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A Day with Buddha essay

In all my  life I have always had a dream to spend time with the someone unique,  someone who would have a  positive  impact on my life and make  me feel as if I had been reborn  again, some one spiritual enough to ...

Common Elements of Eestern Religious Traditions essay

Introduction Jainism is among the Indian religions and traced to have its origins in Indus River valley civilization of 3000 BC. There is no supreme being that controls all things but, there were 24 Tirthankaras that had attained all knowledge and ...

Elements of Jainism Religious Traditions essay

Jainism is an Indian religion that is opposed to war and violence against living beings. The religion advocates for an individuals efforts in moving the soul towards divine consciousness and liberation. The term jina is used to refer to a soul that ...

Foundational Thoughts essay

Life in most cases tends to assume what is in our minds. We therefore have great power to determine the kind of life we want to lead. Heaven and hell is just a creation of the mind. Our determinations and dream objectives prepares the avenue upon ...

Jesus and our Faith essay

INTRODUCTION Our bodies are the temples of the Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit is the ultimate power that is vested in us if we follow the path of light, Jesus Christ. Known as the Son of man, it is through him that we get to understand the will of God and ...

Mahayana Buddhism essay

Mahayana Buddhism is basically a form of Buddhism that is normally found in Northern Asia and Far East countries such as Korea, Mongolia, China and Japan among others. The tradition became into existence during the first century as a moderate form ...

Mahayana Buddhism essay

Abstract Mahayana Buddhism emerged as a more tolerant, easy to get to and available to all religion as compared to Theravadan Buddhism that was in existence at that period. It was available to all with no regard to an individual’s economic ...

My Spiritual Journey essay

Introduction In this paper am going to focus on how my spiritual life began and how it has developed over the years. I will also focus on how the bible and the society have influenced my beliefs. The society also has been the source of my faith, ...

Religion Causes Conflict essay

The world affairs as it is right now suggests a lot that religion is the root cause of most of the conflict experienced on a global level, be it Sudan, Iraq, Egypt, or Israel and Palestine. Directly or indirectly, it is evident that religion plays a ...

The Basis of Religious Fate essay

What are the five classical proofs for the existence of God? The existence of God has been outline by different denominations as per what they believe who God is to them. Nevertheless, there exist five classical proofs for the existence of God. The ...

The Bible and Alcohol essay

A bigger percentage of people in the world do drink today. Some do it for fun while others do it as a way of relieving some stress in their lives. It all depends with what the person does with alcohol. This has been the trend ever since from the ...

The Parable of the Prodigal Son essay

Christ’s mission on earth was one full of compassion and love. He represented the character of His Father as a loving God. Every step He took was a projection of this agape love He had for humankind. His interactions with the poor, the ...

Women and Mosques essay

Equality of women in Mosques In the video ‘Me and the Mosque Zarqa’, Nawaz the producer depicts the existing relationships that Muslim women in Canada have with the mosque which is Islam’s official place of worship. It is worth ...

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