Jan 22, 2018 in Marketing
Marketing Researcher

Question 1

Marketing researcher is a person who is responsible for establishing customers’ exceptions, interests’ desires and more willing to pay for services and products, therefore a market researcher working for a company researches market situation both local and international to establish the potential sales for services and products for the company. Market researchers are required by the organizations for many reasons such as: To assist make a decision the kind of facts that must be stressed in advisements, to study how efficient  a certain advert is , and more other reasons such as establishing which media will most successfully sell the products and services of the company he/she working for. Establishing the potential customers purchasing specific products or services, and why other people are buying competitors products and services (Malhotra &Naresha, 2002). Therefore, the market researcher assists the company to understand what kinds of products and services people want, to determine the people who will purchaser company’s products and the price to be charged.    The researcher also gathers the statistical data on competitors and investigates about their prices, ways of marketing sales, and distributions and better still to analyze data on past sales to forecast the future sales (Malhotra, 2002). 

Question 2

Correctly defining of the management problem is the crucial first step in the marketing research process therefore if the management problem is wrongly defined then the research objectives will also be wrong and the entire marketing research process will be a waste of time and energy plus money (Malhotra, 2002).

In conclusion, the marketing researcher is very valuable in an organization because he/she feeds the organization with valuable information which gives the company a competitive edge and giving the company the ability to exceed customer expectations, thus big market share and become the market leader.


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