Jan 22, 2018 in Analysis
Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is unwelcome oral image or bodily behavior of sexual life that is brutal and has some effect on the victim, on one’s working manner and even in one’s social life. In America, there is an association called The American Association of University Women (AAUW). The association did a study on sexual harassment in public schools and reviewed that, most of them had experienced sexually harassment. However, later the school provided sexual harassment classes for their students (Stein, 2000).

Sexual harassment is one of the main frequent affecting employees- employers’ relations in organizations today. In America, sexual harassment was extremely common. There is this case study where an employee called Kelly sued the station she was working with for sexual harassment. She was a production assistant in the TV station. She worked with two other workers who were harassing her in the work place and made her to resign.  Few months later she decided to sue the station but to the contrary part of it, she lost the case because her case was weak (Weizer, 2000).

Women should say no to sexual harassment. They should not let men to undermine them in the work place because they have equal rights. Today America has developed, and it is letting something helpful to happen to American business in the name of helping women. There is the recent sexual harassment rule which is the addition of the anti-discrimination act to suppress and discipline sexual discussions in the workplace. Men are warned that, if they offend their female coworkers, they will be disciplined or be fired from the work place. Women are also instructed that, unpleasant speeches from men in the work place are against the law, and the supreme courts require businesses to give them warnings (Taylor, 2006).

 Sexual harassment law has failed women in a changing world. Everyone is worried about it. Women should stand up and say “no” to sexual harassment. Men should now that there is equal equality nowadays in the work place, and they should not intimidate women.  If some women get it difficult to express them, we should help them and not rely on the government to induct laws on sexual harassment.


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