Jan 22, 2018 in Law
Employee Discrimination


Employee discrimination at the work place has been an issue that has raised great concern for the last few decades.  Work place discrimination may be defined as the act of exhibiting biasness on treatment of employees while in the working environment. This kind of discrimination may take many forms ranging from; marital status, race, sex, religion, ethnicity, change in gender, skin complexion, sex preference, political affiliations and pregnancy, just to mention but a few( Keshawn Walker and Arn Morell 2005).

The root cause of such discrimination emanates from the way an employer views an employee or judge the victim based on personal sentiment, stereotype and prejudice that may hold no sold validity (Wilson, 2003). Because of its strong roots within the social context it is the major cause of the skyrocketing rate of unemployment in most of developing nations as well as the emergence of other socially problems.

In respect to this brief over view of the issue that we wish to discuss this matter with a closer eye focus and provide a comprehensive perspective relating to employee discrimination at work place.

Under the federal laws of the state it is an offence for an employee or employer for that matter to embezzle the money of the government of a private corporation (Rowe, Mary & Corinne Bendersky 2001). Therefore it was justifiable for Darrell to be punished for his actions.

By the fact that he predisposed sexual harassment behaviours at the work place amount to another offence that is sanctioned under the federal laws of the state( Norman & Selwyn, 2008). Even if he was not accused of embezzling money at the back but his misconduct accounts to crime commitment that should be punishable by the laws.

Sexual harassment of one of the employee discrimination experienced at the work place. In this case sexual harassment complaint is a kind of discrimination that pervasively alters the victim’s employment and exposes them to an abusive working environment (Langelan & Martha, 1993)

There was unethical problem on the way interview were done. This is because through the vetting process the credibility of the employee is evaluated and discussed among the panel of interviewers. On the other hand all the information is supposed to be disclosed to all the people for clarification

In conclusion employee discrimination is an issue of concern in the society and should be addressed before things get out of the hand.


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