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Critical Thinking


Various areas influence the thinking of an individual. One of the areas that particularly influence the thinking of an individual is sense. The senses that an individual has influences the ability of a person to think, sense is the ability of a person to predict something with the use features like the hands, eyes, ears nose and tongue. Thus, critical thinking is important for the development of any curriculum today because it would facilitate learning.

My Thinking Processes

Before I read the chapter, I underscore the concept definition and significance of using critical thinking. In addition, the curriculum of a place and the concept of critical thinking serve as the foundation for explaining

Lessons learnt after reading the chapter

After reading the chapter, many things can be drawn in line with critical thinking. First, one lesson that can be drawn is that it is important to incorporate critical thinking to the curriculum of any particular place. The curriculum should be able to expand the minds of students so that they can be able to expand their capacity of thinking critically.

Another important issue is on the expansion of the curriculum, which should be provocative for students. Usually, a provocative curriculum would stimulate the need for developing a wider framework for searching information to gain insight of any given aspect. In addition, the environment under which the curriculum is implemented should be conducive to stimulate critical thinking.

Qualities of best thinkers

There are various qualities that best thinkers have which are just unique only to the best thinkers. One of the unique qualities of best thinkers is that they always use relevant information in the things that they handle. Another quality of a best thinker is that they are always opening minded. Being open-minded means that the person has the ability to explore various fields and not limited to one area alone. A person who is a best thinker has the ability of using reason to justify his or her actions.

How the qualities of a best thinker can be put in order to improve quality of thinking

The qualities of a best thinker can be incorporated into the curriculum by using the aspect of critical thinking to expand the thoughts that a person has. A best thinker is organized in the way he or she handles activities thus borrowing these qualities can be important in improving the quality of thinking.

Dimensions of critical thinking

Critical thinking has various dimensions. Some of the dimensions include reasoning and listening critically, and proper analysis of problems. Reasoning critically is important because it helps in giving sound decisions, listening critically helps in comprehension of concepts and gives people a chance to give out proper responses. Proper analysis of problems helps in finding a good way of solving problems.

How learning improves critical thinking

Learning improves critical thinking in that the knowledge that a person who undergoes the learning process is expand his or her knowledge. A very important aspect of critical thinking is the ability of a person to have knowledge this knowledge can only be acquired through critical thinking.


In summary, the essay indicated that during knowledge acquisition, critical thinking is significant because of its ability to transform a decision made or aid decision making process. To produce any fruitful decision, an individual has to engage his/her thought and make comparisons before making judgments. Success learners are mostly critical thinkers. The essay also noted that curriculum development needs critical thinking to make sure that its components are useful and facilitates knowledge acquisition.

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