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Introduction/ Abstract

Terrorism has been in existence from the historical periods with varied definitions. It depends with the perception of who defines. At times is viewed as an only undertaking, reaction to oppression or silent operation by the disadvantaged group. The weaker and less armed side uses this practice to counter the strong governments with military strengths. Terrorism has complex nature of organization thus hard to deter.

Terrorism Organization and Operation

It is small in nature and base of operation thus difficult to identify with ease. However, it has some well secretive and well coordinated series of network for organizing and executing events. This has resulted to insurgency even in some parts of the country. However, governments are armed with military forces and machinery, the secretive undertakings of terrorism is proving difficult to put to an end. The organization has been asymmetric form of conflict that has given the weaker side silent efficiency in a conflict. The organization in secrecy has been used since the existence of this activity.

History and Evolution of Terrorism

The act has ever been in existence since the documentation of history for over a millennia. It has been in existence for quite long time that the modern states and forms of governments. Despite the existence of terrorism, the use of this style in contesting for power and influence remain poorly understood. It has been organized in groups and within some regions targeting specific governments. It has the origin of sponsorship teams, insurgency, and suicide execution from its earlier days. This mode of conflict has always targeted the large and masses of innocent individuals. This factor is seen as the success of terrorism, and it seems to grow more in the future.

Future of Terrorism and Insurgency

As conflicts intensify, and measures to curb these practices grow, terrorism keep advancing utilizing technological advancement. This might make their organization and coordination efficient. It has shown some adaptability in counter measures that have been instituted. This is because it is still being practiced despite the world collaboration to counter the activity.


Terrorism has been in place since its development and has gone through evolutionary trends. Organizations vary from one region to another. This organization is because of counter measures that differ in regions. It is more prone to conflict and oppression spheres of the world.


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