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Public Relations

Public relations and the general interaction with others are important parts for both society and any individual. It is critical to adhere to the norms, which are widely accepted, as well as stay respectful and moral or ethical in dealing with the public. A large portion of interaction takes place in the daily routine of social communication, in educational institutions as well as in the workplace. As a result, having the proper skills to convey information and give a chance to share understanding is indispensable for an individual who is looking to be successful and respected by others.

Prior to having major interactions within the society and in the workplace, a person faces challenge in the educational system. Everything that takes place in schools, colleges and universities is based on communication and relationships with others. Peers, teachers, professors and tutors make up a complex system of public relations where each role presents certain challenges, as well as solutions. As a student, I had a great deal of experience making presentations and working with peers. At times when it was necessary to work in groups, it was important to establish proper duties for each person. As everyone participating was well educated on the topic, there was no “fighting” over dominance or who is going to be the leader; everyone was ready and eager to communicate. At the same time, I noticed that there was no need to force oneself to become visible as a chief, all that is necessary are insight, knowledge of the subject, readiness to make suggestions and the patience to listen. When these factors are met with a natural demeanor, members of the group or public will respond and the designation of a leader will no longer be required.

A great communicator must be effective and practical in his/her organization. The knowledge of the “trade” is very important, but the ability to use the information and apply it to practice is a skill that is just as important, if not more. There has to be a friendly and fair relationship with the fellow colleagues, giving everyone a chance to express themselves. At the same time, specifics in the requests and regulations are a must, so that there is a structure and order in the framework. The studies have shown that there is a deep relationship between any type of business or organization and the customer. The more emotionally comfortable the whole presentation is set up, the better public’s response will be, thus leading to a higher loyalty. As such, communication between people providing a specific service plays a key role in response and recommendations. Even when individuals themselves advise others to use the business, their own positive views about the organization are enhanced. Nowadays, all the details play a role in the change of attitude. People might have “a change of heart”, so it is important to be able to judge and understand a situation.


The crucial skill is to be able to explain oneself in a manner which is accessible to others, and this is rather essential when dealing with the public. While working in groups, I have learned to search for several perspectives as to elaborate further on the thoughts and ideas regarding the task at hand. An equally irreplaceable skill is conflict resolution because sometimes, people will feel pressured or the opposite, left out, so an argument of opinions or respect might break out. In this sense, I have learned that thoughts of others must be accepted and questions asked to determine why the person is really holding on to their perspective without agreeing with others. Acknowledgement of their side of the argument and acceptance of its intelligence has taught me to be an effective collaborator at time of need. All these skills were well attributable to the knowledge I have received from doing presentations. Speaking in front of an auditory full of people allowed me to get over the uncomfortable feeling and raised self-assurance. This ability has helped me talk to the public in an individual and group matter where there are several people who have focused their attention on me.

Another useful experience that I have received from being a student concerned the case studies which focused on how to deal with a stressful and unfavorable situation. I have learned to behave practically and with confidence, so that a solution can be found to the existing problem. While working on these case studies and doing a lot of written assignments, I have developed a better appreciation and closeness to the language, which has led to an easy expression of my thoughts and feelings. It is very true that a person must keep on reading and writing new material as it increases the amount of new words and the general vocabulary becomes better organized and more effective, especially when a group of people need to understand and relate to what is being said. I have found it particularly interesting to discuss assignments, readings and books which were presented to build on the learned information. Even at times when there was disagreement, it was great to communicate with other people and present own argumentations, which were not in a form of conflict but a friendly discussion. Speaking and finding factual evidence to support own ideas have increased the speed of my analytical abilities, as well as techniques that can be used to convince people.

Several times during the course of my studies, we have had guest speakers who would share their comprehension of the “real” world of business, economics, politics and the general life of society. The offered experience was very helpful as it was put into a perspective and aided in finding personal practical uses which can be applied in any social sphere, public relations, in particular. It must be mentioned that during the course of my studies I have realized how critical it is to be fully focused on the task, and to not lose track of the larger goal. Often, people will start with too little effort or the opposite, with extreme intensity, which will make them use up all their strength and patience. As a result, I have realized that when being determined to accomplish something, I must work hard, but it has to be practical and beneficial, instead of tiring. Learning new information and skills is not a burden, but an opportunity to get to know exciting things and find something that is pleasant to do or accomplish. In the process, I have discovered that the more information the brain receives, the easier it will be to find solutions or make decisions later. Even if it is information, which is not directly related to the task of some matter, it creates an abstract way of thinking which gives practice to the brain and evolves it further.

As I have taught myself to be hardworking and patient, I was able to accomplish tasks to my own satisfaction and that of others. Colleagues have noticed that I am knowledgeable in public relations and the overall technique of organizing and dealing with other people. At moments of crisis, a lot is required from a person who is in the position of public relations representative, so I have learned to work under pressure, be it with individual’s one on one or with groups. My skill set is closely related to press and overlooking extremes. I am able to conduct the duties of press member, media and protocols. This must be done in short time or in some cases, simultaneously, so I have increased personal strength and endurance. My behavior and attitude which did not go unnoticed have created a trustworthy reputation among others. I am entrusted with preparing and broadcasting the news and printing publications. Sometimes, public relations are encountered in a form of cooperating with other media outlets, and not people directly. This has heightened my tendency to strengthen and maintain relations with different media as well as organizing special occasions and ceremonies. I am always cheerful, punctual, self motivated and trustworthy.

An advantage that I have naturally came from my ability to be an excellent communicator in Chinese (written and verbal). I am a very good speaker in English and have slight knowledge of French. When looking at public relations, it is desirable to have strong analytical skills, not to mention that I am well familiar with a computer. Any system, either Mac or Windows provides me with the necessary tools to work with programs in many fields. Someone who has close connection to public relations must work with software programs, which make the life of a manger easier. Another side of my personality is creative, so I can design, create layout printings and publications. I like reading, so the Internet provides me with many resources. Social media networks have changed the world in recent years, and it is difficult to imagine someone without some form of social network account. However, it is extremely important to stay ethical on the internet, when talking to other people because, unlike a verbal conversation, everything gets recorded and can be seen by a great number of individuals. Not to mention that some things should not be presented to others, such as offensive material, personal information or any type of anger towards others.

Public relations member must be educated in several fields, be eloquent and present themselves with strength of character. Language and writing skills have been increased through editing press releases, news, articles, etc. I am excellent in writing speeches or suggestions to CEOs. My political interest has led me to research and learn about the system and what benefits can be increased while negative sides decreased. I have participated in some crisis management teams and operations which aimed to inspire employees’ morale. I like travelling, so it gives me knowledge of other cultures and people. The modern world is changing rapidly, and being able to find common ground with others is not only useful but interesting as well. Often, I am representing my employer in place of business, and going abroad has not been that uncommon. During my student years and interaction with people, I have learned to build relations and form friendships.

Overall, public relations position is great for me because I have more than 16 years experience as PRO and Editor In-Chief. I have overseen and planned many communications operations, which aim to influence public opinion. Locally, I have taken charge of some media tasks and operations for occasions like social gatherings and information sessions. Internationally, I have participated in many events such as cultural holidays presentation and traditional experience sharing. Those occasions are held regularly to encourage international friendship and contribute to mutual understanding, which brings people together all over the globe.

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