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Minimum Age to Drink Alcohol

Drinking is one of the issues that have a long history in the modern society. Most people take alcohol as part of their leisure. Studies that have been carried out in the past shows that most people spend some good amount of their leisure time drinking alcohol. These researches also discovered that young people under the age of 18 years have also begun indulging in alcoholic behaviors. Such revelations have been found to rekindle discussions over the minimum age that one should be allowed to drink. This research examines what the minimum drinking age should be and why it should be that way.

Research finding and discussion

Researches that have been carried out on the minimum drinking age have suggested that this age should be set at 18 years. There are various reasons that have been cited to support this age limit. First, the research findings show that despite the age limit having been set at 21 years, there are many young people under this age who drink a lot of alcohol in an irresponsible way. This was seen as an act of heroism among them because what they were doing was against the law of the land. Thus they would drink beyond limit to test what the law can do to them. On the other hand, most of these youths perceived themselves as adults and therefore drinking was to be part of their lives. Similarly, since they know that the law prohibits them from drinking, they therefore have a tendency of overdrinking because they are not sure of when they can be able to drink again.

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As a result of this, the research also found out that the current law that prohibits fewer than 21 years persons from drinking to be ineffective. This is because, despite these restrictions, more young people under this age drink even more than those over the age of 21 years. Statistics shows that 22% of students who were under the age of 21 years were heavy drinkers as compared to only 18% of those who are 21 years and above. This shows that the drinking rate among the youth under 21 years was higher in the society than is expected.

Therefore, the government of the United States should consider revising this law and lower the age limit to 18 years. This is because it is the age at which most young people begin to drink and since they are restricted by the law, they develop deviant behaviors towards the law, something that contributes to heavy drinking and the exhibiting of other irresponsible behaviors among them. On the other hand, studies that have been carried out on drinking before reveals that the restrictions by using age have failed in most cases to attained their aims of restricting young people from drinking. Instead they have acted as a catalyst for irresponsible drinking and driving among them. Therefore, instead of the government focusing on using law to minimize cases of drinking among the youth, it should consider adapting other programs such as peer group programs that will teach the youth how to handle alcohol and drink responsibly.


It can therefore be concluded that the law that sets the age limit for drinking has had a negative impact on the young people rather that deterring them from indulging in some activities such as heavy drinking and bad behaviors while drunk. Therefore, this law should be abolished. Instead, a law that allows an even younger age of 18 years should be introduced in the community since this is an age when most young people do experiment with alcohol. Therefore, rather than deny it to them, let them have the freedom of drinking at this point. However, there should guidance on how to handle alcohol. Such guidance can be propagated to the young people through programs that teach on responsibility among peers and also from parents too. By doing this, young people will posses enough knowledge and skills that will enable the, to control their behaviors with respect to drinking.


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