Jan 22, 2018 in Critical

With all the difficulties, that Toyota Company has to endure after causing millions of deaths due to its sticky gas pedals, for it to regain its supremacy of convincing its customers on the product is one tough hill to be managed. Some responsibilities or new strategies have to look upon by the marketers who market the Toyota Company for it to remain in the market or else they remain to receive harsh audiences from the society (Linebaugh, & Mitchell, 2010; Clark, 2010). Nevertheless, some of the responsibilities or principles that need some considerations are putting the customer needs first by providing most of the most attractive products in a timely manner and observing the quality measures of the life of an individual.

It is because of those reasons that some of the ethical breach were committed of which being a bigger company in the world, they wanted to be a number one carmaker in the world hence forgetting the quality control measures that needs to be followed (Asacker, 2010). By this, it shows that they forgot to adhere to good internal risk assessment programs meant to guide the company in addressing some of the problems as they pop up on the internal corporate radar before they noticed by the public (Environmental & Social Report, 2004).

By avoiding such a repeat from happening, Toyota Company has been able to hire more staff members to oversee the quality process, appointment of chief quality officer to each geographical region, establishment of a committee for global quality, which will oversee quality improvement activities, and finally, inspecting of product multifunction or nonconformance done within 24 hours of notification (Connor, 2010). To succeeding, Toyota Company has to go back to the drawing board, come up with strategies of winning back its customers and then listen to what customers say about Toyota, analyze the opinions posted online to avoid the crisis again.


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