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The Warhead Cable Test Dilemma

Bryson Corporation is responsible for every ethical issue running within its borders. Cable production is a manufacturing process, which needs special attention in order to met all requirements of customers. It is inappropriate to let products with defects penetrate the performance of the customers as long as it can lead to fatal mistakes. Cable is a tool which is used in many segments of life. It is unacceptable and unethical to neglect the manufacturing process and allow defects take place in the manufacturing of the products. In general, the performance of the company should be considered as a set of processes meeting ethical side. It should flow from the employees’ performance up to the top-management. In addition, it is unacceptable to make mistakes, which can harm health of customers. It will not only create problems in the company’s performance, it will also destroy its reputation as a reliable manufacturer of cable. It means that there is a need to conduct additional control, change principles and standards of management, which will meet ethical requirements of the performance. Avoidance of ethical principles can result in fatal mistakes, which will destroy sustainable development of the company. It is the reason to take care of the ethical side of performance at all levels promoting an overall sustainability.

Stanton Wong is at the stage of development, which encourages him to be flexible enough and follow the dictatorship of Harry Jackson. He does not have a character strong enough to express his point of view or take action in order to make a change within a company. He believes that his performance is successful enough when he meets requirements of his boss. Harry Jackson, in his turn, is a manager believing that holding employees in fear is an appropriate tool of promoting the company’s success. Jackson was pushing at Wong and other employees as long as he was sure that it was an appropriate style of manager’s behavior. Wong is a committed employee believing in unacceptable principles of Jackson’s behavior. He believes that if he acts as a loyal employee, he will gain respect from top-management. The whole hope of Wong circles around the desire of getting a promotion in order to provide his family with enough financial support. Wong does not see any unethical point in Jackson’s performance and have no intention to oppose to his principles of management. It means that he lives both in fear and has no desire to lose his job. Jackson cannot be an effective leader in the prospect of his dictatorship within the company. Such type of management has no efficiency and prevents from bringing the company to another stage of evolution. In addition, employees become tired and cannot rest any minute as long as they know that top management has severe rules within a workplace. Dictatorship is a destruction of the company’s intention to grow and develop. It is impossible to provide the company with long-term success in case of Jackson.

Stanton should be the one to warn the customer about the defects. Lying is not appropriate from the ethical perspective of view. Stanton is the only one responsible for the company’s destiny and the destiny of customers receiving products with defects. It is obvious that Stanton risks losing his job. In fact, regardless of the situation, the company will obtain numerous problems. Inspector can be the one to indicate that there are defects in the company’s performance. However, if he does not point at the defects, customers will have many complaints, which will turn attention of the publicity. The best option for Stanton is to warn customers and find another job in order to avoid the fearful regulation of Jackson. Jackson will not set employees free from tension and stress and will continue penetrating the company’s performance with unethical issues. It means that the only option for Stanton is to warn customers and quit. It is Jackson’s fault in leading the company in the wrong direction of the performance. Stanton should overcome his fear and move away from performing unethically within the company. It is obvious that Stanton will become an employee, whose loyalty will become a primary feature for another company. Stanton needs to enter an ethical and appropriate working environment free from fear, tension and stress. There should be no delay in Stanton’s actions as long as he is responsible for reporting on the company’s mistakes. It should not be a negative factor of the company’s performance.

The company should follow all requirements of the manufacturing process. It is important to follow TQM principles or apply Six Sigma approach, which will control the company’s performance at all levels. It is important to conduct an in-depth control of the whole activity. For example, it is necessary to apply business process management alongside with TQM approaches, which will help regulate every activity with its impact on the company’s performance. It will also help indicate the problem of the company at the appropriate lifecycle’s stage. Such option will become a necessary tool of avoiding the same mistakes in the future, which will bring the company’s performance to the enhanced level of quality. In addition to the regulation of quality, it is important to change approach towards regulation of the organizational culture. In general, it is necessary to change an overall approach in management. The company should select new standards and principles of performance, which will encourage employees to join the working process and contribute to the company’s development and success. It is a fact that the company needs to switch to the peaceful way of regulation. Fear and stress within a workplace can lead to numerous defects of the manufacturing process. Further, the company needs to establish appropriate relations with inspection, which will help not to worry about the purity of the company’s performance.

