Mar 25, 2021 in Law
Motivational Letter

My name is ... and I am writing to express my interest in studying Navigation science and technology, Logistics engineering, and Maritime Law at your university. During my current life period, I have no doubts that studying and doing research are the endeavors I would like to engage in. Right now, I am a graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Transportation, and I have already gained strong academic experiences in the chosen field. Since I remember myself, I have always been interested in Transportation Studies and Logistics, and I have no doubts that I want to connect my future with it.

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I feel that my current knowledge and skills make me a great potential student for the chosen Master's degree. I passed all the exams successfully and did a number of researches. I attended a number of meetings and was an active student, willing to embrace every given opportunity on my way. As far as my interpersonal skills are concerned, I am a diligent and very motivated learner, and I want to make my best during the upcoming academic years to contribute to the university community and participate actively in the life of the university.

This way, I believe that there is no better place to continue my academic career than your university. First of all, the program aligns with my academic goals and will help me to become much closer to my professional goals. I like the way the studying process is organized and cannot wait to become a part of it.  What is more, for me, Chinese culture has always been interesting and engaging with its uniqueness and differences from other cultures, and I feel excited about the opportunity to dive deep into the culture while getting my Master's degree in China and interacting with other students.


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