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Starbucks coffee company is a popular company having 17,009 stores in 50 countries. It has it’s headquarter in Seattle, United States where it is ranked the best company in coffee trading and branding. The company trades in baked coffee beans and goods, fresh foods, coffee beverages, equipments used for brewing coffee, espresso beverages and some particular books and songs. Sturbucks Company has many customers who have remained loyal to them due to their quality products. To increase company’s presence worldwide and improve performance it has been working together in joint venture with the suppliers. The current economic situation has affected the company’s strategies and plans to increase its markets by supplying more quality goods at a lower price. The company is now using a collection of strategies to improve the market and products through variation of some products and continuous supply of goods in specific market so as to achieve market growth and retain competitive gain against their rivals in the same industry.  (Simon, 2009)

The vision declaration of a company is always developed to reflect the aim of administrative leaders and signify the company’s intention to focus forces and resources towards achieving an excellent future. A strategic vision used to guide the company towards its future success should major on future goods, market and buyer’s expertise. Starbucks’ company vision is to be a worldwide leader and the largely valued trademark name in the coffee industry that is well-liked for business task with ethics and guiding values to make workers self-important. The company has been inspiring and respecting its staffs in all its business undertakings. The company has also been sharing the success of the company with its employees because they are the contributors to the long term existence of the company. Different emotions brought about by various aspects of the workplace surroundings or even judgement resulted by the same affects the general performance of the business, customer reliability and the employee’s services. Sturbucks has acted on this by motivating employees through efficient communication channels in the organisation and also involving them in making decisions concerning the company’s business. (Michelli, 2007)

There is also the company’s mission document which signifies the company’s strategic values which the company’s own concept, the image that the company wants to portray, shows the main goods and area of service and the consumers demand the company intends to meet. The mission is generally meant to show the purpose of business formation, what it entails, functions of the business and what the business stand for. The company’s duty, vision and principals support the company’s process to enable it achieve its objectives while having the mission as the key thing. The company’s culture and values are maintained by the focusing all the company’s activities on the mission. The first mission for Starbucks Company was to be the greatest suppliers of the best coffee brand while holding their principles firmly as the business expanded. For this reason the organisation has formed several principles to guide and control the company’s operation and activities to meet its strategic goals. These principles require the employees to embrace diversity, provide the best customer services, ensure and uphold the greatest standards when dealing with the suppliers, to creating conducive working environment and to treat each other with maximum respect, participating in beneficial services to the community and maximising the shareholders wealth. The company has maintained the mission all through the years though there were some amendments which were done on the favour of the consumer. The mission emphasised on processing the freshest brand of coffee. This reflected the strategies of the company to remain the best coffee industry globally.  (Michelli, 2007)

A company must also have a value statement which guides and controls the company’s activities to achieve its vision together with its mission. The company’s values include behaviours, philosophy and character of the staffs when doing business with company with a mission of achieving the company’s strategies. Starbucks Company has ensured that it has enforced important values as well as guiding doctrines into its customs. From the start the company’s basic values were to create a company with a spirit, a company that will forever satisfy the consumers, a company that will always convince for a cup of coffee by producing the best coffee products and giving the employees an opportunity to speak out their minds without any restrictions. The company has always matched its values with its production practices by cooperating with stakeholders from both the internal and external and also strategies enforced to achieve the short and long term objectives. Examples of such values include producing quality coffee without having to add non-natural flavours, to always treat staffs who are known as partners as vital stakeholders of the company which was proved when the company was selected in 2009 as of the greatest places to be employed as well as coming up with initiatives which majors on environmental supervision, moral sourcing and society participation. (Simon, 2009)

Starbucks Company is known as one of the most successful companies globally. To be successful members of an industry must identify some crucial factors within the industry that will enable the company to be competitive and achieve financial success. Starbucks has majored on advertising, distribution, technology and the company’s ability for its future achievement. The company can conduct its advertisement using the internet for wide coverage, use cost saving production facilities and use strategies that will increase customer loyalty. Starbucks Company is skilled in enforcing its strategies to maximise its profits while maintaining good relation with its customers as well as its partners. (Pham-Gia, 2009)


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