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Ex-Senator; Now Business Lobbyst – Ethical Questions of Use of Campaign Funds

  • Torricelli collected a considerable amount of money, which he did not use in appropriate way. Regardless of the fact that he denied to accept results of the elections, it is possible to claim that he violated the rights of contributors. Any kind of investment is a specific way of spending money with an intention to put them into appropriate contribution. Regardless of the sphere of activity, it is necessary to make sure that investors and contributors are satisfied with investments made according to the goals set in the beginning. Torricelli did not meet goals of contributions as long as he denied elections and decided to spend money on his own advantage. In the prospect of ethical side, it is inappropriate to behave in this way as long as it can bring to numerous conflicts in the future, which will consequently lead to the intention of every contributor to take money back. It is a logical result of unethical behavior, which will require returning of all investments. In case of Torricelli, who had a dependency on contributors’ performance, it is obvious that ethical issues take the primary place in violating rights of contributors. It is inappropriate to ruin trust within partnership and dependency on their performance. It means that avoidance of responsibility for managing contributions is most likely to lead to disappointing results. The case reflected Torricelli’s intention to avoid purity of his actions and decide on his own how to spread contributions of others. The diversity of actions, which do not meet contributors’ interests lead to misunderstandings due to the fact of unfair actions.
  • It is obvious that it is necessary to create legal limits and permissions, which politicians can use as soon as their campaigns end. As long as politicians are supposed to serve for the sake of a public welfare, it is necessary to create target points of the investments distribution. For example, it is possible to have several directions of money investments. For example, it is possible to establish a law, which will require politicians pay 10% of their savings on education, 10% on healthcare and 10% on the social welfare. In general, it will come to 30%, which will enhance an overall sustainability and welfare of the society. Every politician will contribute to the establishment of appropriate society, which is most likely to transform under the influence of continuous investments in the named segments. For example, the social segment can benefit from construction of playgrounds or continuous improvement of highways. Any investment should enhance safety and prosperity of the society. In addition, it is important to make politicians responsible for reporting on their activities in the prospect of social improvement. It is important to mention that regulation from the side of the government should not be avoidant. The government should be a primary regulator of the performance of every politician as soon as he retires. 70% of the contributions are enough to express social gratefulness to the performance of an outstanding politician. It is fair to promote such initiative in order to return the trust and reliability of individuals who believed in the strength of the politician.
  • Torricelli is not an only example of a politician who decided to retire and open new business opportunities. However, the government should take care of promoting permissions for the performance of any politician as soon as he retires. Such question has a relation to the previous one and has a similar solution. For example, it is possible to generate the diversity of permissions in the segment of political activity. Politicians should not have an ability to make investments into financial operations or any manufacturing segment. It is necessary to make it an obligation to work for the sake of the social welfare, which will enhance the development and promote further evolution. Politicians should focus on the political segment, not a business one, which will distract from their primary functions and obligations. In addition, law should become an instrument, which will regulate the political sector according to the reliability of every politician. For example, once an individual entered the political segment, he is responsible for reporting on his activity and he cannot switch to another activity as long as he promised to serve for the sake of the social welfare. It will make a political segment a serious choice, which has nothing to do with financial operations. Finally, it is possible to proscribe the list of responsibilities for a typical politician working in order to improve social profitability, productivity and social status. Rules will become a guarantee promoting understanding of duties and responsibilities by every politician. Transparency should become the target of any regulation and political activity.
  • According to the case, it is impossible to make appropriate conclusions regarding the reaction of contributors. However, it is possible to characterize the whole situation in general. Contributors should not have ignored the politician’s decision. Investment is not fair from the ethical point of view in both cases. Contributors, in their turn, should have denied any investment from the side of Torricelli. It is important to support the clarity of performance in any aspect. Partnerships or any other relations should not interact with the political segment, which has an intention to serve to the public sector. Considering investments makes contributors responsible for inappropriate distribution of financial resources, which are aimed at effectiveness in the implementation for the sake of people. In general, it is inappropriate from the ethical point of view to take money, which had a perspective of enhancing an overall welfare. In addition, contemporary world of business in general depends on the political segment. It is unethical to make politics dependant on business. It is a perspective, which should promote the development of every sector, including society. Society, business and politics are the target point of the welfare of any nation. In the prospect of the case study, it is important to emphasize that there is a need to draw the line between limits and permissions from both sides. It should be effective enough in order not to exaggerate the possibilities of a political sector. In addition, contributors should not have agreed to the investments from the side of Torricelli as long as it mingles with ethical side of the whole situation. It is important to mention that the case reflected minor details, which did not include the whole complex of peculiarities circulating in the political problem, which took place with the Torricelli’s retirement.
  • It is obvious that clients of the business conducted by Torricelli should have a clear understanding of the investments which penetrate business. As long as political segment is supposed to be a transparent segment of the society, it is important to make sure that a politician continues to represent the side of justice and reliability. In addition, it is obvious that an ex-senator was famous within a social segment. Clients should be aware of the fact that the money generate from the funds crated in the process of the political activity. It is necessary to promote clarity within political segment even after politicians decide to retire. Retirement does not mean that politicians are free to choose whether to serve to the people or not. It means that purity of performance should follow the whole lifestyle of politicians. Political segment should become equal to the religion with its standards and rules, which should be followed by every politician in order to meet needs of every individual. Fairness should become a mandatory element, which will support the right of every customer in the business segment to know about the sources of the former politician's financial resources. It should become an obligation of very politician to report on the activity and support the point of serving people regardless of the political appurtenance.

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