Jan 22, 2018 in Law

Professional competitor is any individual who applies his profession to earn his livelihood and is paid huge sums for his work. An armature athlete is one that doesn’t earn as much money from his efforts and works for the country. The difference between the two has changed over the years because the governments have been sponsoring their athletes to great extents to ensure that the country is wining the medals. Some nations have imported talented individuals to undertake some events under the country. Some of these athletes earn a lot of cash.

The term armature has changed in meaning as it used to refer to unskilled sports men but this was not true because the men used to spend a lot of time training for the event. The Olympics is the biggest stage in which the local sports men should represent their realm. The local armatures should be allowed to prove their skill during this event, it should be used as a transition between the local to international recognition. Through this method, there will be continuity in local talent as the younger athletes will be encouraged to train harder to replace the other players who turned professional. Allowing professionals will demoralize the young talents and this may cause fluctuations in the medals during subsequent events. The professionals aren’t present in all countries that participate in the Olympics, allowing professionals to the Olympics will be an unfair advantage because some countries like the Russia have more professional ice hockey players than the rest of the countries.

Those highly paid professionals should not be allowed to participate in the Olympics, the international players should give the local players a chance to build their skills and grow into professionals. The armature status does not inevitably refer to those that unskilled. The term means those that are paid large sums in their application of their skill. The armature term should mean the upcoming young talents.


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