Jan 22, 2018 in Exploratory
Changing Attitudes Towards Women

The question refers to family problems brought up by contradicting opinions on the issue of women working instead of staying at home. In the past, women were regarded as less important in the society. The girl child was not educated as the male children were in the family. It was always known that the male children should be given priority. Therefore, women remained ignorant and were confined in their homes to take care of the families. However, as time has gone by, there have been changes in the society about the responsibilities in the family. Women are also educated and have entered the job market. This has therefore caused a lot of conflicts in the family. Cases of gender equality are today at the rise. Many women have left their homes to work.

In my pursuit to answer the questions, I intend to take time to interview my family members. This will help me know their opinion on this issue. This will also give me an insight on how this subject has affected my immediate family. I also intend to visit my grandparents in the countryside. During my visit, I will have a chat with them to know how women were treated during their time. I would like to know if they were comfortable about their set up at that time. I would also consult my three brothers and two sisters. I would also include my mother father. After these I intend to visit my close aunt who has two sons for their views about the subject both individually and as a family.

At the end, I will combine all this opinion to bring a comprehensive conclusion on the subject. This will be supported by the different opinions of the family members interviewed. The advantages of having housewives at home and disadvantages of women working will be included.


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