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Evidence that Samantha’s vision problem should be corrected sooner, rather than later in life

Basing on the science of human development, emphasis laid are on coming up with an understanding as to why and how people of different kinds and age change over time. As a result, people after they have undergone the various stages of human development come to posses different characteristics observable over time. In addition, different theories give an explanation of the secret behind these characteristics.

In the case of Samantha who has a vision problem, I think surgery should be done to her as soon as possible so that the possibility of hindering her other developmental stages is minimized. This is because; it is clear that, in human development, one stage that one goes through is influenced by a previous stage. In the past, it was believed that children who had deficiencies where not able to behave normally and cope with other children. Despite the fact, that it has been argued that children with deficiencies such as the deaf children being thought the sign language, this does not mean that the sense of feeling as if one is being side lined will totally be eradicated. As a result, there is the need to correct a deficiency that is correctable at an early stage not for development only, but also to guarantee a child a comfortable social environment.

Effects of not having surgery now on Samantha’s physical development

Development is a process that is ongoing with each part of development having an influence on the next part of the development. For any development in human beings, it is characterized by five development directions. One of the characteristics believed to be exhibited by children during the physical, and even mental growth is a straight and liner direction. This is a characteristic where development occurs in a straight direction or one dimension hence the need to satisfy the prior stages before moving to the nest stage of development.

In the case of Samantha, if the parents fail to take her out for surgery, then it means that she will lag behind in her physical development hence left behind by her fellow age mates. As a result, I think it is necessary for Samantha’s parents to take her out for surgery as early as now to enable her undergo the development stages on a timely manner like the other children.

The effect of Samantha’s vision on cognitive and social development

Cognitive development is a process that includes all the mental processes that every person needs to be able to think about the environment. This includes; perception, memory, language, and imitations that people uses to decide, learn, and think. When it comes to learning, it does not only deal with the formal curriculum, but also with the informal sector. Social development is a process where one is expected to interact with the surrounding environment with different cultures, and historical background.

Samantha’s deficiency might pose a considerable effect on cognitive and social development if not attended to in a timely manner. This is because; her inability to see will be perceived by the fellow children as being the source of her strange behaviors. In addition, they will always perceive it as being the source of some deficiencies hence discomfort. When it comes to the formal and the informal curriculum, although attempts might be made to ensure that equality is grunted to them, it might not be to their satisfaction. Bringing up a child with deficiencies can be considered to be expensive thus the need for more money to ensure enough satisfaction. In my option, I think it is necessary to have Samantha through surgery as early as now to enable her undergo the cognitive and social development.


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