Jan 22, 2018 in Marketing
Beverage Companies

A beverage is as liquid that is made specifically for human consumption, beverages are varied and they include Water, Alcoholic and Non-alcoholic beverages, Soft drinks, Fruit juice and hot beverages. The paper is basically going to highlight on the soft drinks which are liquid products that are non alcoholic while others are carbonated which mostly contain the Soda products that are manufactured by different industry(s). They include a leading world industry that includes Coca Cola, Pepsi and Ag Barr a Scottish Company in the European market; since they compete for the market share in order to dominate the market.

All these companies being soft drink manufacturers (non-alcoholic which means that the products they are manufacturing are basically targeted for the same target market (Khan, 2009).  The companies are also targeting people that are between the ages of 18 – 60 years. And the gender of the audience isn’t specific thus the products that are manufactured are basically aimed at satisfying the demands of both the genders (Hamill, 1994). The companies have recorded that a larger share of their customers which is 65% of their customers aged between 18-30 years, while the older consumers ranging from 45-60 years represent 25% of the market share; this can be attributed to their medical conditions; while the 10% is believed to be children who are consumers of the soft drinks.

It is noted that all these companies use different strategies that are aimed at increasing the numbers of customers thus making these companies increase their sales in the European markets (PTF, 2003). An example is when the Ag Barr company place bill boards in Moscow a place where the numbers of customers of the products are fewer. Such strategies such as the billboard and events like road shows, merchandising and promotions are used in attempts aimed at increasing the awareness of the products (Hercules, 2009).


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