Jun 21, 2019 in Argumentative
The Tourism In The Indigenous’ Habitats

The relationship between aborigines and other part of society stays tense. So, it is no wonder, that Indigenous Australians choose remote locations for their living. Mostly they live in the Northern, North-eastern, North-western, Central parts of Australia. This fact produces the problem with the access to their habitats for tourists. The road to these spots is exhausting and expensive. Furthermore, not only the outlying destination is the reason, which makes the visiting of these areas complicated. There are several disadvantages of the tourism in the indigenous’ places. Firstly, due to the huge amount of travellers, who want to suspect the aborigines sites, there is a problem with the accommodation. You should book the hotel ahead to avoid such trouble. However, there are complaints from the tourists about the low quality of the accommodation, which includes the impolite stuff and dirty rooms. Also, the camping is possible too (Driesum, R 2002). In such case, the sightseer should choose the period with the best climate conditions for the comfortable and enjoyable holidays.

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Furthermore, he should think about the protection from the insects and that such necessary thing as shower can be unreachable. Secondly, there is the risk to meet the unwelcome greeting from Indigenous Australians and violate their sacral territory. There are two groups of interests, which are the opposite each other. Aborigines are strongly convinced that non-indigenous people can ruin cultural material, damage environment and disturb their spirits, which they believe in (Colson, M 2013). The inundation of tourists violates the sacredness and encroaching on the sanctity of the place. On the opposite side are the tourists, who want to enjoy the nature and learn more about aborigines. Thirdly, the black widow, Atrax robustus and more other insects dwell in Australia. They are dangerous for the health and life of the person. The protection measures from them include wearing the clothes, which cover all body, using of the protection creams and sprayers. The tourist should remember that according to the remote location of these sites there will be problem with the immediate providing with all necessary medical help. All mentioned disadvantages are strong enough to spoil the holidays and impressions from the country at all. So, the tourists choose other variants of activities and prefer differ cultural heritages. According to the statistics, only 9% among 2.8 million of travelers visit Aboriginal sites (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2014).


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