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Bill Clinton was the 42nd president of the United States of America. He entered office at the age of 46 and was considered as the third youngest president to have served the United States at that time. He assumed office immediately after the end of the cold war and thus was referred to the first president of the generation of baby boomer. Before he won as the 42nd president, he was the governor of the Arkansas state.

For the term that Bill Clinton served as the president, he gained an approval rating as the highest end of office of any president of the United States who had served since the 2nd world war.

American dream is a general ethos of the USA. It is all about the possibility of prospering and succeeding. James Adams defined the American dream in 1931 as to when life becomes better, full and rich for everyone and with opportunities for everyone as per their abilities or achievements. This is regardless of the social class or the sex orientation of the person.  The American dream has its roots in the US declaration of independence which says that, every human being is created equal and thus are gifted by their own maker with definite absolute Rights which includes liberty, Life and the quest of contentment.

The American dream is therefore subjective and changes with time. Since the word American dream was first spoken of, its meaning has changed. It changes to suit the needs of the people at a particular time. For example at first it was the dream for abundance, where Americans had a lot of material things and this made them the richest nation in the world.

The second dream was the dream of goods democracy whereby everyone had the access to goods of any kind regardless of their gender, class, race or ethnicity. This was contrary to other places where only the rich had access to luxury and the poor were not given the opportunity. The other dream was of the freedom to choose, which allowed people to choose whichever life style they wanted to live in accordance with the change of modernity. The other consumer dream was the novelty dream where consumers had the wide range of products to choose from and to consume whatever they liked. (MacGregor 2004)

Therefore, the notion of the American dream was just on issues that would bring the Americans together as a nation and issues that were of interest to all Americans.

Bill Clinton on a matter of fact had a lot of issues that united the Americans in his term. He was a unifying factor across social classes and racial gaps. He was most preferred by the blacks as the one president who took in to consideration of their welfare. He was also liked by the white population for his reforms during his two terms.

Bill Clinton’s impact on the American dream

The 1996 welfare reforms initiated by Bill Clinton was one of the recent moves that elevated the opinion of the American people on the Clinton’s presidency. It was seen as a move to cater for the poor and make them live like their fellow rich Americans. Its main aim was to make people work extra hard so as to earn a living rather than just depending on the support of the government.  As much as he faced a lot of criticism for this move, Clinton kept his believe of making the welfare reforms work making the people see the importance it had. The people who criticized it argued that the reforms were not fair to those who did not have enough education to acquire jobs and were mostly condemned by the single parents. At the end of 2000, the welfare reforms act had succeeded and had impressed a number of people. He said that the welfare reforms were to end the behaviour of dependence and convert it to independence and dignity to the people of the United States of America. (Streissguth 2009)

Clinton on this move is considered to be a reformist and this view was supported by his fellow democrats as the way to go in the 19th and the 20th century.

Since 1993, Bill Clinton has been on the forefront on elevating the lives of the homeless Americans. Together with his vice president at that time, they were committed to making homeless Americans be more self reliant and as a result of this initiative he set aside 5billion US dollars towards this course. This was estimated to be about three times more than the previous regime. (Kantor 1996)

The other most remarkable deed by Bill Clinton during his presidency was the move of advising investors and businesses to venture in to impoverished area. He argued that this was the only way to ensure that all American citizens were elevated from their state to a better state of self sustainability. Towards the end of Clinton’s term in office, he made a tour to the remote state of Mississippi. A crowd consisting of all races were rejuvenated by him and his speech. He was seen as the ray of hope to the long forgotten population. He inspired quite a number of people who were hopeless and gave them the reason to work and make their own living.

Clinton was also praised for his bid to raise home ownership. He encouraged people to be more inclined to owning their own homes so as to reduce their life expenses. He encouraged people to be bold and courageous so that they could meet the demands of the 21st generation. He openly said that the demands were great and all that was needed was the togetherness of the American citizens and the love, unity and tolerance of each one of them. He said that all people regardless of their race or gender were free to acquire wealth like home ownership. This was a good move towards encouraging people to work extra hard and not depend on the federal government. (Hochschild 1996)

Clinton is also known for his quest for entrepreneurships. He said that there were a lot of innovative and creative ideas that could be utilized rather than just seating on them. He encouraged people to have hope in everything that they did, and said that hope would yield a better future and it would give one the enthusiasm to see tomorrow. Without hope, Clinton believed that the nation would be useless and hopeless. He challenged people by asking them, “Where could I be if I had no dreams and hopes?” He couldn’t be the president if he didn’t. (Brown 2008)

In his quest for hope, he advocated for education. He believed that education was the only saviour for empowering people to work. He believed on education for all regardless of race or gender. He said that education was the only ticket towards self reliance and independence.

He said that in the move towards self efficiency, people should respect one another and treat each other equally. It’s only by the notion of self respect that people of the same nation with different racial and ethnic background could work together towards the development of their nation and as such create opportunities for one another.

Clinton’s global initiative was one of the most attractive policies that he initiated. He believed in the world being a global village and thus the need for peace and unity in the world. He worked hard in ensuring that the world was at peace and he advocated for unity in every nation.

He is also popularly known for his strive to ensure that everyone had the access to their basic needs. He said that the problems of those who did not have access to the basic needs would be the problem of the leadership and they could strive to meet those needs. He believed in empowering people to provide for themselves rather than to be provided for.

All these are the issues that the former US president contributed to the American dream on self sustainability, self reliance and independence. He is said to be one of the most compassionate leaders of all time due to his need to help other people and to eradicate poverty.


Bill Clinton believed that for people to make it in the 21st era, they had to take a personal responsibility in everything that they did. He believed also that the role of the government was to give opportunity to its people so that they could explore the opportunities that were available to them and have the motivation to be creative and innovative. This would in turn lead to the increase in the number of self reliant citizens who could in this case be able to offer job opportunities to the others in the population. The final believe of Bill Clinton was that the American citizens should come together as one nation and as a community in working towards a sustainable country that would be favourable to all.


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