Jan 22, 2018 in Book Report

Full Steam Ahead was written by Blanchard who is a coauthor of the most sold series the 'One Minute Manager'. He strategically uses a parable in delivering the benefits of vision towards a companies welfare

Ellie has just made up her mind to get back to her usual job at an insurance company following a quick divorce that was so unpleasant. Immediately she settles in the office, she goes through an e-mail which Jim, the new president of the company sends to all employees.

One early morning, Ellie arrives at her office as usual and coincidentally joins Jim for a cup of coffee. There was no doubt that their very first conversation would commence very productive and long relationship. Jim takes his precious time to urge   Ellie to think about her career as well as herself. On the other side, Ellie helps Jim to create a plan and a vision for the slight changes at the company. They struggle to create visions together both for their company as well for their lives. Stone and Blanchard show the element that is essential in creating a successful vision.

This helps people learn how one can use the vision power in getting energized and focused resulting into accomplishment of ones goals. It also helps people to create visions resulting into a directional and meaningful life. The same vision can touch the heart and spirit of all organizations (Ken, 2003).

The book takes quite a good volume as Stoner and Blanchard incorporate Ellie and Jim's discussions of vision. This includes recognizing a person's values and purpose as well as having a firm picture of one's future.


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