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Twilight Phenomena

Twilight is vampire series about affairs of the heart and horror. In this paper we dispute the old villain beliefs on gender roles. Twilight re-establishes a new way of looking at manliness and womanliness. (Shepard 1998). Women are conveyed as robust and autonomous beings in matters of relationship and communal rank. The Twilight movie series clearly paints a new look on the cited concepts.

In the Nosferatu the Vampire- a horror film, John Harker abandons Lucy-his wife at home in Wismar. Harker goes to bargain a property in Transylvania. The woman has to watch the house till the men come home. This action contradicts the past norms where a woman was perceived weak and not able to take care of the house. In this case the girl is seen as the protector and breadwinner of the house while the husband is away. On the other hand, Bella in the Twilight approaches Edward Cullen and find outs the mystery in him. Bella finds out that Edward is a villain who sucks animal’s blood. In the past villain tales men were assigned the major task of being a vampire. (Hardwicke 2009). This is as opposed to new sexist roles where the women are given the major roles of being the monster. Bella turns out to be a villain at the end of the story. In the old villain narration women were given a task of being donors in that they were always out to test the heroes or villain. This is opposed to the modern tales where they are the main characters. In Nosferatu the Vampire Ellen saves Thomas from the tragic unconsciousness. Women have been given the masculine role of being heroes. A hero is the one who saves the whole community from a villain. Thomas comes back when the Count Orlok has invaded him. The men have been conveyed weak contrary to the past roles assigned to them. The past depicted men as strong and dependable saviors of the society.

Concerning love affairs, women engage in the friendship wholly. (Meyer2008). They go as far as suggesting issues or expressing themselves boldly. It is evident in the scenario where Bella proposes to Edward for a picnic at La-Push, a county in Washington, the United States of America, well known for watching whales and beautiful mother nature.  This happens after Edward and Bella had fallen in love. Moreover, they give opinion in a union. For instance, Jessica, Bella’s friend, suggests to her boyfriend Mike an outing at La –Push beach. This gives women the role of decision-making. In Nosferatu, Ellen is in love with Thomas Hutter and, thus, they get married. When Hutter is away Ellen lives with Harding’s’ who keeps her company. Hutter is terrified by Count Orlok and he faints. Ellen takes matters into her own hands and comes to decision of rescuing Thomas. Ellen reads the book about vampires. She finds out that the only way to demolish a vampire is by luring him. This would obstruct him from the twilight when the cock crows. Because of love Ellen has towards her husband Thomas, she enticed the monster with her beauty to her bedroom. During twilight Count Orlok coughed and collapsed because he was not remembering that it was yet another day. Immediately when the count Orlok died Thomas came back to life. This bold step by Ellen shows how women participate in love affairs (Klein 1981). They also make wise decisions. Concerning communal ranks, women are part of the artistic work of evil (Wiesel1988). Women are given that role of being monsters together with men. Consequently, it leads to equality among human beings. The final segment of twilight exemplifies this. Victoria is on a mission to revenge because Cullen killed her husband. This was a result of James biting Bella on the wrist. The action portrays Victoria as forceful and tough woman. In the past narration of vampires women were never assigned any task. Instead they were left behind to guard the homestead. In Nosferatu the Vampire Lucy is left by Harker to tend the mansion. Lucy is seen watering flowers and tending them. She ensures that the house is clean and everything is in order. Though she seems lonely, she keeps herself busy with chores. In the other story of Nosferatu, Ellen as a tough woman is left at home although this time with Harding’s family. Ellen too acquires the social rank as the head of the family. She watches the mansion –a palatial home, as the husband is away for a business trip. In all the three vampire series women have been engaged fully and portrayed as the saviors of the society. The settings of these movies are matched well with the actions. Women’s job has been appreciated as in the case of picture in the magazine. They offer themselves so as to save lives.


The series gives a twist of roles assigned to men and women in filming movies. Women play a major role of men that in the past were seen only to be manly. Women guard the house. They are saviors in the society. More so, they are also the monsters. This contradicts the old odds where men only did this. When it comes to love affairs there is a shift on who leads the relationship. In Twilight women do take control of the friendship. Consequently, all the differences arising have given women a new communal rank.

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