for one to acquire complete rest if ones mind is being bothered. The entire practice of meditating for about twenty minutes, hence freeing the mind from the many thoughts and all the various manner of thinking processes while offering some time for the mind to remain at rest, peaceful and very calm, has always proved prerequisite if at all one requires an opportunity to get full rest and actually energy restoration to the mind and also the body. Apparently there some people who a couple of hours and have really no problem with meditating for quite many hours. These are the people who do not require too much long sleep considering that meditation is capable of sustaining one’s body as well as their mind. Considering the Buddhist metaphysics or even cosmology, there exist some three things that fully sustain our ordinary human body: In the first place we eat food to enhance the full sustenance of our bodies; secondly, human body requires sleep; thirdly, meditation is the thing to observe. Actually the very reason as to why we require sleep is to enhance rest to our minds, thus one can conclude that meditation greatly assists ones mind to get the required rest, therefore one can it brings one in realization of the fact that meditation has notable potential in ensuring sustenance of our bodies like sleep (Hanh, 1999).

Gray and White Matter

The studies carried out by Yale, Harvard, Massachusetts General Hospital clearly show that meditation is responsible for the increment of gray matter in human brain as a part and parcel of the entire natural aging process. The experiment that came up with theory included twenty specialists with intensive Buddhist “insight meditation” training and some other fifteen who never meditated. The brain scan carried out revealed that those who meditated tend to have an intensified thickness of the gray matter in most of the parts of human brain that are normally assigned with responding to attention and the processing sensory input. The ensuing thickness ranged between .004 and .008 inches (3.175 x 10−6m – 6.35 x 10 −6m). Apparently this was proportional to the level of meditation. The same study revealed that meditation assists slow down brain deterioration along with how an individual is aging (McAfee, 2001).

A different study that was carried out by a group of college students who were instructed to apply the meditation strategy referred to as the integrative body-mind training gave out a conclusion that “meditating may improve the integrity and efficiency of certain connections in the brain” only during an raise in their number and robustness. Some brain scans revealed strong ‘white matter’ varies in the ‘anterior cingulated cortex’. A doctor, Dr. James Austin, who is a neurophysiologist at the university of Colorado, gave out a report that meditation in Zen “rewires the circuitry” of human brain in his book ‘Zen and the Brain. Confirmation of the same has been carried out with the use of functional MRI imaging, it being a brain scanning technique that is used in measuring blood flow in the brain (Buksbazen, 2002).

Moving meditation

Besides teaching Tai Chi and Qigong as an exercise form, the other intend and focus aimed by the Moving Meditation School is giving a wider comprehending of its given fundamental principals. The beginners Course normally entail correct breathing techniques, the significance of pose, mental focus, movement, centering, and balance. The existing art of visualization and imagery has been always practiced, as experts have time and again insisted that this is a significant tool regarding meditation and relaxation as well. The Qigong element that is within Tai Chi is mostly emphasized, most of the Chinese schools tend to consider quite vital and especially for those who are serious in learning and comprehending Tai Chi. A point to note is that if at all the foundations of learning the entire process are a bit not stable and poor, then the ensuing Tai Chi will be consequently not be available.

From time immemorial recorded history, many people have been dancing for the intention of worshipping or even healing. In ancient times, people saw the nature and anything that was contained as God’s expression. In order to duplicate or rather mimic nature through some movement and sound happened to be their first and at least the highest way to keep in touch with the spirit and actually was the source of dance. Moving Meditation and also the Ecstatic Dance are notably independent from the healing practices that tend to unite the mind, body and ones spirit amid the promotion of the spiritual awakening, some mental clarity, ones physical stamina and the overall emotional wellbeing. The outlined movement forms normally provide quite a powerful catalyst for either personal or even collective transformation through the raising of awareness. This given expanded perspective result to a wider range of choice and has proved of much in enabling one to go beyond their normal habitual patterns and rather their limiting thoughts (Fitzsimmons, 2010).

Consider an example one walking into a movement studio, this is an experience that can be quite frightening and especially if it is their first time. Actually it calls for some arousing bravery to come into the apparent madness of a group of people, say fifty to sixty people who are moving in a myriad of some varied ways. There exists no steps for one to follow and some minimal instructions, no talking, respect to the other peoples’ per4sonal space and proceeding with whatever thoughts, ones feelings or their sensations arise, this not being a spectator sport! Walking into a movement certain studio say for the first time can be a terrifying incident. Actually it takes expressive guts to come into the seeming madness of fifty to sixty people who are moving in a given myriad of diverse ways. There exists no steps to go by and negligible instructions – no talking, respect others individual space and shift with whatever thoughts, feelings or sensations crop up – this is not a spectator sport! After spending some time stretching and even moving to the electric and then captivating warm-up music, a shorter period of instruction or rather intention is normally presented. All these will depend on the movement modality. The entire guidance has proved quite helpful as one is in a position to get touch with their breath, emotions, sensations and at least their mental presence. Particular music is normally assigned in order to assist people deepen their experience, their personal relationship with others around them in their respective dancers’ communities. With regard to this practice, suffering turns to art while the art turns into awareness (Masyk-Jackson, 2010).

The entire research reveals that meditation can be of much help like for example influencing one’s health considering that good health is prerequisite for man’s survival. The activity may seem so minute to many and others may assume it in the name of being busy in life to handle such activities. However it’s time all learn that as well as we require good health for survival, in the same way meditation is also of much help. It is time everyone put the same in to consideration. Apparently even doctors within the countries that have discovered the importance of meditating are encouraging patients to try and engage themselves in activities that will ultimately make them evade some of the ailments. Meditation makes one feel relaxed and really relieved, hence one can handle their day to day activities comfortably. The entire conclusion is that as well as one needs to survive in life, meditation can be of much influence on the same, hence all should observe it, no matter how, where and when.

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